Balls Rotate - Construct 2/3, HTML5, APK mobile

Balls Rotate - Construct 2/3, HTML5, APK mobile

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*NOTE 2: This game is just prototype for Construct 2/3 users. For republishing this game in popular platform you might need to reskin the game.

In Balls Rotate, you actually take control of a maze surrounding a group of balls and you need to rotate the maze correctly and for the balls to exit the maze down to the next one. Getting all of the balls out of the maze and into the next one is the goal and it can be done in different ways. As a relaxing puzzle game, there are no time limits or any sort of pressure to accomplish the objective quickly so you can freely play the game as leisurely as you can.


Follow ingame instructions.


-HTML5 game compatible with both PC and Mobile Phone Web browsers.

-Relaxing sound effects.

-Advance physics simulation.

-20+ challenging levels.

-Includes .capx .c3p and apk file with all assets used inside the game.

-Ready to publish to app stores and html5 gaming sites such as the IOS App Store, Play Store, Aptoide, Poki etc.

-Highscore saving system.

-Ready for Ad integration from ad networks such as Admob.

-Dynamic colors.

-Addictive gameplay.

Note1: Latest version of either Construct 2 or 3 is required to open the template.

Note2: “Sprite font plus” addon is only required for Construct 2 provided within the game.

What you’ll get?

-capx file, c3p file, APK file with documentation of installing extra addon used in tempelate.

-Audio files used in game.

-High quality image of sprite used in game(In PNG format).