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we are facing some issue with the script. the preview, test email and export options do not work. whenever create a newsletter try to preview it nothing happens, when we try to test it, it says loading….thats it….and when we click on export nothing happens again what can be the issue.

have send you the ftp details and the website details from your profile page. kindly look into this…

Hi dear customer, please check your email .



we loved your tool but had certain issues and inputs regarding this tool to make it the best.

firstly, all users created can see all images that are uploaded, shouldn’t the users have access to only their images, there is no option to delete the images already uploaded. also the drag and drop is not that smooth many times we are not able to move elements correctly. there should be an option for more typography like 4 logos or image option in one row, adding multiple images in one row, youtube adding option, more header options with logo, email, number options…newsletter being more mobile and ipad responsive…send email feature working…also option to delete saved templates….option to export html along with images…

any chance that you might include those options…we had send you a demo of the current newsletter builder that we use…it has all those elements and they all look good….we really wanted 4 image columns, delete images uploaded, user specific image gallery, easy installation…

we would really appreciate if we could get 3 and 4 columns image option…thats really needed….

This tool only needed you . And this is only customize for you . If you need any customize please contact me.


Hi, responsive are not they?

Hi , builder is not responsive.


I do not ask the builder. I’m asking exported designs. ?

Exported emails is not responsive but if you use standart width (600px) it looks normally .


Hi, sql copying in phpMyAdmin error?

— —Dumping data for table `bal_users`

INSERT INTO `bal_users` ( `Id` , `Login` , `Password` , `Name` , `Email` , `isAdmin` , `isUser` ) VALUES ( 1, ‘demo’, ‘89e495e7941cf9e40e6980d14a16bf023ccd4c91’, ‘Demo’, ‘’, 1, 1 ) ,— - Indexes for dumped tables

- —Indexes for table `bal_email_builder`

ALTER TABLE `bal_email_builder` ADD PRIMARY KEY ( `id` ) ;

MySQL çıktısı: Belgeler #1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ALTER TABLE `bal_email_builder` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`)’ at line 15

Hi, we are having trouble uploading images. And the preview page gives a 404 error. pas:123456

How can the display of the help pop-up window be activated?

Hi dear customer,

I tested upload image and preview page in your server, they work normally .

i do not understand ’ show help popup window’ completely . what do you mean?

Basically , you can add bootstrap popup window in your page and you can show that popup any time.

Let me know if you have any questions


Hi there, we are working with 2 big newsletter systems and they don’t allow css-styles in the header of the mail.

Do u use inline css or css extracted into header in ur builder?

Cheers, Steve

Thanks :)

Hey hey … thx for the update and implement inline css : )

cheers, Steve

Hi dear customer,

Let me know if you have any questions

If you like item please give me a review

Thanks Rufat Askerov

Hello! I have a newsletter system, but i think this is much better, i have a question: Why in the demo hasn’t the option to see like a mobile?


Showing ‘mobile view’ has problem, that is why i do not show at the moment.i will repair it as soon as possible

Thanks Rufat Askerov

What email programs is this compatible with, I use Outlook 2007, and the formatting does not hold and size of pictures, blows up. I bought it, thinking all email clients compatible. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Hi dear customer, builder has some problems compatible with Outlook , i am working on this. i will solve this problem as soon as possible.


I assume you solve this for outlook, livemail will work as well. Here is situation, I need working by tomorrow. I have to go with another email builder I suspect. Please publish a list of mail clients this software works with. Currently you should hold this software from selling till mail client issue resolved, and publish list as well. Thanks, I like the software, but it is incomplete, and not quit beta yet, as mail client is the final judge of the result of your software. Hope you have very quick solution.

I sure you can fix it, however with my time constraints, I am going to request a refund. Sorry, but not working quit right.

Hi. I really want to get your newsletter builder but I ran several tests from your demo and every newsletter shows really bad in Outlook. I tried your own themes and also created some myself. When previewing from the builder the newsletter looks really nice, but when sent to a recipient that uses Outlook the check his email it just looks awful. Images takes original dimensions instead of the ones set by code, so all proportions are missing.

It does look perfect in MacOS Mail.

Did you notice this before? Is there a way to solve it?

Thanks a lot.

Hi ,

i know that . i am planing to solve this problem future release .

Thanks, Rufat Askerov

Do you have a date estimate for this new release? I really need a Newsltetter builder solution and I would like to know if I can wait for you to fix yours.


i cannot promise as soon as possible, but i will fix it



it seems there is some minor issue with emails coming in outlook…it appears differently in different outlook versions…by when can we expect this to be fixed…

any update on the outlook issue….

almost a month and still the outlook and gmail issue not sorted….

can we ever expect a response on our issue in outlook and gmail….whats the point paying for customization when the newseltter doesnt appear properly in outlook and gmail….its almost a month that we have followed up with you in skype and here in the comment section atleast have the courtesy to reply us….if you cant do it then pls let us know we would stop bothering you and look for some other developer…..

The exported email html are responsive ?

Hi, Exported emails is not responsive but if you use standart width (600px) it looks normally .

Thanks Rufat Askerov

I have AngularJS app, does it work with plain javascript? OR does it require to have PHP?

Unfortunately i did not test with AngularJS. Plugin need PHP files for some functionalities , example : send email, upload image, get image list,export email, etc . If you do not use PHP , you can create builder with jQuery and write backend in other programming language.

You can look jQuery documentation :

Thanks, Rufat Askerov

heyy…we liked the product considering there is nothing like this available in the market…but its a shame that the test campaign emails in outlook, gmail and major other email clients goes for a complete toss…we are so interested in buying this script but seeing that you have hardly updated the app and many users have been asking for this…if you would get it fixed, then we can test it again and would love to buy it immediately….

When i will update plugin i will notify you with writing comment Thanks

hey thanks for the quick reply….but if this update that yoy refer is gonna take time then we might buy some other tool like coffeecup Red which is a desktop based newsletter builder…the reason we liked your tool was since it is online so editing any where any time is possible….can you give us an ETA on when you would release a fix so accordingly we can plan things at our end…..

Unfortunately i can not say exact time for next release. But i will try fix it asap

Thanks Rufat Askerov

will there ever be a update release to fix the bugs in outlook and gmail…we are not able to use the product at all…..