AWS Amazon Transcribe Medical - Medical Speech to Text Converter

AWS Amazon Transcribe Medical - Medical Speech to Text Converter

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Amazon Transcribe Medical is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service driven by state-of-the-art machine learning, the service accurately transcribes medical terminologies such as medicine names, procedures, and even conditions or diseases. Amazon Transcribe Medical can serve a diverse range of use cases, from transcribing physician-patient conversations that enhance clinical documentation, to capturing phone calls in pharmacovigilance, or even subtitling telemedicine consultations.

Amazon Transcribe Medical is HIPAA eligble and prioritizes patient data privacy and security.

Amazon Transcribe Medical is a scalable transcription service that lives in the cloud. Pay only for what you transcribe, with no fixed costs, upfront commitments, or long-term licenses. Flexibly scale up or down the usage based on your needs.

Online Demo:

Benefits of Amazon Transcribe Medical:

  1. Deep Learning ASR Technology from Amazon Web Services
  2. Support for various audio extension: MP3 | MP4 | WAV | FLAC | OGG | AMR | WEBM
  3. Currently support US English Language only
  4. Up to 4 Hours of audio file length
  5. Up to 2GB audio file size
  6. Support for custom vocabulary
  7. Up to 60min/month during FREE Tier(First 12 Month)
  8. Lowest cost, only $0.00125/seconds
  9. Pay as you go payment model
  10. Minimum charge of 1 seconds per request
  11. Record and Upload audio files
  12. Powerful and Comprehensive Admin Panel
  13. Fully Responsive
  14. CloudWatch Integration for Service Monitoring
  15. Google Analytics Integration for Traffic Monitoring
  16. Support for Google Adsense
  17. Easy to customize

Cost of Running Amazon Transcribe Medical – Speech to Text Converter:

  • You can use any hosting platform as you prefer for the application itself
  • AWS Account (Free to Open – You will be on Free Tier for the 1st year)
  • Amazon S3 Storage Cost (For Data Storage and Data Traffic Out)
With Amazon Transcribe Medical, you pay-as-you-go based on the seconds of audio transcribed per month. It’s easy to get started with the Amazon Transcribe Free Tier. Upon signup, start analyzing up to 60 minutes of audio monthly, free for the first 12 months.

Amazon Transcribe Medical API is billed monthly at a rate of $0.00125 per second. Usage is billed in one-second increments, with a minimum per request charge of 1 second.

Installation Instructions:

Setup Requirements:
  • AWS PHP SDK v3 is Required – Setup Link
  • AWS IAM User with Transcribe and S3 read & write policies attached – Setup Link
  • Amazon S3 Bucket with Public Access – Setup Link
  • Also Listed and Explained in the Documentation


Release Notes – Change Logs:

15.11.2020 - 1.0.0
     - Initial Release