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i have corrected all required css and js file according the codeigniter mvc framework..but it is not working at all

Did you implement all codes from index.php? Maybe there is some js files which is confused with builder js

I have 2 ticket on your support system, please check and feedback

I checked. Thanks for you patience.

Still not have any update. Please check again. Thanks!

Do not worry. We will do it. you can add URL from code editor, till we will do it. Thanks

Hi , i have sent you a mail please do check and assist me with it.

Hi, Please check your email .

hello, I send test email to my Gmail, video not sent why?

The latest update was approved. You can download from envato market. Thanks

Great… working now. Very good script! I would recommend it to everyone.

Thanks for kind words :) if you need any help please write our support center .

If you like please give us review for just motivating


hello Team We are planning to purchase Drag & Drop Email Template Builder for PHP before that we have some questions this plugin supports codeigniter framework? and work as it is show in demo With mobile view?


The current version of builder does not support CodeIgniter framework. in mobile preview yes like that. If you have any suggestion let me know. Every customer’s opinion is very important to us.


as per details this template coming with database also Right?

Yes sure. Blocks,templates and users are coming from database.

I have created template and send to my email, received the email but design in email is not same as I have in template builder. I mean same design is not delivering through email. Should i change some settings ?

PLease write our support center and share screenshots of that problem. We will solve it. Thanks

Script looks amazing! Is there any way to force a footer such as un subscribe, details about the send etc for the silly EU GDPR rules?

Thanks for kind words :) We will consider it. Also, we are preparing an email signatures :)

If you have any suggestion please let me know.

If you like please give us review for just motivating


i really like this script but how can i send to multi email addresses ?? is there also option ?? & how can setup date & time of send emails ?? is there any option ??

Hi, the builder does not support sending email multiple emails at once. We will consider it in the next release. Unfortunately, there is no option to setup date/time for sending emails.


Hello, I want to ask you if there is a way how to use free tinymce version instead of cloud paid version. Thank you.

Hi, I have good news for you :) . Now I send next release – 2.0.7. In the new version, you should not use paid version, just put your settings and start using it.


hey…nice update…one thing that i think missing is option to reduce blank spaces appearing between elements. can there be an option to reduce the spacing.

Hi. Please create a video about your problems and send me with email. İ will solve it. Thanks your patience,Rufat

can i show u this on skype…it would be easier and quicker…i have already added you on skype let me know if that works for u .

Okay . i will contact you during today with skype. Thanks

We have purchased the code, and trying to integrate it with our PHP code. We are facing issues with integrating the bottom menu items like Preview, Export, Import, Save etc. Can you help here.

Also you mentioned that you will have CI version available in Feb. Is this available now?

Hi. Please create ticket in pur support system i will help you fixing those bugs.

Ci version completed but in there some bugs that is why i do not publish it.

Thanks , Rufat

Rufat… we have already raised the ticket. The ticket number is PRIVATE TICKET #1510813

hi. is it possible to get paid for this service? i mean, i’d like people to make a payment (a membership or on-time payment, etc.) to let them access to this service (this application installed in my server). Please let me know, thanks.

ok thank you. for the moment i’m looking for services that helps me to make business. if you do this changes please let me know. I’m always interested in systems that helps me to make money. thank you.

We will do it. If you want to be notified, you can follow us .

Thanks for your interest.

ok, sure. done. thanks.


afagard Purchased

After some fiddling around I was able to get this to work flawlessly with CodeIgniter. The php script provided by the author was a good starting point but had a few syntax errors and strange notations (php script doesn’t work out the box). With that being said, I have a few core issues with the plugin itself irregardless of the server side stuff: the background of the email (not the blocks) doesn’t actually store in the database due to the way the system stores the templates. It would be nice to have a sort of “header” feature where you can add some global styles for the template. The preview shows a different font than what is shown in the editor unless you apply styles to the inline-text – I believe this is due to the font specifications for the editor bleeding into the template.

Overall, it is an interesting plugin that could be useful for some, but I just don’t feel its ready for a production environment without a few more tweaks.

Hi, Thank you for helping improve our plugin, we will consider all of in the next release.

Thanks again, Rufat

Hi Rufat. Thanks for the library that I found very useful. I found some bugs and I had to modify and adjust it to my framework, but now I’ve found a big one that annoy me a lot. When you are dragging an element in the editor (in the div with the class “email-editor-elements-sortable”) and if you pass hover the top border of the div, it occurs a javascript error “too much recursion”. I think this is a big issue and you should fix it as soon as possible, as it compromise the main functionality of dragging and dropping. I wait your answer, Thanks for the support Francesco

Hi, Can you provide me with video of that error and demo url ? If you do not want publish your url in there, please create ticket in support system.


Hi, I’ve just created a ticket:


Thank you for reporting I will fix it. Thanks again

hello, i want to know what’s the difference between jquery and PHP version of the product?

Hi, The main difference is that Php version has admin control ,but jQuery has not. Thanks