Drag & Drop Email Template Builder for PHP

Drag & Drop Email Template Builder for PHP

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Drag & Drop Email Template Builder

With 27 different elements,5 language,50+ different options create your own Creative Email Template. If you know HTML or prefer to design your own emails,Drag & Drop Email Template Builder Builder is an excellent newsletter builder for you.Drag & Drop Email Template Builder also offers about 4 templates to help beginners send professional-looking emails


This is a drag & drop email builder plugin based on Jquery and PHP is not for only developer, any person . You can simply integrate this script in your web project and create custom email template with drag & drop.

Server requirements It’s necessary a web server that support php (for example Apache). It can be Windows or linux server. There aren’t special libraries to load, just a server with php support

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Live Preview

Admin Panel demo / User demo

Login : demo
Pass : demo


  • Import an exported email templateImport an exported email template
  • Full control template blocks from admin.Full control template blocks from admin
  • Import an exported email templateAnalytics for template blocks
  • Export Email Template(zip file)
  • Preview Email Template(html file)
  • Save Email Template in database
  • Load Email Templates from database
  • Send Email via PhpMailer
  • Read html codes from url (ex. blankPageHtmlUrl: ‘template-blank-page.html’)
  • Send attachments with email
  • Customize very easily with Context menu
  • Edit any element with source code (Live Html Editing)
  • Powered jQuery Plugin
  • 5 language support
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Turkish
  • 50+ different options
  • User System


  • Edx Course Newsletter 1
  • Edx Course Newsletter 2
  • Gitlab Newsletter
  • Envato Newsletter


  • Typography
    • Page Header
    • Heading
    • Paragraph
    • Image Left Text
    • 2 Column Text
    • Image Right Text
    • Unordered List
    • Ordered List
    • Jumbotron
    • Features
    • Service List
    • Price Table
  • Media
    • Youtube Video
    • Image
    • 2 Image
  • Layout
    • Divider
    • Divider(dotted)
    • Divider(dashed)
    • View in Browser
  • Button
    • Button
    • 2 Button
    • 3 Button
  • Social
    • Social Links 1
    • Social Links 2
    • Social Links 3
  • Footer
    • Address
    • Address with Logo

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Change log

2.0.9 | 19.06.2018

-Fixed: Images responsive issue( added width property to images )
-Fixed: Minor issues

2.0.8 | 29.04.2018

-Added: subject to sending email option
-Added: hyperlink option in images
-Added: Inner outer background color option
-Fixed: Email templates response issue
-Fixed: when loading template background color
-Fixed: Minor issues

2.0.7 | 19.03.2018

-Fixed: TinyMCE working without API key
-Fixed: You can 1 more than blocks in the template-blank-page.html
-Fixed: you can 1 more than blocks in the template-load-page.html

2.0.6 | 10.03.2018

-Fixed: Youtube content showing in email content issue
2.0.5 | 01.03.2018
-Fixed: Social icon issue
-Fixed: Youtube URL issue
2.0.4 | 31.01.2018
-Fixed:  Icons which located in top right of block, are removing after script loaded. Now working correctly

2.0.3 | 11.01.2018

-Fixed: after adding tinymce api key, builder had some problems, now Fixed
-Fixed: drag/drop function had problem with adding blocks to out viewport, now fixed
-Fixed: minor bugs
2.0.2 | 07.12.2017
-Fixed: admin update property problem
-Fixed: update/insert block CK editor was removed all inline css , now it accept inline css
-Fixed: minor bugs
2.0.1 | 28.11.2017
-Fixed:drag& drop issue
-Fixed:bug(when click change button, tinyMce menu was shown.)
2.0 | 19.11.2017
-Added:Full control template blocks from admin.
-Added:Analytics for template blocks
-Added:Import an exported email
-Fixed:Minor bugs
1.8 | 07.08.2017
-Fixed: Email bugs, some of elements crashed when seeing email, so now bugs fixed

1.7 | 02.02.2017

- Added : Element placeholder when elements drag&drop
- Added : Preview the emails on different resolutions (Mobile view)
- Added : Save and delete template
- Added : Inline css in exported template
- Added : Youtube video element
- Fixed : Unicode problem in email
- Fixed : Background color problem in save template
1.6 | 16.01.2017
- Fixed: Database problem solved (changed dump.sql)
1.5 | 16.12.2016
-Added: Send attachments with email
-Added: Read html codes from url (ex. blankPageHtmlUrl: 'template-blank-page.html')
-Added: Button full width option
-Added: Show preview page in modal
-Added: Shows confirm window when blank page button clicked
-Fixed: minor bugs
1.4 | 12.11.2016
-Added: Multiuser system (user and admin interface)
-Fixed: Context menu bugs
-Fixed: other minor bugs
1.3 | 01.11.2016
-Fixed: Image-full,Price table,Image 2 elements make compatible Outlook 2013
-Added: Email builder jQuery plugin 50+ different options
-Added: 5 language support
1.2 | 19.10.2016
-Fixed: 'Select image' popup with a scroll
-Added: Jumbotron,Features,Service List,Address Logo,Price Table element
-Added: Edit any element source code  (Live Html Editing)

1.1 | 13.10.2016
-Added: Context menu -  put link in text,change font-size,font-family and other functionalities
-Added: Send Email via PhpMailer
-Added: Change Email Width
-Added: Change Image size
-Added: Create blank page
-Added: 2 Image column element

1.0 | 31.08.2016