Discussion on B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on)

Discussion on B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on)

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I am a bit confused about weather a single account will be enough for a client to subscribe to multiple wholesalers to see their products and prices, as well as added to groups by different wholesalers. Or a client needs separate account for each wholesaler to subscribe to?

i.e I am a client and I want to subscribe to multiple wholesalers in the marketplace to see their products and prices of wholesalers, please let me know the way the marketplace plugin works.


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch,

The way this works is that each client will become part of a ‘B2B Group’. You can configure many such groups (e.g. the “New Users” group, “Resellers”, “VIP Users”, etc).

Depending on shop settings, you could allow specific groups access to prices / products for all vendors, or to some vendors only. You could also allow each vendor to control whether or not they want to give access to a specific group. Either the admin or each vendor could control these.

It involves some coordination between the marketplace admin and vendors (as the admin controls what the groups are and who is part of which group).

It does not work by having customers subscribe or request access to a specific wholesaler.


tchebo Purchased

hello where to find the installale file

Hi there,

You should be able to directly upload and install the .zip of the plugin you download from CodeCanyon. (via ).

If you can’t find that, or you can’t install it for some reason, please open a ticket with us at and we’re happy to send it to you there, or install the plugin directly for you.

Presales Questions 1. possible admin can also access vendor messeger? 2. any recommended rewarding system? (i wish client can collect points)


Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch,

1. By default these messages are hidden from admin, but I can send you a code snippet that you can add to the site and it removes this – and admin will be able to see / read all conversations in the backend.

2. I don’t have experience with points/reward systems – generally any system that works well with WooCommerce/Dokan would work fine with our plugins as well,

Can I make just the admin store private for the vendor user role?

Hi, I saw your comment on our other plugin page. If all you need is to hide prices for non-vendor users, the “private store” plugin would be a better choice.

Hello there your product looks very nice innovative I wonder if you are considering adding a “dynamic pricing based on product stock amount” feature. If you’re thinking of making it, I’m thinking of buying it. I wish you good work.

Thank you for reaching out,

This is not currently in the roadmap, but we will consider it for future updates, depending on how much interest we see from other customers as well. However, I wouldn’t be able to give you an ETA.

Thank you for the feedback, and let me know if I can help with anything,

Hello there your product looks very nice innovative I wonder if you are considering adding a “dynamic pricing based on product stock amount” feature. If you’re thinking of making it, I’m thinking of buying it. I wish you good work.

i have a question to understand well: do i need to use B2BKing – The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin + this plugin and PLUS Dokan right?

or do i have to purchase B2BKing – The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin PLUS this plugin WITHOUT dokan and everything will work perfectly?

Thank you for getting in touch.

This requires 3 plugins:

-> Dokan plugin (you can use the free version): This manages MultiVendor functionality

-> B2BKing plugin ( ): This adds B2B / Wholesale functionality

-> B2BKing for Dokan addon: This extends Dokan for example by adding a vendor UI interface that allows each vendor to manage wholesale prices for their own products, visibility for their own products etc. It also adapts certain B2BKing functions. For example, normally B2BKing quote requests go to the shop manager. With the addon, quote requests will be routed to the vendor of the product requested.

Aha i got it, thank you for explaining

I know you don’t support WCFM for now (just dont know why btw :) )
I’d like to know if we can tweak the actual Dokan app, to make it work with WCFM, or is it a whole lot of code customizations ?
thank you in advance

Hi there. We now have a B2BKING WCFM addon available, that you can find at:

Wow, nice, will definitely go for it.
what about B2B sales agents for WCFM, any release scheduled day by now ?

Hi there,

To add this, we would modify this addon here to also add compatibility with our SalesKing sales agents plugin. So it would be this same addon + SalesKing.

However, I don’t have an ETA for when that would be available.

Hello, on your demo there’s only simple product, does it’ work with Variable Product & Grouped Product ?

I’ve try with your demo and from vendor dashboard i was not able to find/modify the product type

Ah, I apologize, my previous message was wrong in the sense that the Demo does not have variable products because the Demo uses Dokan Lite (free version).

Dokan only has variable products in paid plugin versions, so we only used the free version in the demo. We did not want customers to misunderstand the functionality, so we only show the free Dokan version in the demo.

But B2BKing is fully compatible with all Dokan versions.

It looks like this to select the variable products:

You can see here how B2BKing can set B2B price and tiered price for each individual variation:

Okay, that’s perfect ! :) Thanks a lot for your help

is it support for wcfm ?

Hi there, At the moment, we don’t have any WCFM integration, only the Dokan integration here (which does not work with WCFM).

We now have a B2BKING WCFM addon available, that you can find at:

Hello, We are using the B2BKing multi-vendor plugin with the main B2B plugin. Is there any documentation specifically on how to use this multi-vendor plugin in tandem with the main plug in. We are unable to find it and finding it difficult to understand.

