Discussion on AWS Amazon Transcribe Medical - Medical Speech to Text Converter

Discussion on AWS Amazon Transcribe Medical - Medical Speech to Text Converter

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Boa trade vc faz a personalização, eu preciso fazer alguns ajuste


Sorry, we are not available for freelance work

Hi Berkine, I have a questions. Does the script come with the potential to integrate in a third party software using an API?


No, it is a standalone Laravel script and APIs are not integrated yet to connect with 3rd party software.

Do you have a timeline for this integration? Our can it be done as a custom job?

No we don’t have a timeline for API integration for this particular script, most likely sometime next year depending on the demand.

You might want to consider hiring a 3rd party developer who is familiar with Laravel Framework as we are not available for freelance work.

arabic audio file support

Hello, 1.Could I use Wasabi hosting 2When you say:only to create IAM user and get API keys. It means no need to work with Amazon, because I don’t trust Amazon gor security reasons! 2.Any update soon


1 – Wasabi does not have hosting service, only storage. And if you meant wasabi storage, then no, you cannot use wasabi storage for this script. (Amazon S3 is way better and more secure)

2 – IAM user and API keys are created in your AWS Account, as the name implies it is an AWS script, as Medical Transcribe is an AWS service. Amazon Transcribe Medical service is HIPAA compliant and used by lots of healthcare providers in the USA. Whether you trust AWS or not is up to you, but I suggest you to understand their security models, if used correctly, it is one the most secure cloud providers out there.

3 – Update do to what exactly?

No your wrong about Amazon, Wasabi is more secure, everyone knows that Amazon and all social medis:Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are t secure.

What makes you think that you are not wrong about some Wasabi(which is just a cloud storage provider vs AWS, which is a cloud hyperscaler like Azure, GCP)? I don’t’ know who that everyone is that you are referring to, and anyways it is not important at all. But just be aware that Wasabi – 100% uses the same Amazon S3 APIs, they didn’t even create their own APIs and look up at AWS for innovation and security concepts like bucket/object policies of S3, etc.

Will it support Bahasa Indonesia? ETA?

No idea, most likely not soon or never, but you will need to reach out to AWS to clarify it if you want.

If someone buys this , Will I need to pay each time there is an update or can any in house person handle it? from the comments it seems you are not available for a custom website. And if I do not host on aws will it still work?


All future updates are free. I’m not sure what do you mean by “you are not available for a custom website”?

You can host the script in any shared hosting that supports php7.4 and mysql5.7 or later, and register with AWS only to create IAM user and get API keys.

Any plans for Saas? If yes, will the same script be updated or a new (additional purchase) script be released?

Yes, there is one planned for December. It will be a separate product.

Great job on this script, is the SAAS version available?

Thank you, SaaS version is not available yet, but it is our roadmap for December. Stay tuned.

hello, is it available in Spanish?


No, only US English

This product rocks, works as advertised once configured properly! 5 Stars! Berkine heard our issue and resolved it quickly (I believe on their holiday). Can’t wait for the SaaS upgrade.

Thank you for the feedback and review, we really appreciate it!

We will first release a major update for this script, which will follow up with SaaS version. ETA September for both versions, stay tuned!

Hi There, I’m having similar issues per my mail (AWS creds cannot be updated in this software after install). You requested backend access to my site, unfortunately, I was not able to give you access to my cpanel, for obvious security reasons.

I’ve reinstalled twice as well, same result as above. I do NOT want a refund, rather request that you download the latest update from Envato and try to install using your documentation (maybe there is a version mixup?).

There is absolutely no way that you can’t reproduce this issue, following the current documentation, installing on a new server.

I even added my AWS info directly to the DB, the AWS section- in the admin console still shows blank with no way to view/edit any information. Again, I’m just asking you to see this from our perspective, I’m sure your software works, there has to be a very simple reason two people are seeing the same error.

Thank you! For sure! :)

issue solved! Thank You Berkine.

Glad that update solved the issue, we should have downloaded that version from the beginning :)

Stay tuned, there is much more interesting version coming up for this script on Laravel platform, it will be a direct update for this one so no extra charges for customers who already purchased.

Hi. Please refund. I have sent you a request. I have installed on 2 seperate hosts and your product does NOT work. The AWS creds are locked and the smtp error is continuous. Also, you don’t seem to care to update at all. I have sent requests to update your app as well for that point. Please refund. Thnx.


We asked you on multiple occasions to provide either access to your cpanel to help you or provide us error logs.

But you refused. Check the active demo, it is the same script that you purchased, hosted on DigitalOcean, and works without any issues.

Simply requesting refund because you couldn’t configure AWS side or the script does not fall under Envato refund policy or ours. We will gladly refund any purchase if WE fail to install it on your server, and in your case, you didn’t provide us any information or access to help you.

Plus, requesting update to generate error logs is not related to the script, error logs are captured by your apache server by default….

hi please is saas version ready ? super interested


We had some delays, it will be launched in Q3. Stay tuned.

Hi, I’m not getting ” Bucket Size Amazon S3 total bucket size in MB” continuously getting this msg Your S3 Bucket is brand new and does not have metrics data yet, it usually takes day or two till you see first metrics. but i can see data on aws console side. please let me know how to fix this issue.


Thank you for the purchase,

To address this question, there couple points that needs to be checked: 1 – if bucket that is being used is brand new (created within 2-3 days ago), you might not see immediately cloudwatch metrics on it, even for the total data size. 2 – Looks like we forgot to include S3 Metrics settings in the documentation, we will fix it.

Meanwhile, if you are good with AWS, you can create a new filter named “EntireBucket” (case sensitive and must match this name) in your S3 bucket, under Metric tab -> Request Metric. Or send us a support request, we will guide you over an email.

As you said, I have done AWS side changes and 3 days ago but still not loading information.

please help me to fix this. Thanks!

Can you send us a support request over an email, we will need to dive deep into your AWS settings to see how you setup your configurations.

1. Can it transcribe video files?

2. This can only transcribe medical related audio or any type of audio?

1 – yes, it support MP4 file extensions

2 – it can support any type of audio (but only in English)

Are you available to work on custom project (based on transcribing and captions feature)?

No, unfortunately we are fully booked until mid Q3 and cannot take any custom projects.

French language incoming ?

Amazon doesn’t publish language support roadmaps, but in the long run French might be one of the supported languages.

Im am trying to find the use case for this. Is this just a public facing system for people to use for free on my Amazon Account? Is there a way to make logins for people so not just anyone can do it, or I can charge for the service? Even if I was using this for my own needs. I do not see how I can protect it from anyone else using it?

Usage really depends on you, with couple short lines, you can hide it behind the login script. In our case we wanted to showcase a demo on frontend might look if used without admin panel, etc.

Do you plan on making a SAAS version?

Yes, we have it planned on our roadmap.

Italian language when? I only read English. Thanks

No idea, AWS doesn’t publish their plans for language support. But if there will be a new language support released, we will update it to support that language.

is there a way to add multiple aws keys? for example, I want to keep 2 of the people using it separate with their own keys, and separate s3 buckets. I looked into admin and did not find any. That would be critical…

No, only 1 key and a bucket can be used. If you want to use multiple credentials, each user can have their own interface if needed(basically separate installation).

It was mainly created for a usage of 1 person, or group of people under one place. If multiple keys/buckets needed, then a full user registration system has to be added. We are planning to create SaaS version somewhere in the first half of next year, that will have user registration system.


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