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I tried to use your script but I received a email without the file in attachment

Hi, please contact with our support via email:

Hey. We are experiencing internal server error when we are exporting our database. I am trying to back up our magento database but the size increases to 90mb and then the internal server error is given. Also do you have a better documentation for the fields to fill up for backing up files? Some of the fields there are not self explanatory and when i fill them up they don’t work.

Thanks and more power!

Hi, maybe you have problems with time or body size limit? Can you send error log of your server to our email:


This app can take backup from hostgator sahre hosting ?

Thanks Umair

is your software work auto backup through corn job and auto upload on dropbox or google drive? without any click.

Hi there, you know iam working hard for my money! Iam trying to make things faster when i buy a script – but i have never seen something like that iam sorry to say its bull** i cant work with this i spended 17 dollar for nothing sorry but you should remove this from envato market.

Best regards

hi can i transfer backup to AMAZON CLOUD DRIVE also or it just suport amazon s3

The script is full of errors. The url generated for cron jobs have many errors, I had to do many changes in code to run it without errors. Also the documentation is insuficient, many fields must be filled with specific conditions non mentioned in documentation. After 3 days doing changes in code, I can run the script without errors. Very bad, script not recommended


I just bought “Backup Pro” and “MySQL Backup Pro Class”.

No one works.

Mail: Nothing is attached to the mail.

FTP: Nothing is uploaded.

Webdav: Nothing is uploaded.

Please, help.

Dear Administrators,

I ask here one time.

I contact your help desk.

I want my money back!

Thank you.

Robert From CodeCanyon,

You sent me 2 mails what I replied you 2 times.

In you last mail you write if I don’t reply me you will DO NOT refund me.

What a joke!

Of course I WANT my refund.

Need I to complain to PayPal to get my money back?

Dear CodeCanyon Administrators,

I am a customer since May 2014. I bought many scripts from you, for a total sum of $219.

I just complain for my last buying.

I bought of the same author TWO (2) scripts:

1 – Backup Pro

2 – MySQL Backup Pro Class

Both are NOT working at all.

These TWO scripts come with a SIX months of support.

I am waiting for help of this author for THREE (3) weeks.

No reply at all from him. No reply at all here from you.


I sent you MANY emails asking you to refund me. You always reply me IMPOSSIBLE to refund you.

I ask a LAST time to REFUND my FULL MONEY of these TWO scripts:

Backup Pro: $16.

MySQL Backup Pro Class: $10.

TOTAL: $ 26.

Under 48 hours I will raise a complaint file to PayPal.

Thank you.

“I will raise a complaint file to PayPal”.... is only valid for max 60 days beyond that… paypal will not refund

hello, is this project active, i would like to buy it but i see bad review.. also the demo is down.. can you fix it ? thank you

Any chance of getting this as a wordpress plugin? There are no other plugins that support backing up to Box online cloud storage

Hello Does the developer still support this script ?

on the offchance this is still supported i have some questions – just answer if it is or send me normal message. If its not supported anymore nevermind.