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Nice Work, Good Luck With Selling! :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Can we save the backups in our local computers too ?


You can download them easily from the web interface to your local pc.

Thank you.

Can many users signup and login to their accounts on my site where this app will be hosted and setup their backup tasks?


That is correct, as i said, our beta program only works with fresh/empty vps’es, we cannot do it on your existing vps because we change the VPS a lot to secure it and enhance the performance, which will break your existing apps on that vps more that sure.

If that is not an option for you, you will have to install the app yourself on your existing VPS which should not be an issue since we have pretty decent documentation on it.

Good luck.

Is this Linode VPS coming with centos cpanels at each plan quoted there or I have to purchase a panel separately?

Linode is an unmanaged VPS provider, which means the server you will receive has nothing on it except the operating system, so no control panel. Our tools will install PHP/NGINX/MySQL on it and then SafeShare on top of this, so you will only have safeshare there, the server will be dedicated to safeshare alone. There is no need for a control panel, you get a fully functional vps running safeshare.

I’m sure this is the right product we have been talking about since ? please and let me know that it is the extended package of $125 for the SafeShare Backup App so I can complete my order now

I think you have missed the point of this tool… and maybe i was not clear enough…

This is an extension for SafeShare ( ) which only does backup for your safeshare app files. This is not a standalone tool, it is an extension for another tool.

If you are not using SafeShare, this tool is not good for you. Please also read what safeshare is.

I’m sorry if this was unclear, but again, this is not a standalone app, this is an extension which will only backup your safeshare files, please read both product descriptions.

Thank you.

Ok bye if offer is $125 I will invest into it now.

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

hello..I see your profile page. you have greats portfolio :) GLWS:)


I tried taking a backup snapshot nothing happens it says it has been queued and it will notify but nothing happens. I did create the backup directory as reflected in the backup area and even gave 777 privileges. Nothing so far. Should I have transactions to be able to do a backup or just having one customer account should do.

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Please check your support ticket.

Thank you.