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Hello and congrats on this great plugIn for BootCommerce. In the system’s admin the translation for Business type and buttons are missing, at the moment is hardcoded in platforms’ s settings index.php ?

Thank you.

p.s. check the script’s title – BootComemrce

Any news on the update? thank you.

sorry mate, i’m not working on it because i’ve some inconvenience. please stay in touch on skype, i’ll do updates asap. sorry

will you release an update for the BootCommerce Shop before updating this plugin? Also will you add to the shop or release a plugIn for CSV import?

thank you!

Presale !

I am a bit confused with this plugin (due to name B2B).

(a) does it only provides a separate pricing for resellers ? or ( b) it allows different suppliers to login and place products for purchasing ?

In case if it is only (a) can you tell me how to deploy option ( b) – if you have plugin for it / custom development available ?

it’s option a only, i’m sorry, but at this moment i can’t write a plugin for b option.

i try to do it in a near next future

Ok., are you available for customization ? At what rate ? (consider above requirement)

i’m so busy…at this moment i i’m not available for this customization, sorry. stay in touch via skype please so we can update within a few days

MR. Plugins should have put WHOLESALE and or RESELLER in the plugin’s title.

No news on the plugin’s update???

yes i’ll edit title, thanks

for the update i sended you a private email some days ago, sorry for delete

Thanks for the update MrPlugins!

Yet, I’am still waiting cause Envato is taking ages to aprove and upload the new version of the plugin.

Hello, read the mail now, about the limitations of this plugin. thanks anyway!

Dear Mr. Plugins in our bootcommerce 3.2.0 there are two plugins installed. 1. Slideshow Manager 2. Multi Taxes

and we put the plugins folder “plugin BusinessType 1.0.0” into “Bootcommerce/content/plugins” folder. Logged in to the admin and there is no Reseller plugin in the adminpanel/plugins section.

Hope you will help us to install the reseller plugin

Thanks [3/3/2014 3:30:28 AM] didarul19811: additionally your Bootcommerce application is a super cool thingy. and we are eagerly waiting to use the b2b plugins. please help us to install it so that we can use it as soon as possible and put a user rating.

thanks in advance pal…

NB: Is there any way to contact with you direct with my Developer? Thanks.

your are right, i was few clean to explain the activation (not installation) of this plugin.

1) Go to admin panel
2) menu settings
3) System
on the right place click on the B2b + B2C button

let me know

Hi, is it possible to set a shipping cost per product type or per weight ? so if a user buy 2 products, the cost are summed ?

sorry, at this moment this feature is not available


Still waiting your reply from adding me to your skype but seemed you never responded?

i was online

Can you please add me from your skype daniel.c.escleto

i don’t know how to install this addon ?!

There are instructions into package

Installing the “plugin BusinessType 1.2..0” is confusing. I do understand that we have to do it manually. That is OK. But your HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt does not help at all.

What should we copy where? for instance: 1) Should we place all “plugin BusinessType 1.2..0” folder under the /bootcommerce/content/plugins folder? or into the main /bootcommerce folder? or …

2) Should we browse into the “plugin BusinessType 1.2..0” folder and copy the /plugin BusinessType 1.2..0/bc-admin/platform folder and copy it into the /bootcommerce/bc-admin/platform folder (overwritting the current folders Clients, Products and Settings)? and then 2.1) copy the /plugin BusinessType 1.2..0/content/plugins/businesstype folder and copy it into the /bootcommerce/content/plugins folder?

3) and then what about the /plugin BusinessType 1.2..0/content/themes and the /plugin BusinessType 1.2..0/content/updates folders should we take them and copy them into the /bootcommerce/content/ folder?

4) and finally what about the 3 PHP scripts that are in the /plugin BusinessType 1.2..0/ carpet, the check.php, registration.php and the save-order.php where do these files goes? do they go into the main /bootcommerce carpet?

you are the first customer that tell em this.

into txt file you can read this: “To install this plugin you have to change some files manually or ,if you have installed a clear BootCommerce 3.2.1, you can overwrite the files located into “plugin BusinessType 1.2.0” of this package following the same structure and, after, do login into admin to cmplete the installation.”

when i told some structure just copy and past files into your site directory overwriting the main files.

i don’t understand your difficult/problem.

