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When you release an English version, I’ll buy it.

What do you mean with “English version” ? As you can see in the online demo AXE is already multilanguage…

When you come to read what I replied, I’ll sell it :)

This looks ideal. I wonder if you have a video of how to use it. I am not a novice but I can figure it out quicker with a little video, or a link to one. Thanks

Version with twitter bootstrap in the future?

what do you mean exactly?

Bootstrap for the front-end. Theme without pictures. Just CSS and JS

I have an xml file that has hyperlinks embedded…this seems to break the edit box and only shows a ”.”. Is there any way to make this work?

Ciao, thanks for purchase! hyperlinks are typed as entities or cdata? Can you send me via PM a sample of the xml file?


Sure, how do I send a PM?

as I hinted, xml format in your example is incorrect, html links inserted in that way are interpreted as xml (sub)nodes and then AXE does not display them.

There are only two ways to insert html inside a xml node :

with entities (AXE use this way by default when inserting new html content inside a node):

<xmlnode>This is <b>bold</b></xmlnode>

with CDATA sections (sometimes preferred for simplicity, if AXE finds any CDATA sections, on first save turns everything into entities)

<xmlnode><![CDATA[This is bold]]></xmlnode>

This tool was unable to open the xml file for which I bought it. Don’t served. How do I show that did nothing, to return it and obtain reimbursement?

Ciao, nothing wrong with AXE, but the xml file contains more than 11,000 nodes, while in the product description I present AXE as able to read files containing up to 3000 nodes.

Far as I know there are no online xml editors that can handle 11,000 nodes.

Here is the screenshot (after 2 confirmed js slowing script alerts):

Ciao Andrea

OK thanks, I appreciate your kind and reasoned answer.

God bless you

Hi, Andrea, just bought your script and have some questions – wrote your a pm :) Best regards


hi vectordez,

i like your script :)

but , i have question before purchasing

1) can i use this script to modify wordpress demo file (.xml)

2) i try the demo online how can i upload file to try it .

3) did your script support UTF-8 ( arabic language )

thank you

Ciao, thanks!

Send me the xml file you need to edit via p.m. I’ll upload on the demo area so you can test it.

Yes it supports UTF-8, and if you need som chaser adaptations I can help.


Hi, Andrea! I just bought AXE and I have a couple of questions. I already pm you. Thank you!


Can I upload images with the code? Is the text editor an open source one or something you implemented? Let me know Thanks

Ciao, What do you mean with “upload images with the code” ?

As you can see in the online demo there are some test files with image upload function, for example:

Nivo-slider > nivo_feed.xml

Smart_uses_ideas > image_uploader.xml

The text editor is opensource, and can be easily replaced with another one of your choice.

Ciao Andrea

This looks like just what I need. The demo link is broken, though. Please fix and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy it if it looks good.

Thanks, Tom

Is there a way to clone a node? It looks like it’s only possible to add a blank new node. I need to be able to allow the user to clone the node and fill in the new blanks.

Adding nodes does not work – both in your example and in the XML editor that I’ve purchased. When you try to add a node, the process never finishes.

Here’s the video illustrating the problem:

Please advise.

Ciao, thanks for purchase.

This problem could be caused by issues on the server path (inside the script), can you give me a test environment with temporary FTP access?

Just have a look at your own demo at – I found out what’s causing the problem: your code is not compatible with Firefox. Adding nodes works fine on Chrome. It does not work at all on Firefox. I have not tested on IE and other browsers.

I have another problem: saving XML files updates only some of the fields and not the others. Here’s the video illustrating the problem:

Your ‘Save’ routine is completely unpredictable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and I cannot get it to reliably either save or not save.

Here is the screen capture video illustrating the problem:

Please note: I have tested it on both the remote server and the localhost, and it makes no difference, there are problems in both cases. This is not a server issue.

If you can fix the saving, this will be a terrific editor. As it is right now, it is USELESS – saving is crucial, and it does not work properly.

Please advise.

OK, I think I know why your ‘save’ function does not work, here’s the video:

In short: if I type something and save, it works; if I highlight (select) something, then type and save, it does not work.

I hope this feedback can help you to fix the saving routine.

After further testing, I can now reproduce the problem, and here’s when your XML ‘save’ works and when it doesn’t:

- If you simply type something into a text field, XML file will be saved properly.

- If you use the mouse to highlight (select) the text in the field that has previously been saved, and type in the new text, this new text will NOT be saved. Even though, “successfully saved” message appears, the field is not changed, and the contents of the field reverts to the previously saved version.

- It’s the act of highlighting (selecting) the text that makes your ‘save’ function malfunction. Perhaps the field does not get marked as ‘modified’ if something is highlighted first, and the ‘save’ routine does not know that the field has been changed.

- This is a serious problem, because people routinely try to change the existing URL by highlighting it, and pasting the new URL over it. In this case, save does NOT work. Instead, using Backspace to delete the existing content without highlighting it, and then using paste for the new content works, and is saved properly.

- You cannot expect that users will never use the highlighting to delete and modify an existing field, and this really needs to be fixed.

If you can mark the field as ‘modified’ as soon as something in it has been highlighted, then the new content will be saved properly.

I hope this helps, and I’d truly appreciate if you could get the ‘save’ routine to work properly as soon as possible.

Thank you, Alex