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Are you trying to compete with VisualComposer?

I would suggest creating a short does plugin that is also available when VC is integrated.

Just a suggestion:)

thanks for your suggestion, we will keep in mind.

I take a look in the demo, it’s a good shortcodes. But for now I like your theme, simple and clean. One suggestion, you would integrate it with visual composer for header, footer and keep it simple. It will be a good product. GLWS

thanks for your interest, we are currently working already in a some improvements and integration with other plugins.

Do you have a demo yet? Why not use NHP’s Fluent Demo here on Codecanyon to get a demo creator up so we can play and test your shortcodes before we decide to buy.

thanks for your comment, we are currently working in a live demo site to allow users to test the shortcode plugin.

The DEMO for the B5 Shortcodes is already live.

Best shortcodes plugin here. Thanks a lot I love it! Please, will you add more features in the future (like headlines)?

Sure, we are working on some updates to the shortcodes. Regards

Do you not support Wordpress 4.0? I tried installing and got the error message that no valid plugin was found :(

a28f3351-780e-45a3-a195-8050ce7199a1 – 05 Nov 2014 (Regular License)

The plugin works fine in 4.0 we tried in our servers and work correctly, actually in the demo is running over WP 4.0.

Hello people,

Really cool and easy to use plugin. I transformed my website with ease. I want to ask a more technical question that maybe you can help me. I get “blocking rendering content” on my page and there are at least 5 scripts that come from your plugin. Do you have any suggestions for that? I tried to load asynchronous but i got errors so i had to skip them. Any help would be much appreciated

I want to show charts in WP with 1) posts/ categories based on number of posts 2) tags 3) comparison of categories 4). authors 5) date 6) status updates 7) other meta

I want to embed the charts with a page or show it at the admin end when a user logs and who has the user permissions to view this on wpmu

I could not see anyway of importing the data in your demo sir

Any update on this? Functional or not on 4.3?

This plugin can create my own Shortcodes?


How can we put an icon with heading on the same line?

Best, Azzam

Hope to get respond.. seems that there are no answers on comments +6 months ago!

Hello, when I tryed the demo that you have created it work perfet, now in my website is not working about video it is showing no items found??