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Hi, it is posible to customize the size of the button? Its huge, at least for me. And the other question: it is posible to show just the message icon on mobile? not all the content like desktop.

Yes, css and js script override fields are available.

Hi is there an option to show up always maximized?

Yes, it can be done vie the provided css area in the settings.


thebatsy Purchased

after install the chat button after after footer how I can fix this problem

Kindly send me the url so I may take a look.


If I install this on an https enabled WordPress site, will it work out of the box without me having to change any insecure links related to the plugin?

Yes it should work fine.

Hi, I have a question about the plugin.

We moved this plugin to our new site. However, after deactivating & deleting the plugin in the old site. The user role which is operate_alc wasn’t deleted and the users used to be “operate_alc” still have “Additional Capabilities – operate_alc” in their profile. Could you please advice us how to totally uninstall and clear the user role and capabilities from the plugin in our old site? thank you!

Kind Regards,

Can you try this:
$user_id = 1; $user = new WP_User( $user_id ); $user->remove_cap( 'operate_alc' );
You will need to set the $user_id.

The file to put the code is in your themes folder > functions.php file. Notice the s at the end of functions.php

If you still aren’t able to remove it, you may send me wp login credentials so I may do it for you.

Hi! Great Plugin

I have a “contact us” page

It would be great if people could use the chat on the page?

Like a form

or button that opens up the chat tab?

what do you think?



To use a button to trigger the chat, you may use the following in the js section of the plugin settings: (function($){ $(document).ready(function($){ $('.css-class').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); AwesomeLiveChat.vent.trigger('app:toggle'); }); }) })(jQuery); You may set ’.css-class’ to the button selector.


After installing your plugin my site speed went up to 11 seconds and is very slow. If I disable it the site speed is fine. I’m not using any kind of caching and after checking GTMetrix and looking at the Waterfall section, all of the files taking the longest are all files for your plugin. I reduced the Timeout from 3 to 0, then it jumped to 50 when I checked back. I reduced it from 3 to 1 and it stayed, but the site is still slow. What can be done?

I tried increasing the amount and everything else possible, still lags or completely prevents the site from loading. How do I go about requesting a refund?

Thanks, I’ve just submitted the refund request to you.

Hello, as operator i can’t delete chats from archive. I click on the X and nothing happens. Its my browser or a bug?

Can you send me wp-admin access via my profile so I may take a look? Must be a javascript conflict somehow.

Just wondering if we can easily schedule or manually switch the chat function on and off during business hours? We prefer not to have a contact form or an unavailable message. We would prefer to disable the chat function. Thanks

You may simple disable the offline message feature in the settings. The chat gets online whenever an operator is online.

Hi there, Can the Live Chat and Live Chat desk work together? Eg staff members can reply via the live chat desk but client reply via website

I don’t understand what you mean by subject. There is no option as such.

E.g. Assign a topic to your chat.

Sorry but there is no subject/topic assignment feature. You could instead use departments to mimic that behaviour.

The settings aren’t being saved. I changed some string, hit save… and nothing saved.

I will have to take a look at it via wp-admin. You may send me login details via my profile.

(I sent the info required trought your profile)

I filled the field “Product License” with the Item Purchase Code, found inside the file xxxxxx-live-chat-license.txt, and nothing changed, but the “Activate License” button is greyed now…

Is it right?

Yes that is right. The button will be disabled.

Hi, good morning.

I really need support for the questions I sent yesterday. 1 – I can’t save the settings (ajax problem) 2 – the chat operator page redirects to site home page

Wait for you.

It seems as if your wordpress is prohibiting access to plugin .php files directly. Do you know if any of your plugins or the themes is prohibiting this? Or any server side or .htaccess file?

The redirection for operators was being caused by the “Redirect after login” plugin.

It’s working! The ConfigServer ModSecurity Control was prohibiting the access to the file ajax.php. I put it in the white list and it’s ok now! Thanks for the attention.