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Cool idea! Glws :)

Great simple game! I was wondering if could add-on sound and facebook share?

I read through the comments list from the url you sent, it can handle most HTML5 websites so I suppose it can

Hey, great you added more balls. I noticed when new balls are introduces into live game it doesn’t count or effect the player’s life hearts? Is it possible to setup when the new extra ball drop for example when player reach to level score of 50 & an extra ball drop & then level score 100 2nd extra ball drop in etc.?

Hi, thanks for your comment again, the level score and amount of balls drop can be customize via game settings, but the extra balls just for distracting, life only deduct when the last ball is touch the ground.

Thanks for your suggestion, this can be the external option for next update

no sound? sound is a must for the following. ball hitting the head, ball hitting the ground , player jumping. also a share feat will boost sales , if you update and at least throw in some sounds i will get this :)

Thanks for your advice, will improve in next version.

Maybe some additional features like that there come multiple balls in the game when you have 50 points. And if you buy, can you configure how many lives the player get etc?

To make the game harder? I was thinking to add bonus ball on random time. Yes, you can configure how many player life you want

Hi. I love this game! I just bought it and was happy that it now has some sound, but I was hoping it would also have Facebook, Twitter, and G+ sharing like the live preview. Any way I can get that update? Thank you!

Thanks for buying this game.

The game does include the social sharing buttons, soon you will receive the notification when the game is updated. Also I will let you know when the game is updated here.

Great. Thank you!

Hi, the game is updated.

Hello. Can the graphics be easily costumized? I want to buy the script and adapt the the jersey to my favorite team

all the game asserts are load from images, you can replace it easily.


How do i turn it into a iPhone game?

ps: Awesome game! i like it


This game is build for desktop and mobile browsers

Hi, Really nice work here! I customized my twitter share message but when I try to add a hashtag it doesn’t display in the twitter box. Do you have any idea how to fix that? Thanks a lot

ok solved i just added ” %23 ” before !

Is the entire character is image or css? I would like to replace it.

this game is build for standard html5 game, not guarantee will work with other framwork like phonegap

Cool. Will run perfectly well on mobile browsers right?

yes, the game can run on desktop and mobile browsers

Is it possible to add a leaderboard?

Hi, you can buy this game with reasonable price without leaderboard

sorry, not sure what you mean?.. Can a leaderboard be custom added in? I would need a game that could store a few scores as we are running it in a email campaign

Yes, you can request at support page


I was wondering how easy it would be for me to add a leaderboard to the game. Or how much it would cost for you to developer one?


You require a page to save score when finish the game where user can enter their detail like name or login, also a leaderboard page to display top ten high score, those user details and score require server and database setup to store. You can request at support page for customization work.

Hi, good idea! I would like to buy this game. How can we pause the game? Ex: p button

Hi, It is unnecessary to have pause button, because playing this game doesn’t have much time to click another button until the game end.