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Can I use other HTML templates this builder?

Yes, you can use very easily. You need to customize elements folder. Divide you HTML template some pieces such as Header, Content, and Footer, or use some HTML templates the same time.

For this just customize elements.json file. elements.json file included all items for the left menu . Example :
        "name": "Media",
        "items": [{
            "name": "Image",
            "icon": "fa fa-picture-o",
            "content": "elements/Image-full.html" 

        "name": "Layout",
        "items": [{
            "name": "Divider",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider.html" 
            "name": "Divider (dotted)",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider-dotted.html" 
        }, {
            "name": "Divider (dashed)",
            "icon": "fa fa-minus",
            "content": "elements/divider-dashed.html" 
            "name": "View in browser",
            "icon": "fa fa-globe",
            "content": "elements/view-browser.html" 

this example makes 2 tabs : Media, Layout

You can change elements of each tab.
  • name – showing name in the menu
  • icon – icon of the element. You need find icon in the Font Awesome ,Copy name of the icon , and paste here
  • content – where placed html source of the element , that directory must be here

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