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Good Morning! I have identified two possible chat problems.

1 – Frontend: At the end of the chat, and the user requests a copy of the conversation by email, in the email received, only the operator’s name appears in all parts of the conversation.

2 – Beckend: At the end of the chat, and the operator asks for a copy of the chat via email, this email is not triggered for the operator’s email.

Can you check it please!


Updated! There’s still the same problem!

My error, I saw that you updated the documentation on the site to version 1.4.1, and codycanion, did not upload the files of the action!

Updated! There’s still the same problem!

The files are not ready yet for download. The documentation gets updated instantly. I will let you know when version 1.4.1 gets approved.

It was my mistake! Pardon!

Dear Khamal, please assist. Do I really have to buy a SOCKET.IO server to have real time chat conversation?

The plugin uses ajax polling which has a slight second delay, so you need the socket.io server for realtime chat.

Hi, can i set the chat in autoshutdown?

I need this feature. When a chat start, the plugin active a automatic countdown (an example 30 minutes) when this time is over the chat closes automatically.

I expect the answer before buy. Thanks

Sorry but there is no automatic countdown.

I have purchased both the WP plugin and the desktop app, will require 5 more desktop app licences once I get this working. Opened support ticket but still not resolved. Can’t configure desktop app as it does not recognise my .co.uk URL

Sorry for the inconvenience. I was waiting for your reply via email. I had asked that the wp login url was not working and the credentials you sent didn’t work. Kindly send me the full url to the wp login and the correct login details.


We have been testing your plugin in a website we have developed, but have appeared some strange issues in IE 10/11.

Sometimes when chatting and the end client is using IE10/11, we stop seeing messages on the chat box. For example, the operator writes, but nothing comes up on the client side. But if the client types something it shows on the operator backoffice (using Chrome).

It’s not all the time, and we feel that it happens when the operator types many straight messages, and the scroll on the client chat box stops scrolling and no messages show up anymore.

But if we type a simple message, one at a time, the problem doesn’t seem to happen.

Do you know what might be the problem?

Thanks, Diogo

That is strange. As I can not replicate this bug, I may not be able to solve this specific issue. However, I am fine with issuing you a refund if you are not happy with the plugin. Sorry for the inconvenience.

hi its possible to view on my opencart cms i i have opencart +wordpress and i need to put it on my home pge of my open cart

why opencart its the shop and wordpress the service

the inframe not working ites no open and also hide same times on scroll page any help ty

Have you turned on the “Use iFrame” option in the general settings of the plugin?

i put the inframe on footer from the open cart cms but have bug the chat stay back from the page of footer and also the same on same plays on scroll from the page

https://prntscr.com/h69t7s https://prntscr.com/h69tak https://prntscr.com/h69tcv

can use other code not inframe to put footer like java script ? or its no possible

For non wordpress websites you have to use the iframe.
To hide on mobile devices, add the following css code in your stylesheet where you are showing the iframe.
<style> @media screen and (max-width: 619px) { #awesome_live_chat_frame { display: none; } } </style>

ty very muts

Hi, I just installed your plugin bot no connection between the website and the operator

WhatI have to do?


There was some javascript conflict so I enabled the iframe option in the plugin settings and now it should work.

Thank you. Everything is working.

I purchased the plugin and configuered everything always it was showing “We are Offline”

Have you visited the “operator” admin page? If it still remains offline, you may send me wp login url and login details so I may take a look.

Hi, I like to chat only with logged in members. I read from your other responses that If members are logged in, the fields “name + email” will be populated automatically. However, I don’t want my users to see the auto-populated fields to make it more simple. Can I hide these fields completely from users and it still works as usual?

The fields can be emptied by a bit of modification for logged in users.

I want to get respond message when Life chat offline. How?

You will receive an offline message in your email if the chat is offline

I am interested in the plugin, but I need to know if there is a mobile app for this plugin where I can receive a notification on my mobile and reply my customers using my mobile not my desktop Thanks

There is no mobile version.