Hello Currently we are running B2C multivendor marketplace using ELECTRO THEME and DOKAN. We plan to make it a hybrid store B2C and B2B using your plugins. We have queries: 1. Can a vendor selling on our store as B2C vendor can also be the business customer to the B2B vendor? Does your plugin support this multi role? 2. Will your plugin work efficiently on Wordpress ELECTRO THEME?

Thank you for purchasing our plugins. The regular license is a lifetime license, meaning that you have lifetime access to all plugin updates + right to use the plugin.

Hello, Have asked for urgent support on your support page but no answer as yet. We are stuck badly as short codes for B2B registrations is not working. please attend to our support ticket ;

We have replied to your support ticket. Please see our reply, thank you.

Hello, we are looking forward to use your plugins for adding the B2B functionality to our multivendor B2C e-commerce portal. We cater for India. Do you have GST support?

Hi there, Thank you for reaching out,

B2BKing and its addons do not have a special integration for GST, but B2BKing is able to work with the WooCommerce tax system.

So for example, if you configure GST in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax, that will also work well with B2BKing features such as tax exemptions.

If you are looking for GST support in any particular area, please provide us with details, and I can get back to you with more info.

Let me know if I can help, Kind regards, Stefan

Hi Stefan..what type of details you are looking for?

I mean, what specifically are you looking for when you say “GST Support”? If you are looking to set GST tax + tax exemptions for B2B users, that is possible with our plugins and GST.

If you are looking for GST number validation during business account registration, our plugin does not have such an API to verify GST numbers. It depends on what you mean by GST support.

can different vendors set different shipping term? Example: I buy from vendor 1 & vendor 2 to ship to US. But shipping for vendor 1 is $5 and vendor 2 is $6. So when I checkout, the total shipping fee I need to pay is $11.

Also, if vendor 1 gives free shipping for a min purchase of $20 and if I exceed that, so altogether I’m only paying vendor 2 $6 when I checkout. Is this possible in your script?

Hi there, Thank you for reaching out,

Regarding allowing vendors to set different shipping terms: this is not something that B2BKing plugins add. However, I believe Dokan by default has this functionality.

You can read more here:

I believe it is possible only in the Paid Dokan versions (not the free version)

Please see the above article – I believe Free Shipping per vendor may also be possible but I can’t say for sure – it would be best to ask the Dokan team directly.

Kind regards, Stefan

Hi, is this compatible with Electro WordPress theme?

Thank you for getting in touch,

I checked, and I see that yes, Electro supports Dokan. Therefore this will also work with our B2BKing Plugin for Dokan.

Let me know if you have any questions, Kind regards, Stefan

Hi guys,

Great work on this! I have a question regarding the integration with Dokan, because the demo only has one vendor, as a customer planning to put a Bulk List order on various products from different vendors, how the information will behave, and during the checkout, and to check the orders on my account? It will probably be great if you could add more vendors to the demo. Thanks.

Thank you for the feedback,

I’ve added an extra vendor to the demo. The item “Jameson 750ML” in the shop is now owned by a separate vendor.

Let me know if I can help with anything,

Kind regards, Stefan


I want this plugin but I am using WCFM. Are there any plans for WCFM?

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you for getting in touch,

Yes, we have plans for a WCFM addon as well later this year. However, I’m afraid I can’t give an exact timeframe for when this might be ready.

Kind regards, Stefan

Hi there. We now have a B2BKING WCFM addon available, that you can find at:

I purchased the below plugin but the VENDOR DASHBORD IS MISSING after installation.

I have installed B2BKing before installing your Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on)

Now I could not get Dokan setting, I could not get Dokan dashboard, I could not get vendor dashboard

Below are relevant information for purchased item.

Item Title: B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on) Item

Purchase Code: 0418a3ae-b67d-48a8-9e99-6281f7213324

Please treat as urgent as possible. My client is at my throat.

Hello, i have a question that i didnt see in the demo. Can a Dokan vendor be a b2b user type by default ? or have a dropdown with user type ? Thanks

Hello, Thank you for getting in touch.

Are you asking about the interface design basically? you would like to integrate all the options in a single dropdown? or what are you trying to achieve?

The only option is as it appears in our demo.

Kind Regards, Stefan

customer have b2b user type options dropdown… When i select in the demo “vendor”, its dissappear. Could vendors have b2b user type too?.


The “B2B User Type” is a drodpown for what kind of B2B customer they are. For vendors that’s not applicable.

To have that for vendor is not possible with our plugins, only with custom coding/modifying the plugin.

Kind Regards, Stefan

With this plugins can i manage stock by vendor?

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch,

I believe this is handled by Dokan, and indeed each vendor would be able to control stock for their own products. To set this up with our plugins you will need Dokan + B2BKing + B2BKing for Dokan.

Kind Regards, Stefan


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