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I just purchassed it, tried to install it and get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPBGSlider::getCacheId() in /home/finezine/public_html/dev/modules/wpbgslider/wpbgslider.php on line 636

Could you please revert back to me on this as soon as possible ?

Thanks, Jaime.

I am under prestashop version 1.5.2

Hi Jaime, thank you for purchase! Please send me an email via my premium_templates profile, and I will mail you dedicated 1.5.2 version of the module. The error is related to caching system which was not implemented in 1.5.2 yet.


Ok thanks for the quick reply, I am sending you the mail now. Best, Jaime.

Version Prestahop 1.4 is compatible? :shocked:

I agree with refund, but I’m not sure how it works on codecanyon, noone asked me for refund so far. You probably have to contact support (open support ticket).

I also do not know how to claim, I do it from Paypal. Sorry for everything.

No problem. Please contact Envato support: I hope they will help you.

Hi I am interested to buy

I need to check it is compatible for all ps 1.5.x?

I have exisiting theme will it able to fit in ? see example because my theme design was make full width like full screen not in the centre will your background work in my theme?

thanks please reply soon..


Hello Amy,

the version on Codecanyon will work well for Prestashop versions SINCE (including). If you have older version, you have to contact me and I will send you slightly modified version of module.

Your theme is full width so it would have to be little bit adapted. This should do it:

edit theme global.css and modify following rule:

#wrapp { background: url("../img/bg_top.png") repeat-x #FFFFFF; overflow: hidden; position: relative; width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; max-width: 1200px; } As you can see, I only added two lines to the rule. Then it should look like this:

You can test this with your theme before you purchase the module. Except the described change, you can also add background image to “body” element in global.css to see how it will look like (this is what my module does).

Please contact me via contact form on my profile page for futher questions or support.


this plugin is tested for version 1.6?

Hello, yes, I’ve added dedicated 1.6 version of the module and it has been approved few hours ago. The module is suitable for themes which are NOT full width. If you have full width theme, you may need to slightly adjust it so the backgrounds are visible. I can help you with that, just contact me via my profile page. For default 1.6 theme (which is full width too) it’s already implemented in the module.

can i easily use it here?

thank you


your current theme is designed as “full width” theme. If you want to use my module, you will have to change it to “boxed” (fixed page width, so the background can be visible). Maybe your theme has such settings to switch layout to “boxed”. If not, you will have to change some css code to achieve it. If you contact me via contact form on my profile page, I can tell you more details about the css changes.


I have a few questions.

1) Does your module work with

2) Does your module work with Multistore enabled?

3) Does your module work with other prestashop themes on themeforest?

Let me know.

Hello, module should work well with and multistore. If you purchase it and see any issues, just contact me via “Support” tab on top of this screen. The module should work with any theme with “boxed” layout (so the background is visible). Even most of the themes with full width layout can be easily modified to change it to boxed. If you want, you can send me (Support tab) link to the theme you like and I will check it for you before you purchase it. Jiri

Howdy guys

It can be enabled just for the homepage? (‘index’ pagename in Smarty tpl)

(Don’t mind if CSS-trick or Smarty-phpcode is required)


Hello, yes, you can use smart to limit it to homepage only. This should work ok:

edit wpbgslider\views\templates\hook\wpbgslider.tpl and add this line to the very beginning of the file:

{if $page_name == 'index'}

and this line to the end:


It doesn’t work, but I solved up: Finally I had to rewrite hook functions to move it to ‘hookDisplayHome’.

OK, thanks for information, I’m glad you solved it.

Hello, if i make of ON zour slider, then my footer is never Black the footer is white have a look

Sorry, there may be only your module and you know that. Because if I disable your module, then my Footer automatically reappears in Black. If I then activate the background is white again and blurry font. And I have dubbed the backup file of theme8.css . Although this backup was created long before. And thus nothing has changed. Maybe you can give me a solution

As I wrote you on email:
1) I sent you video showing that the css rule comes from another module. This is fact (although it’s very strange that it’s activated only if you enable my module)
2) you are the only user having this problem so far, so it should be specific to your installation (it may be related to my module as you say but I don’t really know why untill I see the website (point 3)
3) Yesterday, I asked you via email to send me the access so I can help you. I can’t reproduce it on my test so I really should see it. Please give me chance to fix it, use email for further support and at the end of the day you can write your feedback here ;-)

btw, you should be able to fix it easily via css by adding this rule

.footer-container { background: #3f3f3f; }

to my module css file – wpbgslider\css\wpbgslider.css or to global.css

if it doesn’t help use
.footer-container { background: #3f3f3f!important; }

but I really wanted to find out why this happen on your installation….

Does your module work with Is it possible to set slideshow pictures to be responsible? If not is it possible to set for two resolutions? Is is compatible with any theme?


Hi, yes it works with 1.6.1. By responsible you probably mean responsive. The background image is resized to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio. You can set some more options related to resizing in administration of the module. It can work on mobiles too, but I would recommend to use the plugin on desktop version only, because on mobile you usually don’t have boxed layout and loading big images is not a good idea on mobile too. It can work on any theme with boxed layout (means that background is visible). Most of themes has this feature either optional or they have boxed layout by default. Only some themes are full-width only but again many of them can be adjusted with little css modification, as I do for default Prestashop theme in my module too. If you send me link to your web, I can tell you if your theme is suitable. Please use email (support tab) for further contact.

And is it compatible to all browsers? I have sent you my adress via contact page…Is it compatible with the theme?

I replied your mail. Yes compatible with all modern browsers (doesn’t work in IE8) and your theme can use it only with some little css modification as you have specific full width layout. Please use email for further contact :-)

Hi, I would like to add promotionnal pictures on the left and right side of my boxed website. For example: “Happy new year” or “Use this voucher today to recieve a 5% promotion: XDFGDE”. Is it possible?

Hello, the image gets resized in browser with maintaining the image ratio, this means that on some screens it might be cut a little bit. Also it will not be probably visible on mobiles. I wouldn’t suggest using the module for this purpose, rather for common background slider as in my demo. For promotions, consider using my other module “Popup advertising for Prestashop”.

Hello, Your module work with ? Best regards

Hello, yes, it’s compatible with latest version.

I’ve just purchased this. It works great on desktop but on mobile I just get a white screen on the background. What’s going on?

Hello, thank you for purchasing my module. Most of theme are fullwidth on mobiles and do not show any background. I didn’t make any adjustments via my module for Prestashop default theme in mobile view too and left it without background too. I think it’s much better, because on mobile, you need the space for content, it’s more important then limiting the page width just to display some background. But if you really want it, contact me via email, send me your FTP access and Prestashop administration access and I will modify your theme for mobiles too (it should be simple css change, even if you don’t have the default theme).

I’ve had a deeper look and the module is appearing on mobile, but it is hidden behind a default white background which my theme seems to have created for mobile. It is strange that this white background is there because I have totally disabled the default background module for my theme. Nevertheless, it should just a matter of bringing your module above whatever line of code is creating that white background. Can you please advise which line(s) of coding displays your background module and where I might find it?


Hello, I have to see the site. Please use email for further support (Support tab in header of this page) and send me the link to your site so I can inspect the code. Thanks