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Adman panel or something?

None, its only upload, download, and send email.

File exists. File exists. File exists. Please fix this bug! Thank very much..

sorry but have you tried checking the the upload folder if the file do not exist then come back here. use filezilla

file exists because the file exists. thank you very much.

Download link should take user to a page, not directly download the file. People could hotlink to the file and download it 1000 times without seeing a single ad.

thank you. i’ve made the changes and did the trick in htaccess

Hey just purchased it, going to try to edit it myself hope it works.

thank you very much basgrave. any bugs you encounter please report immediately so i can help you solve it. thank you.

How is the direct downloading fixed?

Also you could update the code copied instead of alertbox, to site itself with Copy Now button

Most browsers do not allow copy to clipboard for security reason. If you want we’ll have to use flash instead, but we don’t want that so a workaround of copy text is implemented.

Oh yeah, Flash just dosent do any good on mobile devices

October 23, 2013

To all who purchased my item and in future purchases, please be reminded that I’ll be on vacation for 1-2 months. But still, if you have questions kindly send me an email so I can respond if I’m available at that time. Please do not get upset if your email doesn’t get a response for days or so. Thank you for kind consideration.

Demo removed and your saying your on vacation for 1-2 months.. fishy.

Yes I removed the demo and instead put a demo video. If you may ask, there are lots of friendly uploaders that wanted to fill my web space, if you are aware. And yes I’m going for vacation.

Is There an option to download file using direct link or hot link?? Sample:

Can I limit the file size and file extension?


Hot link or direct download?

Hot link like this >>

I need that for embed my game. Can you create that for me?

Sorry I can’t.

Not sure why you would upload a file to then go inactive for 2 months, especially with so few purchases.

It looks nice, but an actual demo is way more promising then a video.

I understand you don’t want your webspace filled, but lower the file size to 10kb for example, so we can at least try with an empty text file.


Sorry but I’ll go to a place where there is no internet connection. People may not understand what I’ll be doing. I cant track uploads on my space if I enable it again.

Deletes old files automatically (for example, 30, 60… days)?

Sorry, owner can only remove the files manually.

Hi, work nice but on the first loading of the page, i get this warning Warning: ob_start() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler ‘ob_gzhandler’ cannot be used after ‘URL-Rewriter’ in [path]

hello thank you for purchasing. Lets remove the warning using htaccess, please add this line to htaccess: php_flag display_errors off But im sure I already added this code, but lets still add it if its not in there. Sorry for my late response, i’m currently in vacation but I still check messages/comments here for support of my item coz its my duty. But please have patience if I do not respond immediately. Thank you again.

Hi, I really want to purchase this but just showing me a video will not suffice. I will need to use the actual demo to see if it meets and satisfies my need.

If you could host it privately for me to use and take it down after, I will really appreciate it.

What files i need to edit to rename ayedownload.php -> download.php etc

you need to rename only the php files in the roor directory. all files that has aye[....] and also the javascript file js/main.js . you need to read the code and search for a link that needs to be renamed. email address can be edited from the ayesend.php . sorry for my late response. thank you.

So what all files i need to edit? I found some ayeupload.php on index.php too

All links must match exactly to the files that you edited. Please read the code and change the links that has [aye] in it to your edition of php files.

I have a problem with permissions, script works only with CHMOD 777 for all folders/files. If I set another permissions I see the ‘Unknown error’ message when I’ll try to upload the file. How can I fix it?

644 permissions for files and 755 permissions for folders

Okay, I’ll check it one more time, thanks!

always welcome :)

i installed and get undefined when its a mp3

i am very sorry for my very late response. been very busy lately and its my fault for this really late response. could you please elaborate the error?are other files during upload seems ok? have you set the specific permission for uploaded files on your server? because in mine all files don’t have any problems. or maybe there is a filter on your host for mp3. again really sorry for this very late response. Thank you very much!

Is this script need a new database?

Hi. No it does not need any database.

i accidentally bought multiple times. please refund

hi, can you please pm me your invoices?thanks