I installed the plugin already and it is working; My problem was that I did not understood what you meant by ”...you can overwrite the files located into [plugin BusinessType 1.2.0] of this package following the same structure…” Only after I studied the structure of the bootcommerce installation and compared it with the plugin structure I realized that by copying the plugin folder structure into the bootcommerce installation it would fit exactly within the structure of the installed application. Sorry I’m not a programmer and I did not know what you tryed to say by “overwrite the fies located into the plugin…”. whatever I solved it. Thanks.

Hello I wonder if this plugin allows multiple vendors with different discounts each? or is only a single price for resellers? thanks for your reply

hi, it is only a single price for resellers

i installed the plugin, (im using english language) but when you edit customer, the options for resellers is all in italian

Questo utente ha richiesto di diventare rivenditore Abilita come rivenditore *Sarà inviata una e-mail automatica al cliente

Rigetta la richiesta

I have deleted italian language folders but still in italian language

i have tried to translate to english but doesnt make any sense, is there a language file it shud include?

answered into another post

oops you are right, i forgot to replace the variables.

please give me your email so i can send you the correct file there

When you click to “calculate route” on demo “contact us” page it pops up an error window with the result of NO_RESULTS. Just checking things out for a pre-sale and thought I would let you know.

may i know this plugin is for wordpress?

the first is a plugin for the second

I have bought both. Can I install in sub-domain?


I am interested in buying BootCommerce, SDG and B2B wholesales. can I create re-seller’s account on it so that each reseller can display their products? Can each reseller have his own dashboard?

thank you for your quick response.

hi, unfortunatelly what you are asking for is not the scope of BC.

Ciao Mister! Ho visto che sei italiano come me. Allora vado al sodo. Ho un cliente che ha bisogno che gli faccia come sito web, un catalogo online di prodotti alimentari (vendono pesce) con prezzi e vendita separate e distinte: una per il privato e una per le aziende e ristoranti (ognuno accederà ad una sua pagina con un login). Ovviamente, i prezzi sono differenti per ogni cliente (ognuno avrà il suo), quindi attraverso il login ognuno accede alla propria pagina personale con i suoi prezzi e scontistiche (ripeto, differenti per ogni ognuno). Ho visto il tuo plugin qui sopra e mi sembra sia quello fatto a posta per il mio cliente ma mi sembra di aver capito dai commenti che il plugin si installi con l’altro tuo prodotto, il BootCommerce. Il mio cliente in più ha già la piattaforma di e-commerce (quindi esterna al sito) dove intende collegarsi. E’ possibile utilizzare il tuo BootCommerce come fosse solo un catalogo con le funzioni di login separate da cliente a cliente (consumer e retailer) con prezzi personalizzati come ti ho descritto sopra?

ciao, purtroppo il plugin è installabile solo sulla piattaforma bootcommerce. inoltre non farebbe comunque al caso tuo in quanto il plugin crea semplicemente 2 tipi di listino (uno per i clienti normali e uno per i rivendirori). Qundi non hai la possibilità di creare listini personlizzati per ogni cliente.

Stai cercando una soluzione personalizzata, anche perchè mi pare di aver capito tu voglia adattarlo ad un prodotto già esistente (di cui bisognerebbe vedere la provenienza e se è fatto con un framework o un cms).

mi spiace non poterti essere di aiuto con il mio prodotto, ma non fa proprio al caso tuo

Peccato, cmq grazie per la risposta :)

Figurati, dovere e piacere

Hi, is it possible to disable jquery.stepize in the check-out form? And replace it with a ordinary html submit form.. Best regards,

Any progress :)?

hi, please can you give me youeìr email?

sent u an PM

MrPlugins I had installed as per the installation instructions. I got the plugin and got the new option in sign up page but there is no change in the user except its getting option of applying for reseller and waiting for approval but there is no update or intimation for admin ? no extra options available to the admin section as well ??? appreciate your quick response ….Many Thanks :)

hi, sorry for delay. be sure you have activate the lugins after installation.

please take a look to this screenshoot http://prntscr.com/d99n0v