WordPress Page Builder for Complex Layouts

WordPress Page Builder for Complex Layouts

We open for partnership with theme authors

  1. Make sections/elements for your theme (or HTML template) in according with trivial standards of this library
  2. Allow to include your sections/elements into this plugin
  3. Include this plugin into your theme free of charge
  4. Your theme will have more than 500 blocks with high quality designs additionally
  5. Every new partner will extend this library and your theme by compatible sections and elements (coding standards moderated)
  6. If this plugin will have many sales – you will get commission or you can terminate partnership and start to sell your own library-plugin with your sections/elements

Or purchase extended license and include it with your WordPress theme

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What you can do with this plugin:

  1. Make home/inner pages starting from white-screen page-template
  2. Use header with logo and menu from this library (replace theme header)
  3. Use footer from this library (replace theme footer)
  4. Create site from scratch with high-quality design provided by this plugin – along with any WP theme
  5. Use any shortcodes inside such pages – which can provided by theme or other plugins
  6. Use full-width sections and grid-elements provided with this plugin inside theme page templates
  7. Build forms – all forms working via AJAX and integrated with CFDB plugin
  8. Build shortcodes or widgets to insert it into your site

This plugin is constantly growing library of HTML/CSS/JS/PHP code which used by our team for professional rapid-development WordPress themes and it contains all instruments for maximum flexibility

So if you purchase this plugin you get lifetime subscription for new sections/elements which we will use in our projects.

Yellow Pencil plugin is perfect addition to this builder:

Big sections library:

All images and icons can be changed:

Intuitive content editing:

Portfolio editing:

Contact forms building:

Parallax background effect:

Posts query builder:


  1. This plugin work only with AZEXO HTML Customizer plugin (paid)
  2. WP Less plugin to manage accent colors
  3. Optional: Yellow Pencil plugin to customize styles (paid)

Updates log

Landing page builder - 28.04.2017
new blocks added
minor improvements and bug fixes