Discussion on B2BKing Company Credit - WooCommerce Line of Credit System (Add-on)

Discussion on B2BKing Company Credit - WooCommerce Line of Credit System (Add-on)

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Can this plugin be used with dokan?

Hi there. It could be used, but only the website admin is able to give credit, view customer credit settings, etc.

These options are NOT available to each vendor – there is no integration for that. So the only way it could work is by having vendors working together and communicating with the marketplace admin.

Does this support discounts per category

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch,

Yes, both the B2BKing plugin and this credit system add-on here support discounts by category.

Such discounts can be created in B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules.

You can see our demo at


Just bought the plugin as an addition to B2Bking and B2Bking Pro. But the redeeming credit as coupon does not work correctly.

For example: When a user redeems 500 usd credit as coupon he gets a coupon code worth 500 usd but he can use that coupon infinitely. So he “paid” 500 once for a lifetime discount code of 500 usd which he can keep using on every order.

Desired functionality in this case - The coupon should stop working after 500 usd - Or the coupon should only be usable once

Is this a known problem? Or is it solvable somehow?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing first of all,

What should happen is that the coupon should have a usage limit of 1 time only. I looked into the issue you described and I believe I found a bug causing this.

I would like to send you a plugin update privately (that I believe solves this) and follow up with you about this issue. Can you please open a ticket here with us , so I can send you the update?

(if your active support for B2BKing expired, no problem please just open the ticket in the ‘B2BKing Pre Sales’ category at the above link).


I have submitted a ticket. Looking forward to the solution.


All solved by support, thanks!

Hello, I am looking for a method to let hotel customers charge to their room and then for the hotels to pay the outstanding balance at the end of each month.

So basically a credit line where the hotel is in debt to the store. I don’t really want to assign credit to the hotel but for them to be in negative balance. So if they put several orders through it will say -$1640 which they would have to pay at the end of the month.

Is this possible with this plugin or do I have to assign them a credit balance?


Hi there,

If you put several orders through, that is indeed how it works, the customer would have a negative outstanding balance such as -$1500, meaning that they have to pay $1500 at the end of the month.

You do need to set a credit limit – that’s not a balance, it’s just a limit – basically how much can they order this way. If you set the limit to $10000, they can go to maximum -$10000.

If you do not want to have a limit, you can just set it to a high number like 999999999 and hide areas that say “credit limit / available credit”.

For example:

-> In this image the customer purchased $3000, and now their balance is -$3000 as you can see.

-> Their limit is 8000, so they can purchase only 5000 more. But you could just hide the red area in the screenshot so the customer doesn’t know what the max limit is.

The plugin hides the payment option “Company credit” if the credit limit is exceeded with the attempted order. There should be a message suggesting to top up the credit instead of hiding the payment option. Or a message saying you don’t have enough credit.

Is it possible to show the user balance with a shortcode?

Yes, you could add this PHP code snippet to your site (in functions.php for example):

function user_credit_ft() {
    global $b2bking_public_credit;
    $available_credit = $b2bking_public_credit->get_user_available_credit();
    return $available_credit;
add_shortcode( 'user_credit', 'user_credit_ft' );

Then you can use the [user_credit] shortcode.

Just a quick update. The plugin will now show a message saying there is not enough credit:

Furthermore, if the user would like to use a different payment method and only pay the difference, they can redeem existing credits as a coupon (which can be used with any other method).

Where I can find a step by step implementation guide for this plugin?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin,

To set up B2BKing in general, we have a guide here:

We don’t have a specific guide for setting up the Credit add-on.

Generally speaking, you can follow these steps:

1. Install and activate the credit add-on

B2B users will now be able to find a “Company Credit” section in their My Account dashboard.

2. In WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments activate the “Company Credit Payment” method.

3. Set a credit limit for the user (how much they can purchase on credit without paying it back).

You can set this limit for the user specifically, on their user profile page, or you can set it for the user group, or you can set a global limit in B2BKing -> Settings -> Company Credit.

Hi, thanks for awesome product but I will like to know if you have plan to introduce more features into this addon so that credit buyers can be charged with interest per number of months of credit or installments plan is given.

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch and for your feedback,

We are open to possibly adding those features in future versions. However we don’t have a specific plan or timeline for these at the moment.

Is this compatible with marketplaces yet? Can this be used with Marketing and B2BKing together?

Hi there,

The credit add-on can work with MarketKing, but only the admin will be able to offer a line of credit. That line of credit would be usable by the customer on all shops. In other words, each vendor cannot issue their own credit – instead the admin would issue credit available for all shops.

Hello, the plugin is very good. 2 pre-sale inquiries about the demo.

1 – when credit is loaded on the fronted, the checkout loads the number of units and not the amount in $. Is this a limitation of the demo or a bug? 2 – when the balance is loaded manually from the backend and it is greater than the debt, throwing a positive pending balance (that is, greater than $0), the amount favorable to the client is added to the balance but the transaction is not shown in the list of transactions. Is this a limitation of the demo or a bug?

Thank you

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch,

1. It seems there’s an issue there with our demo – thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into that.

That’s only affecting the demo though. I checked now with the latest versions of both our plugins and it’s working fine in tests. It looks like this:

2. Sorry, in this case I don’t think I understood what issue you’re referring to. I’m looking at your screenshot and I am not seeing missing transactions.

