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Does this use iptables or .htaccess or some other means to block the unwanted IPs?

Hi, It uses php web methods to deny the access to the web location.

Best, Dejan

I have a social network site, will I be able to use this to block TOR networks and other proxies form getting on my site?

ok I just got this and it says place the files FROM the block IP folder into the folder I want filtered. i want my whole site filtered but if I just put the files from the folder in my public_html there an index.php in the block ip folder but my site ALSO has a index.php file and it will be overwritten. Did you mean upload the block-ip folder to my public_html ?

This is awesome! bookmarked to purchase.

aquarius27, next to blocking bad proxies and bots i need to permanentely block certain ip ranges, can this be done?

Hi. In the next update i will add this !

Is there a way to update the lists automatically by a cron? If not can you make this for next release?

How many IP block lists can I use?

When installing this script, do I have to make a sql database and enter a hook line of code on the pages I want protected?

i have try the test page and i can see with vpn proxy how can we block al the proxy access?

Is there a way to update the lists automatically by a cron or GUI? That would be perfect if this could be done.

I cannot believe this seller has resold my script (I hired him to create this script on Freelancer). Disappointing.

@flexluther, lol. It happens all the time!