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Hi Author,

I’m interested to buy this plugin and would you like to check that filtering/sorting/indexing can be various custom taxonomy sources such as post tags and categories?

Thank you!

Best, Steven

Hi Author,

I’m interested to buy this plugin. But I’m currious about the features. Can I list using the post title with this plugin? Thank you.

Hi, the plugin has 2 behaviour. It can show category name for a specific taxonomy or could show posts title (or custom post type) inside a specific term. For example you configure the plugin to show what inside the category “movie” putting the term ID (or a list of IDs) in the configuration and it will show all post title of this specific category.

Hi,I have one pre-sale question.

I have huge number of categories in my website.I want to make a separate page for those categories.In that glossary each category name should link to the regarding category page.

Can i use this plugin to achieve above feature?

yes it’s possible, but be careful with a lot of categories. My plugin use internal wordpress functions and it’s not guaranteed that the speed would be fine.


is there a lite-version of your plug-in? I would like to test it before I buy it.

Thanks in advance.

sorry but i don’t have this.


Jazib Purchased

Why there is no update from 1 year. Please update it with some more additions and functions. Thanks

Dear Author,

To start: we really love your plugin and it works very well and looks well designed! But we ran into some problems when trying to use the plugin in our category page. The reason probably is that our category is called ’’categorie’’ (Dutch language). Can you explain me how I can adapt the plugin to recognize ‘categorie’ instead of category? (example link where it doesnt work) (example link of properly implemented)

Thank you in advance!

With kind regards

Bret van Putten

Hi, I put the shortcode in a page, I got an error after I refresh the page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /home/lia/public_html/wp-content/plugins/AZGlossaryIndex/AZGlossaryIndex.php on line 410

Can you please help?

Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry, you should ask your hosting provider to enable mbstring in php configuration. Modern web server installation has it and it is necessary to handle characters encoding.

Thanks I have fixed it. I have another question – I am using 3 column design. It looks all good when I use desktop to visit the site. However, the 3 column design does not look good on mobile. Is there anyway to make the mobile show 2 columns only and avoid overlapping, but desktop show 3 columns? I think the site “” is using the way I mentioned.

coffeetiger, at the moment our plugin is not mobile ready but we are planning to do soon.

hello I just bought the AZ and have a problem

after installing and activating I did the next:

1. I created a custom post type: gifwijzer 2. I created a custom taxomony: gifwijzer and connected it to the post type: gifwijzer 3. I created a new post under post type: gifwijzer 4. created an AZ with the new taxomony: gifwijzer, id empty for all 5. added the AZ shortcode on the page

but no results

please advise

Hi, the plugin has two behaviour. In your case if you want that plugin showing posts you have to insert the taxonomy ID

Hey, I just made the purchased and wanted to upload the plugin to my wordpress. Your video is not up to date, please advise how to upload as it is not a zip file.

Hey, I checked my mail even spam folder, no email. Please send me the mail again. Thanks.

just sent.

sent on hotmail

Hi, I just bought your plugin. However, I wanted the glossary to work on this logic: Category -> Post but your design is Post -> Category. Please advise

Hi, I have just noticed no terms nor A-Z filters are clickable anymore:

Ciao che versione hai di AZ Glossary?

Versione 1.07.

il problema non è del plugin, ma c’è qualcosa nel tema che non va. C’è un DIV chiamato master-holder-bg-holder che si mette davanti


I want to display in a page just a line with the A to Z letters to select. I dont want to appear anything else.

Which shortcode should I use?

hi, simply you can’t, there aren’t options like this. You should edit the css or the code yourself.

Hi I want to buy You plugins right now But I want to confirm my requirement I need to show a woocommere categories subcategory list like this I need to expect this with A-Z,0-9 Please let me know Thanks Asif

Hi Asif, unfortunately i haven’t tested with wooCommerce.

Can you please confirm ? So I can buy it right now :) Thanks Asif

contact me in private message

hi, the plugin support in Hebrew?

hi purchase ur plugin but it not support on my language – Hebrew can you plz refund me?


hi, you have two choice: 1) i can add support for hebrew, but i need your site to do some tests. 2) i’ll refund you

thanks, plz refund me

read this page

i don’t know the procedure, but envato manage this.


I have purchased your plugin az glossary two years ago and now with a new wordpress version, the tinymice visual editor doesnt works,

Can you help me?


do you have some advanced visual editor?

Hi i am interested in buying this plugin but wondering if it will work with RTL directions and languages? thanks Amir

hi, i’ve tested the plugin with arabic.

Your demo is currently not loading..

if a category=X …

will the plugin list all the tags (tag names not post title names) of the X category …


no, this is not possible.

Hi there,

Does the plugin supports arabic ?