Discussion on Awesome YouTube Bot - First Humanized YouTube Bot

Discussion on Awesome YouTube Bot - First Humanized YouTube Bot

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Add these features Add a feature to automatically watch new videos from subscriptions and finish the video and engage with the video, lets us choose the percentage of these one by one. comments, likes, clicks on the share button and also clicks some of the description one by one!

Add an option for the video to be referred from faceboook, or any other social media..or website Mobile app, TV, xbox, mobile browsers..

Add way to shuffle, the gmail accounts it uses, it now uses them in the order of the text file.

A separate page for the logged in and non logged in accounts

Options to retry failed logins

Add a feature to pause the job or if stop, option to continue from the last job.

Add feature to include some non logged in views in the middle. We select the percentage ratio)

Delay between jobs…schedule option… Start with the start windows

Option for separate campaign to login accounts at first and do random activity or do random activity and login

Option to do the login from being referred from different websites and social media (let us choose the percentage of occurence)

Option to remember and use the static proxy..option to assign it to one gmail account

Option to attach one gmail for one proxy, forexample if i have 100 gmails option to assign those with 100 proxies (good for static ips) to always view from that proxie)

Bot does not clear caches when doing non logged in views it still goes with the signed in account.

Option to do random stuff not only on youtube but also on other web, like visiting different websites and search..and check gmails…etc

also i know of a cheap unlimited bandwidth socks 5,proxy that makes this bot smooth!


You can send us a message through any mentioned contact ways :)

How does one generate report of a completed task / campaign?

also when is the update for vpn coming?

we are waiting for VPN mode update to be added please… its almost end of year.

Yes, the update is on the way! :)

today is 1st january 2023

I appreciate your patience during this process. We want to make sure everything – including the VPN mode – is working well before releasing a new update.
The new version is going to have many improvements in the performance and its background services.


hrc85 Purchased

While using proxy mode, this bot does not solve the recaptcha by google and just stuck. Please resolve the issue ASP. Thanks

Hello there.
The bot skips the recaptcha and tries with another proxy/IP.
Please make sure you’re using high quality proxies.

Hi sir hope you fine. First of all how to submit a ticket? ( 2 ) which is the best site to buy rotating proxy with Bitcoin. ( 3 ) which is the cheap rate site to buy Gmail accounts. ( 4 ) you didn’t explained in the video how to rank our video via seo.( Mean watch by search ) (5) i didn’t fully understand up thershoud option. I have core i7 8th gen (8gb ram with 4 gb invidia g card. I’m waiting for your answer. Bundle of thanks.

Hello there.
First of all just wanted to thank for being our customer! :)
About your questions, you can access to our support by this URL:
2. We have no proxy partner at this moment with this specification. However, I’m sure you’ll find out by searching in the internet.
3. There’s bunch of resellers in the internet. We can let you know about some if you send us a support request.
4. You need to enter the keyword in the add campaign page and select the YouTube Search option as the source.
5. By this specification, you can use the bot with 2~5 threads.


Toeun Purchased

Not only do you have to buy this app, you’ll have to buy “google profiles” and proxies, which can go into the hundreds of $$$ just to get a couple 1000 views at best.

All necessary requirements have been mentioned in the product’s page.
We’ll look forward to offering Gmail profiles and proxies to reduce the tasks of clients. However, at this moment it should be supplied by the clients.


Toeun Purchased

Please add support with mac os sir

We’re working on it. It might be released within a year.

Is this product still available

Yes, it is :)

Hello, do subscribers drop or stay? Tested another tool, views and likes work, but subscribers, no luck: they always drop. What about yours?

Hello there.
It largely depends on the background of Gmail accounts and also the chain of activities. Even channels experience drops from the real users because of too much sensitivity to YouTube.
If you don’t have high-quality Gmail accounts, it’s not that suitable. We’re still working on finding better ways to warm up browser profiles, etc.

entroz Purchased

Im very interested about this bot, however I have few questions before buy it.

1. Could you suggest a good and cheap premium residential proxies? 2. Do you have free installation? 3. Could you help to set the other IP change methods?

I’m happy to hear about your interest!
1. Yes, please be in touch with us to receive more information.
2. Yes, we have a basic free installation, and if you get through any issues in setting up the bot, we’ll help you.
3. We can help set up the proxy mode and phone mode. However, PPPoE mode has a different set up in different modems/routers. So, you would need to ask your ISP to configure it (if your ISP and modem support this mode)

entroz Purchased


We bought your bot, kindly check your Telegram

Hello there.
Thanks for your purchase. We’re happy to have you as our customer :)
As I checked with the support team, your message has been replied back. If you have any other questions please let us know.

I have some questions for you. 1. Do I can use this software to earn money from every video? 2. How to configure PC to be able to use this software? My PC’s configure is Windows os, core I5, Ram: 16 GB, 6 threads. So, Do I use this software? 3. I want to grow up my channel more than with 1M subscribe and millions of views. Is it ok for my channel?

Thank you!

Thanks for your questions.
1. We don’t recommend you do that. It also largely depends on the Gmail accounts you will use and the proxies.
2. Yes, you can use the application with this configuration. However, you’ll probably get able to use up to 3~5 threads with this configuration.
3. With this PC configuration, sending that number of views in a short time is impossible. To send 1M subscribe you would need to buy 1M high-quality Gmail accounts as well. So, it’s barely possible.
You can also refer to the FAQ to find out more:

Any new application for Tiktok sir ?

We don’t have a new tiktok application yet :) You can always subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about our newest applications and updates.

Can it auto reply to YouTube comments?

No, this feature is not implemented yet.

I have list 1k gmail but shoud fill email recover, how to format includ recover email?

The bot accepts this format:
username:password|recovery email
The AYB also enters the recovery email if that’s ncessary.

ok and now it support only once for each running, not multile open multiple campaigns at the same time?

It has multi-threading feature which means you can do multiple campaigns at the same time.

this software work on how much devices ?

Please check the product’s page we’ve written there. Currently It’s 3 devices. :)


Toeun Purchased

Any new application for Facebook sir ?

We’re going to have a new application for FaceBook very soon :)

Hi I hope you are doing well

the new update not working well once i add the videos and run it it just show me the video 2 second and close the browser automatically even the video just start and on the ad job i setup more than 5 min but keep the same issue can you please check for me with anydisk thanks


Hello there.
Thanks for your comment. Please be in touch with our support department for checking the issue:

When I run it, my computer slows down because the web browser is constantly being created. And what I want is to keep 500+ viewers in 30 minutes or less, and the developers are talking 24 hours a day. I am regretting my purchase.

Thanks for your comment.
As we said on the chat, to send this number of live views, you’ll need to have those browsers watching your live video. So, if you need +500 live views with 30 minutes of watch time, you’ll need to have that number of browsers/threads watching your video. There’s no other easy way.
Mocking API only works for a few live views with zero watch time. So, if you need to get +500 live views with 30 minutes of watch time, that’s what you can do.
We’d also mentioned the estimated requirements for the specified number of threads on FAQ. If you’ve not read it:
. Basically, each “Free” CPU core is able to handle 5-10 threads, So If you’re using a 12core CPU, you can use about 60-120 threads.
Thus, getting this number of live views won’t be easily possible with a laptop or home PC.

question : can youtube ban if we use this Question2 ; what will be the limit in a day to increase like or follower?

If you don’t use the bot for monetized videos, it’s not possible to be banned because of the bot.
Basically, the bot doesn’t have limitation, it depends on your proxies, hardware specifications (number of threads you’re using) and gmail accounts.


Toeun Purchased

Application is so expensive


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