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Initially, I gave a review of 1 star for code quality as it is not simple to use and it creates much frustration. However, the author provides good support and able to go through with me on my requests. I manage to get what I wish despite it may not be the best but is good enough for me, as of now.

The author can probably update the print screens or video to explain how to use. It is not tough to use, just not very straightforward.


Author response

thanks i appreciate it and i'll get your advices to improve my plugin

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by PC - Canada 4 years ago

for Documentation Quality

by GL - France 4 years ago

for Flexibility

by SK - Greece 4 years ago

for Customer Support

by PS - Ukraine 4 years ago

by JC - United States 4 years ago

by WD - United States 5 years ago

for Code Quality

by GR - United Kingdom 5 years ago

for Feature Availability

by JI - Canada 5 years ago

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by JM - Germany 5 years ago

for Design Quality

by JH - Germany 5 years ago

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by JO - United Kingdom 5 years ago

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by AK - Russian Federation 5 years ago