Awesome Mobile Site Builder (AMSB) - Lite

Awesome Mobile Site Builder (AMSB) - Lite

Include this package

  • AMSB – Full latest version of PHP mobile site creator
  • Documentation for Standard users & Admin
  • 2 PSDs of iPhone background
  • 5 built-in CSS themes
  • 10 pre-made mobile templates

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Host this awesome mobile site builder script yourself on live host to run business within 1 minute. Short summary:

  • No setup/installation mobile site builder
  • Create UNLIMITED mobile sites
  • Friendly UI & responsive layout
  • Membership system to run own business
  • 5 colorful pre-made themes
  • 189 built-in mobile modern themes for your mobile sites
  • Support & Convert multiple languages easily & quickly
  • Social bar & Facebook comment system
  • Insert Youtube, Google Maps can not be easier

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Script features

  • No setup mobile site generator, just upload to live host & run immediately within 3 seconds.
  • Very easy to create a whole mobile site within 15 minutes by filling the parameters.
  • Membership management: your clients use this script to create UNLIMITED mobile sites.
  • No MySQL required, membership system is based on text file.
  • Friendly UI & responsive layout, we may create mobile sites on any device, any platform, just with a browser.
  • No coding or design skills, all pages come with WYSIWYG editor.
  • 5 colorful pre-made themes to use as you wish.
  • 189 built-in Mobile Modern Themes, Responsive Landing Pages for your UNLIMITED mobile sites & clients, change quickly with a few clicks.
  • 2 iPhone backgrounds to test the look of sites, just click to change.
  • Save / Load the current job.

Site functions

  • 100% customizable & full ownership of your mobile sites, and may still keep developing with source code in future.
  • Sites work on any device, any platform & any screen size flawlessly.
  • Tap 2 Call button is visible on all pages, visitors may connect to site owner with 1 click only.
  • Facebook comment system integrated on each page, just fill your social usernames.
  • Social bar (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) is good way to keep in touch.
  • Full completed sites with 6 basic pages for all business mobile sites: Homepage, Products / Services, News, Clients / Testimonials, About, Contact & 2 additional pages.
    • Homepage: tell about the company/business/service & a showcase for what we’re doing.
    • Product / Service: present more details with a comment system to discuss.
    • Clients / Testimonials: who is your clients? what they say? Show them up.
    • News: a place to show the company news or just provide hot coupon / discount seasonally.
    • About: present the team, a Google map implemented to present where company locates & help visitors get the right direction.
    • Contact: visitors may contact the site owner through the form or just Tap 2 Call.
  • Awesome top floating menu plus slide effect to Open/Close.
  • Top menu hidden automatically when we scroll down the pages, this simple feature is very helpful to give more reading spaces to visitors.
  • A convenient Scroll-to-Top button only showed when site visitors scrolled down the pages.
  • A link back to Desktop version.


12-30-2015 - v1.2.3
 - [builder] fixed error of preview mobile template

08/05/2015 - v1.2.2
 - [builder] added missing Landing theme screenshots
 - [builder] added White-Label instructions

06/21/2015 - v1.2.1
 - [admin] fixed theme management that assigned to users
 - [builder] now support multilingual easily
 - [builder] add white label license & setting customization
 - [builder] added 4 landing page theme packages x 16 styles each package

06/15/2015 - v1.2.0
 - [theme] fixed non-focus input clicks on default theme
 - [builder] rearrange theme lists
 - [builder] added 20 new modern themes
 - [builder] added 32 landing page themes
 - [builder] fixed critical error if PHP < 5.4
 - [builder] warn if PHP <
 - [builder] added Demo link to login page
 - [builder] improved UX
 - [builder] improved editor to add videos

02/20/2015 - v1.1.3
 - [builder] fix some unwanted-accident errors

08/05/2014 - v1.1.2
 - [builder] ability to disable header images on Index, Products / Services, News, Clients, Page 1, Page 2
 - [builder] easier & faster to edit some info, just click into names of fields

06/25/2014 - v1.1.1
 - [admin] assign multiple themes to user
 - [builder] fixed critical error of uploading images
 - [builder] fixed permission of users: all CSS themes downloaded although they're just granted for some theme
 - [builder] improved the process of file if user choose to remove some pages
 - [builder] improved removal of Staft info in About page
 - [builder] add copyright at Login Demo page
 - [builder] added Logs for Development Mode, by default, turned off
 - [builder] added feature of making 1 landing page
 - [builder] improve demo theme performance
 - [mobile] added feature of auto slide off Top Menu if users scroll
 - [mobile] set max size of images, make they're not too big
 - [mobile] redesign layout of mobile sites to make them become nicer if visitors view on desktop/laptop
 - [mobile] add Theme Switcher, visitors may change color themes dynamically
 - [mobile] tweak CSS colors for 10 mobile themes

05/30/2014 - v1.0.5
 - now script works with PHP 4
 - improve performance of Login, Admin Management pages
 - added Quick Help to Membership menu. Now all users may easily learn to use the builder quickly
 - there are 2 version of Quick Help, for standard users & admin. Admin account may also learn to manage the users quickly
 - made JavaScript files nicer to understand & read
 - added some comments to files for better understand & read
 - redesigned Top menu for easier & better access
 - fixed missing of popup close images
 - prevent direct access to PHP files

05/29/2014 - v1.0.4
 - hide all PHP notice, warns and errors
 - made code lines become nicer to read and understand, compatible with PSR standards
 - added files explaination to Documentation

 - 1.0.3 released

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