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Hello dbmstudio,

this plug-in seems very helpful! Is it possible to recover/re-upload a back-up?

Thank You in advance!

Hi, Sorry, its not possible to recover backup automatically, we need to do it manually. I didn’t include this feature because if something goes wrong while recovering the site, everything will messed up.


I understand; thank you for the information!

Not to be just a pain in the *ss, but why should we buy this plugin and use this one instead of all the other (free) ones which also use dropbox, S3, Google drive, etc..

Looks like this one has a lot less features than other backup plugins?

I have a large Wordpress site, around 10GB. Can this back a site that size up to DB if there is enough free space in DB?

Yes, it can be used to backup a site that size but it depends on your hosting space and server band-width.



Just bought your item, but got this error when creating archive:

Warning: mysql_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /homez.666/eternaleb/www/wp-content/plugins/backup_my_wp2dropbox/index.php on line 213


Hi Didn’t received any reply to my message. When could you implemant the backup name archive ? Because otherwise, I can only use on 1 website

Hi, Sorry for late reply. I’m planning to implement the backup name archive feature on next update which will probably available within one or two weeks :).


Thanks, waiting for it !

Hello !

Any news for the updated version ?

thanks !

Hi, Just sent you an email. Thanks

Is the developper is still there ??

Hi, Just sent you an email. Thanks

Complete rip-off. Dont buy this. Another Codecanyon piece of crap.

Hi, I sent you email one week ago but didn’t hear back from you.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the comment. Every author should implement a simple support system not based on email communication. My experience with authors with a simple dedicated private forum is very enjoyable for technical and support issues regarding a plugin or any other “item”.

How can I install it? I am going via Plugins>Upload but get an error message. Why is that?

Hi, I’ll install it for you, please can you email me your WordPress admin detail?


On a multsite install, can individual sub-sites export (just their site) to dropbox?

Can the SuperAdmin of the Netowork site backup both their primary site and the entire network of sites?

Can the network admin backup subsites individually

Thank you for your timely response!

Hi, This plugin create the backup of entire network sites along with primary site. Sorry, individual sub sites cannot be exported to dropbox.


is it compatible with WP3.9?

Yes, it is compatible with WP 3.9. :)

I just purchased this and tried to install to WordPress 4.4.2. I received an error “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

Hi can you send me login detail via contact form. Thanks