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There is a bug on this baccarat game. if we do a Re-bet many times, the coin on the table remains the same, but the actual value of the coins increases. I’ve tried it by clicking Re-bet button so many times until the value of coins to 20,000 and I win 20.000.

Another bug is, when we click the Clear button, we can not put the coin again on the table.

Hi! Thank you for pointing it out! we have already solved the 2 bugs, a new version of the game will be soon available, you’ll be notified of the update by CodeCanyon ;)

hi, I wanted to store the score into a file, can you help me how to do it?

There seems to be a bug when you hit the “REBET” button, The last amount played on Tie/Banker/Player all gets set depending on the amount you played in the past for all three places.

Hi! we’ve forwarded your warning to the tech dept, they are already checking the game to fix the bug, a new version will be soon available on CodeCanyon, you’ll get a notification by email

There seems to be a bug when you hit the “REBET” button, The last amount played on Tie/Banker/Player all gets set depending on the amount you played in the past for all three places.

Hi! We have solved the bug, a new version of the game is now available for the download :D

Thank you for fixing it.

Hello, can we create A mobile application using this code and can you do it it ?

hi! we replied to your pm ;)

There are 2 bugs on “baccarat” game.


Please try this and see the bug..

I changed the MONEY to $100 and after I tried to bet TIE, BANKER, PLAYER together at the same time and I put $25 for each of them, total $75, and then I clicked the DEAL button. I won $50, Now I have MONEY total $75, after I clicked REBET button, again It puts $75, I clicked DEAL button again I won $50. Now I have a MONEY total $50. Now there is BUG here again I clicked REBET button, again It puts $75, it must be impossible but it’s possible and show my MONEY -$25. Yes it shows NEGATIVE AMOUNT ( -$25 )


If I change WIN OCCURRENCE from 40 to 0, or BET OCCURRENCES to any value, it doesn’t change or effect anything for result, and the player is STILL WINNING, it must be NON WINNING with any condition, right?

Please fix these problems as soon as possible.


hi! we have just released a new fixed version of the game ;)

Hi! Thank you for pointing that out. We have fixed the game and submitted a new version, you’ll get a notification to download it asap

Hi, again codethislab team)))))

Game is amazing and design quality is on 10 stars.

But infinity 0.1 chips on table and game hangs. Step 1 : Make bet of any chips(let’s say 5 – four times = total 20), then click Deal button, it does’n matter win or not. Step 2 : Click on Rebet button and make bet(rebet chips gone) and then click Clear button.Then click again on rebet.Rebet amount(20) gone from player money everitime when he do this steps.

Sorry for my English, I hope I helped you :grin:

let me check, for any questions please send us a mail to

Hi, After so long, we just realized, if the result is tie, our bet (money) will not restored back to our credit. It’s count we lose.

Can we get the updated altought our support is expired? Thank You.

Hi, you can download the updated version from your download page. In case you are not allowed to do it, because your support is expired, you can renew it from your download page.

the deal card animation is not playing well in android. it skips the animation and goes directly to show the cards

Hi! On which device have you tested the game? Can you provide us a video that shows the issue? Please send it to

Hi i would like to purchase the game but before we do so i want to know if there is any provision to change the currency from $ to some other currency symbol.

Hi! You can easily replace the $ symbol with any other currency modifying the CLang.js file More info in the documentation:

Could this program be used to host an online baccarat party? For example, we would have a private (practice) game of 10 people all across the country. They would log into a “private table” play a game and see who does the best? Also, could we load up our own shoe instead of relying on the auto generated shoes?

Hi, you’ll get the full source in clear so you can modify the game as you want. For this kind of customization you need very good coding skills and a staff. If you want us to do it for you, please send us a detailed documentation about the project at and we’ll be back to you with a quote.