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Is it possible to save permanent the affliate id and settings or must this set new every time? And can i set the box high for a product?

Hello, You must set it every time because it`s not saved globally.

Regards, B.

too complicated and design options too limited …

Does it only work with the Gutenberg Editor? Or is it synonymous with the Classic Editor?


It is only for Gutenberg.

Price showed for single product is updated every time the website page is loaded?

It’s a shame this plugin isn’t getting updated. A few points to consider:

1. Many users have requested to have a global settings page where we can set affiliate id and css, but unfortunately at the moment you need to manually set each one. Please consider this feature if you’re planning to update this plugin. It’s the main reason I have stopped using it as it wastes too much time.

2. For users that use ad blockers, the products won’t show.

3. Loading time is rather long.

4. Is it amp compatible?

5. You can only embed the block once per page. So all the products have to be shown in one block. Please consider allowing multiple embedding on a single post

Update: it’s not amp compatible, and it’s in conflict with some plugins and Gutenberg blocks such as Layout.

how can i get bulk asin codes as you have mentioned in your demo video?

¿Are you going to add Mexico?

Greetings, I would like to ask if you will continue to update the plugin? I would like to buy it but I would like to know this, also if it is possible to add all the products with the nofollow label? Thank you.

I have noticed that this will not load products grom the United States or Canada. Is this a known issue and will there be an update?


Please open a ticket here and let us take a look:

This plugin is not working anymore.


What issue did you encountered? can you open a ticket here?

Regards, M.

I opened a ticket this past weekend but have not heard back. The plugin no longer works for the US Amazon market. It is not my website or caching…if I change it to German, the products show up. For the US, It just sits there trying to connect but never does.


We’re sorry for the late response. It seems there is an issue with the US market and our team is trying to find what is causing the issue. After that we will provide an answer in the ticket and also update the plugin.

Hi AA.TEAM I would like to point out that I’m going to ask for a refund if you don’t give me a solution to this problem of your plugin, I have executed all the steps of your video and it doesn’t work as you explain in the tutorial. I’m enclosing a video that I created by doing the same steps as you in the video and it doesn’t look the same. Give me an answer as soon as possible or I will ask for a refund by opening a formal complaint.

thank you very much


Please open a ticket here: and let us take a look at the issue.

Regards, Mihai.


iraise Purchased

Este complemento ya no funciona, ya no se muestran los productos de Amazon.


Please open a ticket here:


nistron Purchased

Hi, It’s not working anymore. I don’t know if it’s the Amazon’s update or WP’s update, but even your live demo page doesn’t work. I (and the rest of us, I guess) would really appreciate if you can check it and update the plugin so it works again.

Thanks in advance!

It has stopped working, does anyone have a solution?

Thanks, best regards


We just released an update. Please update to the latest version and everything should be fine.

Regards, Mihai.

My Azonberg is working fine now. And it is faster! Thanks!

Hello, is there any solution? What guarantee is there if I renew support that it will work again? Any response from support?


We just released an update. Please update to the latest version and everything should be fine.

Regards, Mihai.

Hello Mihai, Thanks for updating the plugin, once I have updated it works again, but I cannot modify the general configuration, if I select that option, the whole block disappears and says it has found a problem and cannot be shown, that way I cannot include my affiliate id. Can you help me? Thank you

I have downloaded the new updated version but is still blocked in wordpress. It says “This block has encountered error and can not be previewed”.

I don’t recommend. I bought it and it wasn’t exactly what I thought so I didn’t use it but they refused to refund the money, after one day.