I am seeing these transactions and balances are in order:

Hi, is this add-on compatible with any multi-currency plugins? I’m building a wholesale site that will be operational in four (4) countries. Please let me know. Thanks in advanced.

Hi there,

There’s no specific multi-currency compatibility unfortunately. There would probably be issues if a user switches currencies (e.g. takes credit in currency X and tries to repay it in currency Y).

please share test admin details we need to check functions

Thanks for getting in touch,

You can view the demo at

You would click on “Launch Admin Demo” in the top right corner. No login credentials are needed.

Hello, is that it is possible to add an option that allows the customer to make a partial payment and pay the rest after instead of paying all the order on credit. is that there is a way for the customer to give an advance on the credit. Can this be applied with the sales king plugin so that agents can buy for their customers on credit while receiving an advance?

Thank you for getting in touch,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any feature for partial payments / advance payments, so currently the only option is a full payment via credit or another payment gateway.

The credit system will work with SalesKing, meaning that agents can place orders for their customers on credit (but no option for advance/partial payments)

Let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help with,

Hello, 1- is it possible to assign a quantity of products in stock to each agent ?. the idea is to allow each agent to have his own stock. Thus each agent will be able to buy as a customer among the quantities of products at his disposal. And at the end of the day he will be able to make a return of stock.

2-is it possible for the agent to arrange his customers in an order in the my customers menu. for example have a given customer in first position and another in second position etc

-> There’s no feature to assign a stock qty to a specific agent.

-> Regarding the customers order in the menu, it can be sorted by clicking on Name / Email / Phone etc, but it cannot be sorted in a permanent way – when the page is refreshed, the sort is back to default.

The plugin hides the payment option “Company credit” if the credit limit is exceeded with the attempted order. Is an email then also sent to the customer with the info that they should top up their credit limit?

Hi there, Thank you for getting in touch,

We do not have such an email in the plugin. I see some issues with adding such an email:

- We cannot send it whenever the cart total value exceeds the credit limit. The user may add or remove items from cart in a way that would send many different emails in a span of minutes as they are choosing products for their order.

- Perhaps you are thinking of sending such an email after the user finalized their order. For example the user paid via Bank, and they would get an email saying “your last order exceeded your credit limit”. I still think this does not fully make sense for many business models. For example, the shop may offer a $2000 credit line, and the buyer makes a $20000 order paid via Bank – I am not sure it makes sense here to send an email saying credit should be topped up.

Hope I understood you correctly. If you’d like to provide us with more info, I’m happy to take in your feedback,

Kind regards, Stefan

Just a quick update. The plugin will now show a message saying there is not enough credit:

Furthermore, if the user would like to use a different payment method and only pay the difference, they can redeem existing credits as a coupon (which can be used with any other method).

As you are “purchasing” credit, will this go through as a positive purchase and therefor affect the accuracy of the Analytics? These credits should not reflect as purchases.

Hi Euan, In the latest plugin update, 1.2.0, the plugin adds a custom order status named “Credit purchase”.

This status can be excluded from Analytics in Analytics->Settings in the backend. For reference:

Does this plugin support sending automatic monthly statement e-mails to users who have an outstanding balance on a certain day (for instance, the 20th of every month)?

Thank you for reaching out. I’m afraid the plugin doesn’t have any kind of feature to send monthly statements. Something like that would have to be done with custom coding.

I have to buy the add on n the plugin too? Or this s enough??

Thank you for getting in touch.

This plugin here (B2BKing Company Credit) is an add-on for our main plugin, B2BKing. It needs B2BKing to work. In total, you would need to buy 2 plugins:

- B2BKing –

- B2BKing Company Credit ( this plugin ) –

Let me know if I can help with anything,

When is the next update coming please?

Hi there,

Are you looking for the credit line for Dokan vendors feature? We would need to update the Dokan addon for that. Updates are coming later this year but I can’t give an exact timeline – we’re doing our best but some factors are unpredictable.

The company credit transaction won’t be deleted even if original orders were deleted. Is there a way?

Thank you for purchasing the plugin,

I think you are right that if an order paid with credit is cancelled, the credit should be returned. This is something we will be working to add in the next update.

Until that is ready, right now you can manually return the credit in the User Profile panel, under ’ Manual reimbursement ’:

Here you can add or remove credit by using positive (e.g. 1000) or negative (e.g. -1000) values.

Kind regard, Stefan

No, I am talking about the entire order deletion. The credit history still remains on the Company credit tab in the user’s My Account panel. The history supposed to be deleted as well.

Simply deleting/sending an order to trash does not completely erase the order in WooCommerce.

For example when you place an order, stock levels are reduced. If you delete the order, stock levels are not restored.

If you want stock levels to be restored, you would have to change the order’s status to Cancelled, rather than just delete it.

Therefore it seems to us that the proper way this should be handled is to restore the credit when the order is cancelled.

Definitely looking to add this in the next update. Thank you for the feedback.

Excellent job…

Thank you!

I agree with @tech2321, a credit line per Dokan vendor is much more useful than the only having the main site. Please implement this feature to make this more appealing…thanks

Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks Stefan, are you planning to implement this feature soon?

We’d like to implement it, but I’m not sure how soon we can have this ready, as there are some other projects we’re looking to complete first. It’s most likely coming later this year.


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