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Hello, is encrypted? Thanks

Are you asking if the files are encrypted? If so, then no.

Hi, can upload zip files and extract to the server? This should be interesting if have the possibility to add CHMOD on folders too! Waiting response.

Hi deoxxxy, yes you can upload, but extracting is currently not available through the editor. Also CHMOD is currently not available. However, these features are coming.

Hello, it will be perfect software. I were looking for long for a resource like this as I always travel, so can edit my projects on ipad. Thanks

I’m glad you approve :). This project started with the idea of keyboard and mouse, but I’m constantly doing improvements so that it’ll be fully supported for iPad and Mobile users.

hello any estimated arrival time for V2 ?

Hi Pakkashif, sorry not really. I’m trying to manage my time wisely between different projects. I am however, about to release v1.3 which includes an ajax chat feature. My goal for version 2 is the rewrite the JS to Angular which I believe will open new doors for the expansion of Backdoor. My apologies for any inconvenience.

How to fix the SyntaxError: illegal character

Hi cflo360, thanks for your purchase. It seems that you may have a PHP error. Make sure you have the PHP PDO module. Contact me via so we can discuss this further if needed.

How I can change the main dir to use for another directory?

Currently there is no setting to change the main directory. The application defaults to the directory it lives under. This can be added in later versions. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi RecaMedia

This is nice item.

1.) But can you make few changes in next update like any user can register without admin. 2.) Make in admin panel choice register users can save code on localhost or users can connect via FTP on your host and edit code here. 3.) AutoComplete on html, css, js, php…

Hi RecaMedia

This is nice item.

1.) But can you make few changes in next update like any user can register without admin. 2.) Make in admin panel choice register users can save code on localhost or users can connect via FTP on your host and edit code here. 3.) AutoComplete on html, css, js, php…

Hi Crosite,

Thank you for your input. I’ve received other suggestions as well. I’ll add this to the list, although the autocomplete may be a little tough to accomplish. I’ve been off this project for a while spending time on other things. I’ll refocus my attention on this project this summer, and hopefully have an update.

Here is open source project with autocomplete you can use from there

Thank you for providing this.

Hi when I upload the files, all I get is a blank “Your Website” page – any thoughts on what is causing that?

Hi Jonathan, I hope the email I sent was able to help you set up your copy.

editor cursor is always one half line up. how to fix it.

Hi, Till i can not figure out editor cursor. editor cursor is always one half line up. how to fix it. Please give some light.

Sorry for the delay… You may look into the CSS file and look for CodeMirror-cursors class and possibly modify by using the transform:translateY(2px);. This may vary according to how you would like it to look.

thanks it works.

Is it possible to upload .doc .docx .pdf and images into the platform. even if only to store in the user profile to be opened in another tab in the case of .pdf and images?

Hi Winlina. Yes, you would have to modify a PHP file within the Core-Modules folder which contains the “allowed” file types.

Hi, I got blank “Your Website” page?

Hi Envatooo, it sounds like you’re still in the early stages of installation. Please refer to my video here: If you continue to have any issues, please contact me via support page. Thank you for your purchase.


Any updates/new features planned..? please let me know if any or not then please can you start working on it as year 2016 going to end soon.. and their is only one update done. looking ahead with good hopes :) Thanks, Vinayak

Hi Vinayak24, Which features were you looking for? I’ve added two but have yet to release it due to minor set backs. Also, I’ve been occupied with another major project that I’m trying to launch. The features I’ve worked on was the auto save and chmod (which isn’t working 100%). If these are the ones you want, maybe I can release this to you directly.

Hi, is backdoor multiuser capable?

Hi Dotcom16, yes it is, but it’s not a collaborative setup. You can multiple users log in to edit but not edit together. This is a feature I’m looking to release on version 2.

Hi! Great editor! I’m waiting for an update with autosave and cdmod :) When will it be updated?

I’m hoping by Fall of this year.

I’ll wait very much, I will buy 2 licenses. :)

dont buy it doesn’t work i want a refund

Hi Thomas, sorry you’re having issues. I’d be more than happy to help you resolve your installation problem that you’re having. I didn’t receive any support request from you or I could have responded sooner.

As for my application, it does work as long as you have the proper setup and follow the instructions. I’ll wait for your response.

i just sent one with a major question but i can ask again. is there a way to make it that you don’t have to log in. and wheres the editor code everytime I use the developer opitions in my web browser I can see where all the code is located but than when I open that file I cant find any of the code like the editor. isn’t that one of the benfits of buying that you get to customize it?

Thanks for you response. For some reason your email didn’t come through. I’ve updated my support settings to make sure I receive your email this time. Would you be able to send me another quick support request?

To remove the login, I can provide you with code modifications to disable the login process. Also, as for the code not being displayed, do you have an errors showing within your console log? Please provide some screenshots of any issues within your console log. My initial impression is that you may have some PHP errors that need to be addressed. I’ll wait for your response.

kudos. how can this be monetized?

Hi, this can not be monetized. The license doesn’t permit for this to be resold or provided as a service. You can however, create you own :)

support php 5.6 / 7 ? how to install it ?

thank you

Hi Gregory, it should work with those versions of PHP as long as you have the modules installed. For Backdoor v1.3 install, you can watch a video I have here

hello. could you kindly assist with installation. let me know which email to grant cpanel access to

Hi CarbonApps! Please send me a direct message so I can assist in your installation. Thanks!

sent. ckeck pls

hi, any feedback on the installation?

can you make the template mobile responsive?

Hi, this is something I may implement in BKDR 2.

Hi, your item has description is: “version php 5.x” what is this mean?

Working with only Php 5.x HOSTING?


Working with only Php 5.x IDE edit version?

Is this work with PHP 7 codes? (i am developer)