Discussion on AWS Amazon Polly - Text to Speech Converter

Discussion on AWS Amazon Polly - Text to Speech Converter

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Hi Dear, Is script working on WordPress ?


No, it is a standalone laravel script

Hi..Can I get a old version? (16.05.2020 – 1.5) I want this. not 2.0


Yes you can. Send us a support request after the purchase.

Can I use This script On My Website? which can access everyone and they will get enjoy !! is it possible ?

You will need to install it separately in the root directory, basically use standalone domain/subdomain.


duplaja Purchased

Hello! I was wondering, what is the max number of characters that this can support in a single submission? Does it have to all be pasted into the text box, or is there a text file upload option of some sort?


Each textarea field is capped to 3K chars. In total you can merge up to 20 voices which gives you 60K char support for a single synthesize task. Yes all have to be submitted via textarea. There is a txt file upload feature, but it will also show it in the textarea field for you.


1. I need to know if this can support SSML inputs, if not, is it easy to add line of codes so I can pass SSML codes to amazon polly?

2. any certain php requirements? I will just be using this on localhost so I need to know what php extension to activate.

I am good with php so if you can guide me to where i can activate ssml i would love to purchase this script.

P.S. I tried this on demo, did not work <speak><say-as interpret-as=’characters’>range</say-as></speak>



1 – Not by default, it will require some customization of the code, and understanding of AWS Polly PHP API.

2 – no, only AWS Api keys will be needed

Hi the demo website doesn’t work I’m unable to make a text to audio. Could you please fix it.


Thanks for the interest.

I’ve just verified both Neural and Standard voices demo, both work as expected. Try with chrome or firefox browsers in case if your are using something else.

I’m using Chrome, but I get this message: “Due to the size of the potential text, this demo is disabled. It will be available after the purchase.” and some time the audio won’t play

I see, so you are testing: LARGE TEXT SPEECH SYNTHESIS demo then?

If so, then yes, that one is disabled. But essentially the quality of text synthesize could be verified/checked with other 2 demos (STANDARD AND NEURAL demos) with the limited characters length.

The reason why the 3rd demo is disabled is due to the text synthesize task that is run asynchronously which is pushed to S3 bucket first and then served, plus size of the supported characters (max 100K characters). Whereas first 2 demos can in synchronous mode and served directly to frontend, but can process max of 3K characters.

demo is not working for me.

Which part is not working for you?

I’ve just checked the demo, everything is working as expected.

Sir Can is Use Telugu TTS in Amazon, I need Telugu-Mohan AI Voice SIr


Currently it is not supported by AWS. All the languages are included by AWS.


I am interested in purchasing the plugin, but only if the following problem is solved …

I have directly tried to work with AWS by configuring this plugin, I have installed it on my website (WordPress). but it shows me the following error and there is no way to fix it; also the support with AWS when working with the free tier is null. (Very bad this decision to leave without support to users who will later pay for their services / products).

The error: is the following message …

Enable text-to-speech support: Verify that your AWS credentials are accurate

The keys are correct; Apparently there is a problem in the Policies … well without support we cannot solve it.

My question…

If I buy this plugin will we avoid the error we have?

We also see that there is no update a year ago … would it be another problem?



It is not a wordpress plugin but standalone script.

We provide support only related to this particular script.

Hello admin, how can i recharge my AWS account after my 1 year free tier? Please tell me how to do that after 1 year. Thanks

Hello, i have sent you an email. Please check. Thanks

Hello, i didnt get a response?


I guess this is you: Nwachukwu? I’ve just sent you an email with further steps.

I submitted a support request and I didn’t see a response.

Lose time, lose money, not support. Service couldn’t be worse.

We tried to access your server on multiple occasions during last 6-7 days, it keeps timing out after 20-30 seconds and disconnecting us, and it is really inconvenient to see which php libraries are missing. You configurations are correct, we setup AWS side for you already, but from your logs it seems that you have some php libraries missing.

Stay tuned, we will try again today.

Everything is still incomplete?

I noticed that the “Convert to Speech” stopped working. It is also not working on your demo. The player only shows 6 seconds and doesn’t play anything. Is there a fix for this?

Please create support request, so that we can take a look.

I’ve checked the demo just now, works as expected.

How am i able to charge customer for providing this service? WIll Paypal or Stripe added and serve as a Saas? Thank You!

It is not a SaaS product, SaaS version is in our roadmap.

Hi, about 1 year ago you’ve said that you will create a wp plugin. Any updates? Regards


WP plugin development is currently on hold due to other projects.

Hey. Quick question: Can i integrate this code into a website to have articles read to people? Are there any provisionings for such?


Thanks for the purchase.

No, it was created to work as an individual script that can be used as standalone webapp.

is this product is available in new year sale Discount ?

No, it was already on a sale few weeks ago. No discounts are planned at the moment.

I and my team are waiting for good news about the saas version :)

Thanks for the interested, we are currently on a vacation. SaaS version is work in progress, coming up early next year.


How are you?

Can I use my own dedicate server for storage etc. and give up the Amazon S3?

Thank you, Catalin

Hi Catalin!

All good, yourself?

No, not really. Polly pushes and pulls all synthesized text results to S3 bucket only. And to be honest, from cost perspective and management perspective, it is much easier to use S3. Plus results doesn’t really affect the total cost since results are lightweight files.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Hi, Can i put advertisements code? like google adsense advertisements.


It is not included by default, so you will need to include adsense code manually. We are planning to add admin panel, and we will include adsense support to simplify the process there.

I sent you an email sir, please check and respond


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