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Just letting you know it is not optimized for iPad’s. The menu images are all over the place!!

70 levels Please contact me on our support desk https://odigames.ticksy.com/ for the restore purchase button Thanks!

Ok, I just created a support ticket..

Thanks… you got a reply :)

Hello ! Do you have a working demo link on Appstore to let me test ? Thanks!

No, sorry we don’t submit our Game Templates

Cool game! do you also can make it for the Windows 10 universal app store?

Hi willemhoog,

sure no problem, contact me on our support desk please: https://odigames.ticksy.com

great thanks!

no problem!

hi where can i download demo for ios please ?

Hi jachkoune,

Sorry but we never publish the games we sell, but you can check the video.

After the purchase offer is xcode project or BuilDBOX project?


in the regular license you get the Xcode project and with the extended license you get the Buildbox file


I have the extended license but dont have a Buildboxfile


Please contact me at https://odigames.ticksy.com you will there get the download link


I’am on my way to the airport and when I get there I hope you have contact me at https://odigames.ticksy.com so I can give you the download link for the BB File.


ok thank you. i have do

Curious…what is the major difference between this game and Jetpack Run? Both seem to be very similar in game play with different graphics.

Hi Your work looks fantastic, however the IAP is that already incl. in your template? Thanks in advance. Regards XellentPro



Yes iAP is already included, you only have to insert your iAP ID’s

How easy is it to change the characters in the game for multiplayer option?

If you have Buildbox very easy, if you don’t have Buildbox it is possible but not that easy. If you want I can do that for free, just send me the characters and i will implement them.

Hi, I have download the game, however I got cave women instead ? ;) any change I will get Backpack. Thanks :)

Ok :) I have send you the link just now.


Thanks mate, I have not tried the code ( need sleep :) ) however FANTASTIC SERVICE MOST RECOMMEND Rate you 5 stars ;)

Thanks! :)

Hi I have some issue with the IAP in xcode,I have followed the manual however no luck and got rejected by Apple could you advise what to do. I have tried to use your support website, however was not able to register. Thanks in advance ;)


did you tried our website http://odigamestudio.com or https://odigames.ticksy.com to submit a ticket?

To use iAP you need an extended license BTW see description.

Hi, I have tried both websites however to create a ticket on https://odigames.ticksy.com/submit/ you need a Purchase number, unfortunately its not accepting mine. Sorry for doing it this way, as I do not find a other way to communicate :) Thanks.

OK, no problem… just submit a private ticket at https://odigames.ticksy.com and use the “other” or “freelance” category, these categories don’t ask for a purchase code

i download the extended license.. too cause i thought i was going to get build box file which it says but I did not receive..


Just contact us at http://odigamestudio.com then I can send you the Buildbox file.


We receive your ticket and send the BB file. Thanks for the purchase!

Hi there i just bought backpack ride from envato market. but the file is buildbox file and i cant download the trial version f it. can you please send me the xcode file. here is my purchase code a35437c1-f5d3-4f2e-b591-a2d2cda8c5ae the support desk didnt work on your site

This is my email hajk-armani@live.nl

Hi there have you send it?I havent received any email yet

Best regards Hajk

Hi Hajk, Sorry to hear you have not received the files. We will send it to hajk-armani@live.nl again. Regards OdiGames Support Team