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Hello. I’ve bought your stand alone plugin. Where I can found stand alone code?

Hello, JS library provided inside WP plugin. Also you can find example how to use it stand alone. Thanks

hi i want integrate ur script in my site can i get final html source via a javascript function or method or someting like this?

$(function() { $(’#example’).azexo_composer(); });

<textarea id=”example” rows=”10” cols=”45”></textarea>

thanks i must save generated html in database. can i load generated html to textarea for edit purpose? please explain me with code thanks

yes. same code for load. thanks

Hi. Do you ever plan on updating the membership plugin you have included? It is very old, like Sept 2013 and many improvements/bugs have been fixed since then.

You version says:

Latest at WPmedev:

Hello, yes of course. Thank you!

Ok, thanks. When can this be expected? Between this and other issues really cannot use and love to have it working again.

I think I will do it in near future.

Updated version (20 March 2015) is not working, builder is not responding, loops and hangs. could you check and re-update new version please. thanks.

Could you give us little explanation please? how we can put our maked site to this ‘Ready to use site themes for builder’ section. just little code put here. i hope you will add documentation about new features soon. thanks.

are there any fix?

are they any fixed version for errors we talked above?

hi .what is the best way to translate azexo to my language? i translate strings in azexo_elements.min.js but when u make change this ,i must translate it again!

i purchased stand alone version .how i translate it?

just declare global azexo_t function before JS files attached. it get english text you should return translated text. you can see examples in available wp integration.

thank u but i cant find sample usage of azexo_t function . which file in directory show it?

Hello Azexo,

i see in changelog ; Update log 20 march, 2015 - tutorials engine added and few examples - now admin sites can be used for generation for any user via dashboard - color settings helper added – auto generate theme settings based on html elements CSS styles


Please provide us documentation, we need to know how to do it?

I need use theese features but i don’t know how to do it. You must supply with document! thanks. greetings from istanbul.

Hello, I am sorry but this is new features and I am not have resources to increase speed of documentation and development. I will try to do my best. Thank you very much!

hi azexo . how to make script and generated html rtl ? for right to left language..

Hello, you can try make CSS for this – but I am not tested it. thanks


How can add a new element using CKeditor? I just need to add the class “ckeditor” but the type textarea always render tinymce…


Hello, I am not fully understand what you mean, since a lot of ways how can be used this item. Can you show me somehow ? thanks

The thing is that i have a google map plugin for ck editor, i dont know if this plug in will work and that is what im trying to check… i try to duplicate the text element, but rendering in the div the class ckeditor, not work it show tinymce… if it cannot do it, is ok i create a element to paste a generated html code from google maps…

Yes. It seems ac cannot do it.

Where is demo without sign up?

Is that possible to let all of my users to use your script then export html to CKEditor, let say textarea named jobdescription?

Hello, Are you planning any update soon? What is E.T.A?

Really nice work!

hi azexo how to make saved element in stand alone version? thanks

Hello, stand alone version provide result only inside textarea.


I found a little bug as im not expert on jquery i can´t fix it… In image element when you add an image and then if you try to replace it, then you can´t see it.

I see the url and each time you change an image the url is like url1url2url3, instead of deleting the url and replace with the new url.

then in param types file i found this line:

srcs.push(toAbsoluteURL(window.azexo_baseurl + 'filemanager' + $(img).attr('src').split('filemanager')[1]));

I delete this line and the image replace fine!! BUT…

...the gallery does not work. I can´t add more than one image, beacuse is not adding more urls, instead of create the gallery like url1,url2,url3, etc, just add the last url…

I don´t know how to fix it… THANKS!!

Hello, I tried to reproduce this bug but I can’t. I remember that I fixed bug like this some time ago. Can you record a video ?

Hello Azexo, How we can put any theme to on dashboard ‘ready to use themes for builder’ for other members? please let us a tutorial, i need to do it. thank you.

Hello Azexo, how i can download fixed and updated version of azexo builder?


Hello, latest update available for download on CC. Thanks

Thanks, when you will put updated version on CC?

Good Evening I bought the version of Site Builder here on Evanto, I tried to use it in an html page and everything works great. But I don’see some features that there are in the demo version on line, like the possibility to insert a Form.What I have to do to activate this function?

Hello, some features are disabled because it required server side part. If you have appropriate skills you can find all examples in distributive to enable it – it will require some code. Thank you!

Has this been updated since what changelog states “March 2015”?

Are there update? what is updated? what is fixed? please put changelog. thanks.

1. is the standalone example in the plugins folder e.g. (wp-content/plugins/azexo_composer) and are the sample files are (file-system-storage-example.html and textarea-integration-example.html)

2. do you have any example to use FTP upload for the standalone?

3. is there a way to have a default theme loaded directly on start for standalone?

4. the default standalone page does seem fine, (able to add elements, but when “saved” button is click nothing happens) (can you point us to where to allow direct file saving? the folder user right is already 755)

5. the FTP function is working under wordpress, is it possible to hardcode/pre-insert ftp credentials? , or can you point me to the correct file/functions to do modifications?

6. under the wordpress plugin, the “Theme Setting” admin bar shows blank, is that normal?

1. yes

2. no – it is JS version

3. no – it is just JS rich HTML editor

4. standalone version save results of work to textarea html element

5. check site_builder_ftp_upload inside functions.php of theme

6. yes – it need configuration JSON – documentation not ready for it.


Hello, We are still waiting bug fixed version and new features since march 2015. When do you update? Please update. Thanks.

In that case, i think you will stop selling and give back (refund) all customers money. it is just my opinion. I will contact with envato team about it is normal in envato rules, selling item without bug fixing and without update.

you can ask refund to envato – i am not permission for this. but i am not sure that is correct. item continue selling without support – it allowed by envato rules.

if it is normal in envato rules, it is not good. i will talk with envato.