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Hello, I have wordpress 4.5.4 version and woo commerce 2.6.4 version for my website. so is the plugin compatible??

Hiii, I have change the admin email id but still the mail regarding out of stock goes to the previous email id.

Please help us at the earliest as this is really urgent as our website is live

And please suggest us how we can add different email id to receive the out of stock notification

We guess this option isn’t available. But please contact us using the link in the contact us section in the description page and we will look into it.


1) User needs to provide the email address only when he is not logged in. After login he only needs to click the button and it’s done. Right?
2) Will each user have a frontend page with all product they added to wishlist. Like the way they added product to cart?

1. Yes. 2. This option isn’t available. We will look into it in future updates.


Hi, Getting this error on my website

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/sogorgeousbeauty/public_html/wp-content/plugins/backinstocknotifier/backinstocknotifier.php on line 3342

how do i fix this please advise?

Thank you

Please open a support ticket using the support tab -> Go to item support button so that our support can check it out.


Your website will not let me register, so please answer the question here please?

Need this sorted?

Please email to support@fantasticplugins.com. Thanks.


I have set the option Delete/Un-CheckSubscribed User after Successful notification to Delete.

But once new items are in stock and the people have been mailed, I still see these people in the Master Log of All Subscribed Email IDs list.

Shouldn’t these get deleted?

Please contact our support using the support tab so that our support can check it out.


Please disregard my previous comment! I just realized I had CSS hiding that section.

Sure, thanks.

When trying out the plugin everything looks fine, except two things:

1. All sizes are displayed as { pa_size=s }. This is not very consumer friendly. How can I change this so it says “size S” (and of course according to the actual size, e.g. XS, S, M, L etc)

2. I get two rows for every subscription on the master-list (each line break represents a column form the table). What could be wrong? I only need one row/subscription;

2 MY_PERSONAL_EMAIL [PRODUCT_VARIATION] 27 January, 2017/14:19 Not Sent Send Now Delete this Row

3 MY_PERSONAL_EMAIL [PRODUCT_VARIATION] 27 January, 2017/14:19 27 January, 2017 / 02:19:56 Send Now Delete this Row

Thanks for all the suggestions. We will look into them. Please do consider opening a support ticket with us using the support tab so that it is easy for us to follow up with you on these suggestions.


I already did, the same day ;)

Looks like our support replied 5 days back and also sent you a custom version. Please login to our support system and check out the details.


If I delete an older version to install the update, will I lose my old data? Or is there a way to have this auto update? Thank you!

No, you will not lose any settings or data. There is no way to auto update. You will have to manually update using the WP Dashboard – deactivate and delete the old version and then install and activate the new version.


Hi, a pre-sale question: will your plugin show the form when a product has - quantity: -1 - backorder: allow - stock status: in stock ?

This is the situation when someone orders more than what we have in stock (I would expect the stock status to become “out of stock” actually). Or does your plugin needs the stock status to be “out of stock” no matter the qty?


Update: WooCommerce confirms in a ticket that this is the right behaviour for allowing backorders. But if the qty <= 0 (while stock status still “in stock”) I would like to know if we will see your plugin show up for that product / variation. Thx!

There is no such feature in this Plugin. It depends on the out of stock status.


Hi! Pre-sale question: I send my woocommrce transactional mails with sendinblue with plugin sendinblue for woocommerce. is it also possible to send the email from your plugin with the same way (sendinblue)?

Yes, it will work. Thanks.

Can this plugin, sort out emails that have bought the item? For example Customer 1 and 2 both subscribed to the item. Customer 1 bought the item and customer 2 did not. Is there are way for me to know which customer bought the item and which did not?

This Plugin doesn’t support such an option. Thanks.


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I have many old stock subscriptions, how can I delete them easily and quickly? Thank you

Please contact our support using the contact us section link or support tab link, so that our support check it out.



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Do you have [ SHORTCODE ] for Myaccount page? Can I list subscribed product for customer?

There is no such shortcode. We will look into it in future if feasible.



Is woocommerce 3 supported?

We are working on it and our next version will be released in a few days which will be compatible with WooCommerce v3.0. Please feel free to reach our support using the support tab.


PSQ, Can the “Get notified” button also be placed on the product category page as well as the individual product page? It would be more convenient for customers to be able to select to be notified without having to go into the individual product page. Some customers seeing an item is out of stock may not even browse further into that individual product item page to be able to input their details to be notified.

Sorry, this option is not available. Thanks.


When we change or setup to allow backorder of the product that in the out of stock product status, our customer can now place the order however after the customer placed the order the product is automatically change to out of stock.

Not suppose to change to out of stock because the item is set to allow backorder.

Do you have idea why?

Thank you


This Plugin doesn’t change the status which is handled by WooCommerce. Based on the out of stock status the subscription form is displayed. Please fee free to contact our support by using the support tab link and our support will check it out.


Okay I will contact support department.

Oh ok. Thanks.

Is possible to add a custom field when product os out of stock in product page?

It displays a form for email input and there is no other custom filed option. Thanks.


I am interested in your plugin, however I have a doubt.

In a variable product like Shoes we have 2 type of main variations: Sizes and Materials.

Imagine if there are several sizes that are out of stock, does the user have the possibility to indicate in wich size and material he’s he interested in?


It will work. Please contact our support in case you need any help.


Hi there, when I subscribe my email to the waitlist, I don’t receive any emails to admin (settings checked) nor does it show up on the masterlog. However, entering the email again to the same waitlist says that I have already subscribed. Please help. I realised my masterlog has not been recording since 2016.

Please feel free to reach our support using the support tab so that we can check it out.



I guess get notified button is not working on the demo.

would like to check the demo.


We checked the demo and couldn’t see any problem. Please feel free to reach our support if you still face any issues.


Hello, based upon your documentation on the “Compatible with” section, it looks like you haven’t updated to support Woocommerce 3.0+ which had major updates.

Is that correct? If you haven’t updated to support this yet, when will you?


It is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+. We missed to include WC 3.0+ in the compatible section and now we have done it. Thanks for the heads up.