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Hello. 1# Can I check the documentation before buy it? I like to see how hard is the installation and ect… 2# Is it use any framework? or something? (I hate frameworks, I like the simple personal codes)

Send your email to “info@kanorika.com”. We will send the manual.

Thanks for your interest in our product.

I sent an email

I have responded to your email.

Reset password button not work

Reset password button not work

You must correctly configure email data. In the file “system / config.php”.

Sorry for delay in our response.


simkon Purchased

We moved our web site to new server than user registration not working now? Can you say to us system requirements on server for this script?


simkon Purchased

i controlled them but nothing error found there everything ok. in error log says : class_mysql.php on line 154


simkon Purchased

.haccess and config is right. But register new user dont working.

Please, send me your info of cPanel, using the following form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kanorika#contact

We will help with the installation.

are u planning on updating this script any time soon? i think adsense revenue sharing will be a good feature to add.

7 days no response?

Quiero dar permiso para que se puedan subir archvos documento, esto es posible?

Is there any Super Moderator, Moderator, Editor and some extra badge system with it’s point base..

one year has passed you have not thought to fix the facebook login? or ask money for it?

We have responded to your email.

Hey amigo. use el script y me dieron un hackeo Cosmico.. sabes algo al respecto. el user podia hacer lo siguiente COMENTAR MILES DE POST FALSOS PUNTOS AGREGADOS FALSOS 1 SOLO POST COMO MILLONES DE LIKES 1 SOLO POST Y MILLONES DE MEGUSTA EDITO TODOS LOS POST creo que debes tener respuesta.. ya que como es una venta debes entregar un script perfecto

Vamos revisar nuestro código y mejoraremos estos errores.

Mil disculpas por la demora en nuestra respuesta.


lowpage Purchased

I emailed you about featured and latest…Respectfully, I am expecting a timely response as I am still getting support.

We have responded to your email.

checking my version is 1.2 and not 1.3 that can see in the index.php up the version 1.3?

Preferably make a new installation.

Sorry for delay in our response.


lowpage Purchased

can you fix why facebook videos are malformed with link and embed code…http://d.pr/i/p5Dr

We will review this. If we have any improvement, you know.

Hi there,

I really like this script and your other one too.

Why don’t you create your Next Generation hot new social classifieds like app https://us.letgo.com/en

here’s clone script that way too expensive.


babbel script can be use as a classifieds site.

Thank you for your comments. We will consider it.

Thanks for your replying back.

I wish babbel have a feature, pin content by url post like FB or pinterest.


I been testing your demo and I really want to buy this great script.

Few things I noticed.

1 when uploading a new avatar animated gif file. I noticed at My avatar area, I see a preview that’s animated gif file but when I finished uploading it’s not animated?

Please allow animated gif file for avatar. Maybe limit the size to max like 35 kb.

2 @ MY STATUS area.

Why not allow animated gif animate and make it fit to status feed page like this screenshot I made


3# I think some other folks already mentions requested about facebook video feature for “Update your status “.. Please fix the facebook video height issue.

Babbel My Articles can embed facebook video but it’s fixed to maxuim hieght when you embed etc.  If FB video height is longer, than the fixed height it’ll be cut off the bottom of video etc.


Make another upload video overlay watermark :)

hi! :) what is the wysiwyg text editor name as are you using??!

Hello All,

I really like to share the information about our scripts.

Below is the link to explain about the script clearly


Why have you deleted your like script? I paid for that item and now its’ gone…!!!!!


RCPmedia Purchased

Hi, 1 year without news, any updates?

hello there i have bought the script and install it in www.chaarly.com , the error that i have is that de images i have uploaded are not showing in the website. can you help me?

i can run this in localhost ?

Warning: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘u707727515_root’@’’ (using password: NO) in /home/u707727515/public_html/system/classes/class_mysql.php on line 32

Warning: mysqli_error() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /home/u707727515/public_html/system/classes/class_mysql.php on line 154