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Pre-sales question: - is it possible to disable the chat on mobile devices?

There is a css section in the settings of the plugin where with a bit of custom css it can be disabled in mobile devices.

Hi. I need to add the phone field and make it requiered. How do i do? Thanks

You can make the website field as the phone field but currently it can not be set to required. To change the website field into phone field, you will need to go to the strings section of the plugin settings and change website field to phone.

hi i like to know how can remove from backend the field web site ? and also its possible when the user tray to chat on me and choice the Department from the frondend i need to know from backend Operator ho Department need on chat on the right from the Awesome Live Chat box Operator to see the Department down from the email list on the user ho i chat ty


You may hide the website field under general section of the plugin settings page. The option will be Hide Website Field. The chat will automatically go to the operator in that department so no need to display department as the operator is already from that department.

i like to buy the version for windows but the button not working have white page

the button from the windows chat whn choice to buy

ty for the link i wanna buy it ty

Hi Kamal,

Does the $25 price tag include the wp plugin and also the socket.io server?

I am running a dedicated server.

Also, can this run over multiple sites on the same dedicated server?

Many Thanks Sean

$25 is only for this plugin. The socket.io server is sold separately. By multiple sites if you mean wordpress multisite then it works but a socket server will be attached to only one installation.


b4qtna Purchased

Hi,I can not move to operator page. Menus do not open even when you hover over the mouse. capture: http://or2.mobi/index.php?mode=image&file=158059.jpg

Have you added a department in your user/operator profile?


b4qtna Purchased

Thanks!There was a lack of confirmation. solved.

Hi Sir, I wanna know can this chat plugin force the visitor to register with names and email in the chat first then only started chatting?? instead of direct live chat

Hi Kahn, Thanks for the feedback. If there is no forced to register. May I know what is the purpose / function for customer to start a chat with fill up the form which need Name, Email, Website & Selected Dept?? Where is the info will stored?

The name is for knowing who is chatting with you. The email is for the visitor to receive a transcript after the chat ends and the admin received the email at the backend. The department is selected so that an operator from that department can respond. Only the name is required. The email, website and department field can be hidden. The info is stored in the database.

Thanks Kahn


amdsaad Purchased


what is the product license to activate the plugin my purchase code is 21062220-6a68-46dc-8ec0-7a0e0fa27da1 Thanks

The product license is the same as the purchase code.

Will it work with CDN and WP Fastest Cache?

It is not recommended to run this with a cache plugin as it may interrupt the chat sessions.

He comprado la licencia del chat pero al activar no hace nada. Se queda pensando. Que hago para activarlo. Gracias

He intentado varias veces. Al colocar el código no hace nada. Realizo los cambios que necesito pero no los guarda.

Necesito por favor una solución urgente. Llevo ya una semana intentando ajustar el plugin de acuerdo a mis necesidades. De lo contrario por favor indicar como solicito el reintegro de mi dinero. Gracias.

This may be some other issue. Can you send me wp admin url and login details using this contact form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

Hi ! I have a pre sale question : is it possible to change the text “Awesome Live Chat” in the chat box ? (text in the blue box beside the bubble talk icons) thanks

Yes, its possible in the plugin settings page.

Thank your for your quick answer ! :)

Hi Guys, dont know whats going on but since the last update WP Live chat is not working when WP Fastest Cache is enabled. Both worked together fine but for some reason today it will only work when WP Fastest Cache is disabled.

Any idea what the problem could be please?

I have purchased the Pro version


I´m web designer and I´m developing a website wordpress for pet adoption in Spain. I´m looking for a message chat plugin, but I don´t know exactly if the plugin matchs our website needs or not because I´m not developer, just designer . We would like you to integrate it in our website, well I don´t know if you do these kind of task, but we would like you to do it. Please let us know you hourly rate

This is the user flow (just expliainig if you are interested): 1. User look for a pet to adopt, then, he goes to detail pet or single page. 2. There is a button in that page that enables messages(we have a weird plugin for messages but we need a powerfull one like yours). User click on that button and enables a simple form with one input to send a message (he must be logged in) 3. User send the message, animal shelter receive it, then the chat starts.

I don´t know if you have email notification or not.

This chat is not locked to only logged in users but one can display the chat only for logged in users via custom php code. An operator should already be available at the backend or using the desktop application so the chat is live and the user can initiate a chat. Let me know if that works for you.

Hello, I have pre sale question. 1. Does this plugin work with google firebase? as you know because of sanctions some country can not use firebase…

2. Does this plugin work fine through ssl. i am using really Really Simple SSL and some plugins make some issue with ssl.

3. I am using WP fastest cache, does this plugin work ok with this?

I would appreciate if you help me. Thanks

1. It does not use firebase.
2. Yes it works with ssl enabled.
3. It is not recommended to use a cache but for some people it works. There is still no guarantee as cache plugin may or may not interfere with the messages being sent and received.

Hi Thanks for helping. 1. Is there any website you could show which its support is online? i want to test it to see its messaging style?

2. On the demo back end, visitors list won’t load. Is it because of demo thing?

3. Will you support me after the purchase?


1. You can test the demo by opening the operator page and opening another browser tab as a visitor.
2. There is not visitor’s list. Visitor’s will only show when a chat is in process.
3. Yes, but support is related to bugs/errors within the plugin.

hi can i chat with client on my iphone and can this do random agent?

The operator page is not recommended for a smart phone device usage.

Hello, nice plugin. I setup all on Wordpress, only one issue. when user start the chat the operator initiate the chat too but user doesn’t receive any chat message (spinner loop on users chat window) any help? thanks

Kindly send me wp admin url and login details here: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact so I may take a look.

Sended. Thanks

There was a javascript conflict on the frontend, so I enabled the iframe option in the general settings of the plugin and now it should work.

Hi, I’m looking for a chat system that allows users to communicate with each other. This chat is okay?

This is only for live support chat and not for chatting with each other.

Hi. Can my staff chat on frontend ? because i dont allow access admin.
If can, is there support rating after chat close? Stored info to count better income for better support staff.
If don’t have 2 of these. Will you available add these feature , if yes. i can explain detail and waiting for purchase. Thanks

1. Operators can not chat using frontend, but the plugin allows you to hide all admin except operator admin dashboard page very easily.
2. There is no ratings module.
3. Currently i may not be available for custom work.