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i don’t get it yet… if i buy it, later do i have to pay for subscription??

no, this is 1-time payment script, don’t need to pay anymore, your clients need to pay subscription to use this script

You are cheating your buyers.

Most of the other product that you sold me here is just links to the author website, there you are asking for aditionsl $3000 for the exact features that here in THIS item description is showing very clear that they are included in this LITE version, but are not.

I will kindly wait for the full refund, for this item and its other 2 items/templates until monday.

can members create subdomain for their mobile sites like and example: if yes ill buy it ..

Hi there

This script does not support subdomain

If you need subdomain or custom domain, please check this script – gomymobiBSB: Online Business Site Builder & Platform – it allows clients to create sub domain or point their custom domains to created sites like weebly


Hello, if I need to add signup & login, how should I do ? if I need to create an application for my wordpress blog,hos should I do ?

sorry but this script do not support registration by users, new users added by admin only

and this is stand-alone application, you only need to upload to your host to run


I dont get it. I have installed the script but I see only one theme. I have changed the theme in the index.php but the theme wont change.

may give your url to test?

Where can I change all the default value of the software? I mean I want to remove all your contact info from the default template and default fields.

in order to change default value, please open & edit config.php

but you’ll need to change all default values in all themes

This software is very hard to config because the contact info of the author or the default contact info is in every file of the software. I have wasted 2 days removing this contact info but the info is still in the default template so I cannot customize the software to display my own contact info.

This address is in almost every file of the software: 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606

Please remove all this info and set only one config file to edit the address, phone number etc.

In my case even logged as admin the software show online one theme the “Cobalt” also there is not any option to change the theme. Please help.

I am interested in to buy the reseller package in your website but I want to make sure that everything is working.

The config of the software is wrong. The config is programmed only for “Classic” theme but the software include the “Modern” theme instead.

Other problem. Software display an error:

The requested URL /themes/PageTwoLight/BackTransparent:blue/index.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

May you download the latest files through our site?

1. Go to

2. Register an account then order this script (

3. We’ll assign your account to download the latest file.

Or you may wait for updates approved by CC


Email sent you with my account details. Please send me the download link of the update by email.

Email sent you with my account details. Please send me the download link of the update by email.

Thanks for the update . I just want to tell you that new users must to delete the admin.ini from the member directory at the first run because there is already an admin.ini .


Hi, other issue here. When I change the value in “Footer” field in “Common Tab” the value wont change in the Preview or “Result Tab”.

Please help me. I think this is the only one issue at this moment.

I am using the latest version without any modification.

may give URL + your access to test it?

Yes I will send you the url and login by email

Email sent

I would like to take you up on your refund offer. How long does it take?

Can’t configure it correctly. It is too complicated.

Your advert says 30 days refund so I thought I could return it if not happy otherwise I wouldn’t have risked it.

Yes, may tell us where you can not configure?

APK scrolling slow, but not in browser??? I’m facing an issue, when I run it on chrome scrolling is very smooth. But if I build it for my device (Samsung Galaxy S7), it’s very laggy???

yes, perhaps some JS code for website theme is not optimized for mobile, please tell which theme / page you’re very lag?

Modern/Light, Black, Orange, Dark, PageTwoo Dark/ BackImage:orange, BackImage: Blue-munsell, —PageTwo Light/ BackImage:orange, BackImage: Blue-munsell, ...................

well, these themes are in set, I’ll try to fix soon

Pre-purchase question, can i make unlimited web Apk so that i could submit it to Google Play.? can you please explain me how it works?

sorry, this script makes html websites, not apk app

PreScriptZ: have U realy time to spam every new item?