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Hi, i think buy your plugin az glossary taxonomy…. but many people in forum say that have problem with visual editor (this no working after install your plugins. Is true? Do you know how fix this problem?


Hello, i use your plugin since 1 year, and i have now a bug. With the last version of wordpress, in admin, when i want publish an article, visual mode is broken, texte mode is ok, but visual mode are totaly white, with nothing. If i stop your plugin, no problem, but when your plugin is active, i have this problem with editor for articles.

Sorry for my bas english, i’m french, it is not easy :).

Sincerly, Frédéric.

hi, i replied you by email, but i didn’t received your response.

Hello, I apologize, I did not receive your email. Can you send it back? You can also use Cordially.

just sent

Please look at the link to underastand my Request better.( For an example:

First i click on menu Designer , it takes me to the page where u can find the alphabet A-Z. If i click on A, it takes me to a page where all the products , which names start with the alphabet A. Then , If click on one product in A column , for example , the brand name Agnona—it SHOWS the whole list of Agnona products .

Can you please tell me how I can do the same . Can i use this plugin or some other plugin.

Hi, the plugin can show all category or all products starting with this letter, but you should have to code for handling the other part.

Hello, I would like to know if your plugin works with anspress, to have a glossary to find easily the good question ? Thanks

Hi, i haven’t tested, but if anspress uses taxonomies the plugin will work.

It’s using tags and categories

should works, but before buying be sure if the plugin does what you need.


soloetp Purchased

Help “DevsTheme”.They are our developer.They will ask question.Answer to them.

hi, where are their question?


soloetp Purchased

Why you do not give answer to DevsTheme? I see the question is below.

because the support is not h24 but reply in 4 businessdays

We are DevsTheme(our client is soloetp).I am not clear from your video.How can i link my Glossary from my post categories?

hi explain me what you need to do.

How can I post for Glossary in back-end?

you should configure the Glossary in the section AZGlossary, choosing the taxonomy you would show, after that you can create a page or a post and insert the shortcode provided in the above section. The editor also have a dropdown for choosing the AZGlossary created.


I see you have an option with category pages, however i thought it’s not seo optimized for big glossary. I would like to have a category for all letters of the alphabet, so on the summary page/index page, show the last 10 entries and then a link to the full category letter (A, B, C, ...) with a pagination system.

Because your system is great for small glossary, but +1000 entries will not be optimized for seo.

hi, i know but is not currently supported.

Hi – how do I first set up the custom taxonomies on the WP dashboard in ‘Posts’? (eg. Countries, People, Ingredients etc.)

Do I need another plug-in to set those up first, in order to get started using your plug-in?


Hi, yes, you need another plugin for creating custom taxonomies. I advice you to search in this page the best that fit your needs.

Hi, I got an error message today when I was in WP admin. “Failed to load plugin url:". Any idea what’s going on?

would be better if admin, so i can eventually fix the plugin. You could send me PM through my codecanyon profile.

Just sent you an email through the profile page.

Problem fixed, thanks to the author for quick turnaround!


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On mobile, some adjustments need to be made as text is overlapping


dnstie Purchased

Please refund us, this will not work to create an index of our posts.

doesn’t work or you are unable to set as described? explain what you did

When using the Woocommerce product_cat, the sort order is out of whack. Is there a way to force it to sort alphabetically. Mine shows M A H S … Which looks like the way the product categories are showing in the back end. I would prefer alphabetic order.

hi Kim, if you give a look in the source code of the plugin you could search for “orderby=” and change as you like. I’ve not implemented yet an option for that. Btw, it’s not normal your behaviour because the order is ASCENDING by permalink (slug)

Oh. I don’t think the plugin will fit my needs. Is it possible to get a refund since I downloaded it and tried it?

Since the upgrade to WP 4.8 I get the following message failed to load plugin url: Any Updates planed?

Or is this an error specific to my installation? I allready tried to replace the file in /wp-content/plugins/AZGlossaryIndex/js/ with the plugin file, downloadable on themeforest

send me a private message on codecanyon

Hi Idibiasi, still waiting for your reply

sorry, could you provide me admin credential though Private message for your wordpress and i’ll try a quick fix?

Initially when first started using the plugin, I was having difficulty (I’m totally clueless on coding) but the support is great and it isnt too difficult to use once you know how do. Just a few days back, the natural ordering of the AZ index failed and all my category isn’t appearing in alphabetical order, seems like an issue after the wordpress version upgraded and I was kinda of force to purchase nsp-code advanced plugin to solve the issue but it doesn’t seem to help. Fortunately, idibiasi replied my email and do a workaround, it works again! Really happy….

Thanks for your comment

I have recently purchased the plugin and it got installed successfully. However when I am trying to create a new page, the glossary list drop down is not visible in the visual editor. Also when I am trying to custom add the glossary short code it is not showing any result. Please let me know how to resolve this issue?

Hi, i’ve tried the plugin with the latest wp version without issues. Probably this is caused by conflict with third part plugin. If possible, you can create me admin account and send me through private message in codecanyon so i can investigate about your problem.

sent the details…please check

Hello, your plugin don’t work in the last version of wordpress, when I want publish an article, the page is blank. Can you update this. Thanks!

Hi, I just bought your plugin, and it doesn’t seem to work with one of my custom post types, can you tell me why not? I’d gladly pay you to fix it if needed.

hi davidgaz, sent me a PM with an admin access and further explanation and i’ll give a look.

Hi there,

I bought the wrong plugin – can you please undo my purchase?

please fill a refund form on codecanyon.


ljbuijs Purchased

Hello, I want to buy this Plugin. I have one question? I have few galleries on my website only the gallery with Birds pages will i used for AZ. Is that possible? Kind Regards, Leen

hi, depends if those galleries are seen as taxonomies in wordpress.


ljbuijs Purchased

I have installed a plugin and now its ok, i buy your plugin. Thx


ljbuijs Purchased

HI, I have tried to installed the plugin and make a new Glossery. By Source Taxonomy i have Gallarycat field in and by Specific Terms id: Birds.

Nothing disapper on my page Birds. No post found is the error

What do I wrong?

Kind Regards,


Hi, in “specific terms id” you should insert the numeric ID that you can found when you edit the term “Birds”. Look at the url and you’ll see a number. Use that and let me know.


ljbuijs Purchased

Great, it works :-) Only the name of de page by the view is 4 letters exemp 1st row kin 2nd row gfis 3th row her. it must be kingfisher. You can see it

Regards, Leen

Hi, the problem is related to your css or the container you put the glossary. I checked the code and you have something like overflow-wrap: break-word in .wall_entry class