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Can you place an Advertisment in your Page ? because i want to see how it works before i buy it.

Thank you for your interest in our product, please refer to this video demo http://screenr.com/jHFH

Thanks ;)

so this plugin does not block content from users? it just display notification alert where ads is ?

I would like for them to not be able see content as well till they disabled adblock

Indeed, an add-on will be developed in the near feature.

looking forward to it :)

Hello Plugarized!

Can I set up more than 1 wrapper class? My WP theme use so much ADS class.

Hello Sheldon lol, the wrapper container must wrap each AD and must use the same class, there wont be any issues if your ads use different classes as the wrapper class sits on top of all the ad classes, you will not have any residual styling.

does google block my ADS account if use BAN?

It will definately not, on the contrary, advertisers will support the idea of persuading users to disable ad blockers

Can this be extended to detect any missing ad by providing your script a piece of the blocked ad-code?

Indeed we can make it search the source code for that particular piece of code, would you like to please explain in detail what you are trying to achieve

I am not using Adsense except for acess via mobiles. Got other ad scripts instead. And i read once you could get a css-class/div out of that ad code and look if its delivered or not. This is what i would want your plugin to do.

It works with any advertisement company, I personally tested it with juicyads, ero advertisement and others, you just need to wrap the ad script with a div and add a class, you can test our free version found at the WordPress.org repo

Please feature: block site content from Adblock users.

Hi thanks for purchasing, this functionality is being worked on and will be released as an add on due to it’s complexity in the near future.

Amazing plugin! :) I hope for future improvements!

Nice! I found your plugin also so useful just for statistic ;)

I am glad, please don’t forget to rate it.

Yep! 5 :)

Looks amazing! You should definitely make a version for non-wp sites, I would purchase instantly. :)

Thanks jaak, which CMS are you using :D

“Upcoming features: detect which logged-in members are blocking your ads.”

Does that mean this plugin currently does NOT detect when logged in users are blocking ads? I have a WooCommerce site and majority of my visitors are logged in.

So this plugin does currently track logged in users but won’t list their usernames?

The plugin currently detects ALL users who are blocking ads, however the future update will list all members who are found to be blocking your ads


” block site content from Adblock users.”

is this function included yet?

This is a planned update, not yet released, the main purpose is to allow you to content lock certain parts of your website or partial content to those blocking your ads


What exactly is “blocked page views”?

It has been 16 hours and the results are similar to what is quoted above. What is wrong with the plugin?

Hi Lak, there is nothing wrong with the plugin as it was tested on multiple websites, can you please send me a message through my profile contact form with the details of your website and credentials so that I can take a closer look.

I’m not going to give you the credentials for your website but I can help you debug. Message sent.

Does this plugin detect when ads are blocked or when a browser has an ad blocker installed?

Thanks! Does it work with ALL ad blockers?

Yes, it does

Thanks :-)

presale question: i have same question of user “steeltape” i want this option. please input when the relase include this and i will buy

Don’t work on my page, maybe is the Wordpress 3.8. The wrap mode don’t let the page load and the other modes if I use or not adblock show the message.

Please fix the plugin, I paid for it.

Please answer or I will require a refund

Please accept my apologies, due to unforeseen circumstances I had to go for a while.

Could you contact me via profile messaging with your website address, WordPress version and the issue at hand.

It would be better to provide ftp and admin access to diagnose the problem quicker.

Looks great, but I’ll be waiting the answer from the author itself. Does it work on the latest WP or not?

It does work on WP 3.8 you can try our free version first. http://wordpress.org/plugins/blocked-ads-notifier-lite/

This plugin is buggy, FYI. It doesn’t work for me, and I stopped using it despite paying for it.

Dear Lakjin, I tried helping you but you denied details to your website, not even the web address therefore there is nothing I can do to diagnose the underlying issue. If you provide credentials I am sure we can resolve the issue. My only advice is to try the plugin on different WordPress installations. You are the only customer at the moment who is having trouble with the plugin.

Hi. Using the Lite version to see if it’ll meet my needs. It’s pretty nice! However, it looks weird on my site. Please see: http://redecatur.wpengine.com/

At the top, in the header, to the right of the logo. See how the stop sign is under my logo? I’d like to reduce the size of the Stop Notice so that it looks better.

Any ideas?

Hi there, you can just add to your stylesheet .banl-notice { width:748px }

Try wrapping the “ads-top” div element otherwise

That worked great, thanks. When you say “wapping the element”, what do you mean?

Wrapping means adding a div on top of another, so you can add a new div on top of all your advertisements and add a class e.g “myprotected_ads” to all of them, then use that class name in the plugin configuration and all ads will get the same notice when it gets blocked by ad-blockers

Apostrophes are currently not allowed in the message field. Do you have a work-around, or do you plan to update the plugin to support the inclusion of apostrophes in the message field? Thanks!

Hi, please send me your email so that I can send you a temporary fix until next release.

Thank you so much for looking into this! My email address is ted at libertyalliance dot com.

I tried using hex code ( ’ ), but that didn’t work. Maybe a \’ or something? Or I’ll just wait for your code update. :-)

This really is a cool plugin, with lots of potential.

Is it possible to view “Unique visitors with ad blocking” stats over time, so I can see if my request to turn off ad blocking is working? Maybe a line chart or bar chart comparing ”% of Unique visitors with ad blocking” over X number of days (the past month, for example)?

Hi Ted, historical stats is a feature that I have been thinking of implementing from the beginning, when I have time I will start working on this, in the mean time the next release will allow content lock. :)

I’m trying to figure out how to wrap all my ads classes in one class. I’m looking in my theme header.php, and have this:

<?php tie_banner('banner_top' , '<div class="ads-top">' , '</div>' ); ?>

Do I change it to this?

<?php tie_banner('banner_top' , '<div class="ads-notify"><div class="ads-top">' , '</div></div>' ); ?>

Then put ads-notify in the plugin?

Yes? No? I’d really like to get the Lite version working before going with the full version. Thanks!

Yes, that is how you do it