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Click LIVE PREWIEW.. Then, remove Envato Frame.. You will see the link to download apk.. Thanks..

Thanks, can you add option to share the record file?

For now, It automatically saves the recorded file into device’s memory. You can share it with any file explorer.

But if you want directly sharing via app, maybe in next updates, we will add it.. Maybe…

It can display mic level?

For now, it does not display.. (Maybe in next updates.. Maybe..)

Android studio or eclipse ??

It s written in Android Studio. And so easy to reskin with Android Studio. Thanks..

I follow the video tutorial. there is no error. but when it is run, the application force closed. how to fix it? http://recordit.co/gMj0JvRgii

On emulators, sometimes it happens for most projects.. Could you try on a real device..

If it continues, could you write me more detailed, via mail on my envato profile?

can you put one background music while user is recording his voice & can share

Sharing is really a good idea.. but really hard for some issues, and changing apps.. Adding background music is not so hard thing (if I understand you right.) If you buy it, I can add a background music.. But if you mean adding different effects as background music, I must look at it..

Hi, I am interested in the app, i need some modification, is there a way to detect if the user stop talking so it doesn’t record for ever ? or another way it records for 30 sec maybe then if the user wants to extend the recording time then he has to press the record button again to get extra 30 sec?

My so dear friend, I really want to help you.. If I could, would do it for you free.. But now really, I have so so much jobs to be done.. I am so sorry.. I have an update plan for this. But it will be an easy and simple update.. Will add push notifications, add some extras.. I am so sorry.. But after buying it, you can find a freelancer to help.. They dont want so much money..


I bought the app has helped me help. I found two errors, when you do a name change and go back to listen to the file is not heard and the player goes crazy. And the other when you click on delete is not removed from disk.

If so kind and help me help on these issues too, 1. I do not get that instead of the internal memory of the device is on the sd card. (I tested several real mobile) 2. add a mic volume when recording and send notifications (with play and stop)

I will try to change the record-button (play / pause and another with stop) Note. Now you can update the TabLayout, FloatingActionButton and stop using those obsolete.

hi emutation. thanks for contacting. But I dont understand the problem. Could you send me an e-mail via my profile page and give details (screenshots or videos would be good).

Thanks, I just sent an email via profile page

Can you please let me know Is this easy enough to add to an existing project? and do you offer support for doing this

Thanks Duncan

hello. thanks for your comment. I dont think, it is easy to add this to an existing project. And I dont know your project, so that, I cant say anything, before seeing it.

Really beautiful


Admob is not working. I just changed the id. I have to do anything else?

If your Admob account and ID is new, it may not be seen a few hours. Later it will be seen on devices.

In other app it appeared immediately. Anyway, I will wait for. I will tell you. Thanks.

You can check on virtual device of Android Studio. It must show on that. If not, there is a problem.

admob banner or interstitial ? or banner & interstitial?

Banner ads.