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Hi. Have seen the builder at your main site before and liked what I saw.

But you have so many versions that I could never really figure out what to buy/what I would be getting. Little confusing, or at least for me.

What version (based on the are you offering here? Developer, Standard?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, honestly, thank so much for your interests

Like Envato licenses, here are some short explanations:

Standard: for your personal purposes, not commercial. Developer: for your any commercial/personal purposes ONLY, not public commercial for every one. Extended (Envato): for any public / personal purposes


Been around here for some time and fully understand the licensing at Envato. Talking about your own site where you have all the different versions.

But the question was “what version are you offering here” compared to ones on your site Prescriptz.


oh, I’m really sorry, I think you answered your questions yesterday, but for some accident, it disappeared :stress:

- Standard is Regular License (envato) exactly
- Extended License (envato) is White-Label License but with less than features; you’ll need more packages to have full features

HI, great work, but this is for personal use or I can make a pubblic website builder for all? can you ad Admob space?

Thank so much for your interests

On Envato, this Regular License is for your personal use, you may get Extended License to offer end productions to your clients. Then if you still want more, to make a public builder, please try to see Developer License & White-Label License

Now it doesn’t support Admob but should be added soon.


Hi sir your demo is not showing preview on phone, I try in different browser and nothing. :-(

yes, really sorry, but DEMO account for testing layout only; this warn also showed in Demo

if possible, please register an trial account here to test UNLIMITED features & themes for 30 days

please note: sign up is automatic, but set trial account for UNLIMITED is manual, I’ll have to do this


I’ve bought the script. But I’m confused, does it include the “189 built-in mobile modern themes for your mobile sites” you state on the summary? I don’t see them on the files.


thank so much for buying

189 is total current themes; but with this Regular License, it has 10 classic themes only

so if you need all current themes, please contact with your email, I could help something

best regards

Hi, my email is: davedramirez(at) Thanks

On your site you state the Envato license doesn’t come with the membership function, but on the sales info on here it’s listed as a feature.

In a previous comment you stated that extended license on here would be “like” white label, but if someone wants more functionality they would have to buy more packages.

Last question, can we upgrade gradually and pay the difference between the license costs if purchased on the site?

Thanks, and great product, looks nice!

yes, surely it should work like your question. No matter where you buy, you only need the packages to upgrade the features

can i know what kind of frame work because i am planing to purchase

thank for your interest, this is plain-PHP only, no framework

hello, i’m interested in this. Is there a feature where it automatically creates a site based on desktop url input, or is it construction from scratch?

sorry, but now it does not support this feature, you’ll have to create a site from existing themes

Hi, I purchased the script today and have successfully changed and uploaded my default entry page. My question is: How can I change the names of the HTML files and link to them in the online app? For example, I wish to change the name of “product-service.html” to say “overviews.html” and have the app “see” what is on the new page. I just cannot figure out how to achieve that.


thank so much for buying

But currently there’s no feature to change the names of HTML files. If you need, you’ll have to edit the source code, edit the file “config.php”.

These HTML file names are on the top of config.php.


Hello, I’m interested to buy this item, but I ant to se how works any website at computer browser.. Can you provide any link please… Thx a lot

you mean mobile sites built by this app?

just go to ; then you can view any template work on computer browsers by right click -> Open Frame in new Tab

:cry: Demo is different than what I received. I received a top menu bar, however the demo shows side menu. Themes folder is empty and shows error if upload the script under a subdomain unless you add the missing files. I am still testing the script, but if the menu option is not solved probably I will ask for a refund

Please stop playing games. go download the link and check what you are selling Please provide the same as your demo or issue a refund

if possible, may you give your email & URL to debug?


I am sorry i don’t have a public email address, I will contact you through your profile and send you the information.

ONE MORE TIME AND LAST TIME, My issue is the menu bar. I want the same one as the demo and that’s it

Hello,I buy your script. ,but can I dont install.Can you help me?What File upload mof my server ? thank you

sorry, but I can so do not need your script .Please send my money back. In description and comment Extended License -is Development License.

Hallo,What is now? Where is 30 Days Money Back?Please ,give you Answer.

yes, it’s sure 100% with 30 Days Money Back

but in policy of 30 Days Money Back, we noticed that buyer MUST try the live services first, to see what they need, see scripts can satisfy or not?

and more important, if you buy on this Envato, I can only have 30% of your payment, therefore I can not give you the full refund once you bought on this

how do you think if I give you PRO package for free to compensate?

Please use email for faster reply

Hi there,

When will be released the new update, I need those features to buy the script.

next features: – Member backup / restore – addthis car – price table – QR Code for site – Nicer & stunning showcase – live sub domains

Thank you

yes, it’s sure, thank so much for buying

we’re going to release closed beta of new software within next 2-3 weeks

please use contact form to leave your email, or just check to read


your system is very good. can you implent angular js or bootstrap to make website beautiful.

no, sorry

and we’re running the final tasks of a new software, that’s better & more beautiful, and more powerful. It should be released very soon. This new software uses bootstrap.

you can join our newsletter at to receive the notification


Just subscribed . and got gift .is there any demo of new design.

yes, should have closed & open betas for full unlimited features & access before it’s sold

Wow, what a mess the pages. Can we turn off all the animations flying around?


I really don’t understand what you’re wanting? Please explain, you’re asking the site pages? Or script theme pages? Or what?


Hi I read comments because I like it I read both licenses here and on your site to have a license to put for my own commercial use which one should I buy to be clear will purchase today

this license (LITE) & PRO (white-label) license are sold exclusively now on CC

but if you want to use for my commercial purpose, to charge end users. please consider CC’s Extended License

many thanks

Pre-purchase question, can i make unlimited web Apk so that i could submit it to Google Play.? can you please explain me how it works?

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin: