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Hi Aaron! Do you have that kind of database in french?

Thanks a lot !

Sorry I do not.

hi. can we setup good url permalinks?

Yes. The URL permalinks will be good for SEO if you change the default permalinks in wp-admin.

Great. Just bought your database. ill see how it goes. Cheers!

Hi Aaron, I would like to make site like but it would not be limited to only one culture or religion. I would like to cover each and every name.

Also, if you visit any name it has link with name in two languages, once you click on any name it will take you to detail page with more table and information.

Is that way your plugin can be helpful? or can you add that feature in your plugin?

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased and installed this plugin. However when I try and activate it, I get the following fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pagination() (previously declared in /home4/quasimod/public_html/wp-content/themes/netanne/functions.php:883) in /home4/quasimod/public_html/wp-content/plugins/Baby-Names-Database/csv_importer.php on line 1059

Can you please advise how this can be fixed?


This is because your theme Netanne uses the same pagination function as the plugin. If you change your theme the plugin will activate. I am out of time right not but will post how to change it later so you can run this plugin and your theme at the same time. Also keep note that the plugin isnt working with WP 4.4 right now.

Open csv_importer.php and make 2 quick changes. All you have to do is make the function pagination named something different than your theme has it. So we are just going to search for the pagination function and add a 2 to the end.

Find function pagination($before = ’’, $after = ’’) {

Replace function pagination2($before = ’’, $after = ’’) {

Find pagination();

Replace pagination2();

Save and try again.

Hi, I’ve purchased the plugin and installed it step by step per your video shown. However , when the importing page can not import the data. It stopped to import at 2 seconds and the status change to completed. Can you advise how to fix it or anything wrong input will case this issue?

will it be fix within a week or month?

hello, when will have the new update? if I not use the Spin Text function, how to import those names data and display A-Z in one page for people searching?

In order to import the names you need to use WP 4.3 or lower. After the import is done (which includes spinning) all the posts have been made and you can upgrade to WP 4.4. The only part that requires below WP 4.4 right now is the actual import process.

Hello. Do you plan to make this work with WP 4.4 in the near future? If so, do you know when?

I do but I don’t know when. Just need time to sit down and figure what is wrong.

Hi, Its very awesome to look like this plugin. It reduces lot of work burden. I have some questions and please answer me. If the meets my requirement with in a minute I will buy this plugin.

1. When I click on the alphabet, the url should change and when I click on the particular name, the url should append like alpabet/baby_name.

2. I have seen the video and there is no side bar filter. Can I have the sidebar filters with checkbox and dropdown. When I check the box, the url should change according to that.

Can you please help me to answer these question?

hi, Pre sale question is it work with the current wordpress version ?

and [listbabynames] are just pulling up a list of posts by letters on my site instead of names. Is there a way to fix that?