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Hello, Could you customize this plugin to display multiple agents/operators at a time on the chat windows? I will pay for it.

awesome plugin! I have an idea for your next update that is very important for me: Could you please customize a system in this plugin to let visitors send file for operators? answer me pls, Thanks


I cant seem to activate my plugin, with my purchase code.


The live chat on the front end is showing offline and the licence code section in admin is showing blank, and when i enter my above licence code, the ACTIVATE LICENCE is not clickable?

What can i do?

You dont need to enter your purchase code. And if you do, it will stay blank anyways so thats not the issue.
To show the front end as online, make sure you visit and keep the operator page open.

I turn on live chat ( online ) in the backend but it remains off-line on the front end of the website.

I cannot turn on live chat. no matter what I do it simply states that we are off-line.

You will have to open the Operator admin page to make the chat go online. The menu is below the plugin settings.

You will have to open the Operator admin page to make the chat go online. The menu is below the plugin settings.


I’m interested in purchasing your live chat plugin but I have a couple of questions. It says that it may have a conflict with CDN and caching, is there anyway to solve this?

And my second question is this plugin compatable with buddypress and signed up users? I want to use it mainly for live chat as part of a membership site.


You will have to be specific as to which cdn and/or caching plugin you are using in order for us to tell you whether it will work or not. Most work fine.
The chat works for both guests and members so it is NOT locked to only members.

I’m using CloudFlare CDN as well as CloudFlare caching and Sitegrounds hosting Memcached and static caching.

As for the guests and members. Can I limit the chat to work only on certain pages on the site?

Cloudflare should be okay.
Yes, the chat panel can be limited to specific posts/pages.

i have just bought your plugin but when i was trying to refresh the page; your chat slides to the bottom of the page, even if you close it minimize it it does not come up; i only see the hearder.

but my question is regarding than that issue; i would like to change operator name “instead of admin” the main one; i have went to users and crate admin, livechat, operator, any user that is there and give them full access PLUS your new box i filled with “Support” so only admin is there, and when i erase admin’s “support” box; your chat operator does not even come! weid; could you please help me with these. thanks in advance

Can you send me the login details and website info using this contact form so I can take a look at the problem: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

i have a question before i buy this can i hide this and just show only in contact page and customer will just click for support..

Yes you can show the page only on selected pages. I don’t understand what you mean by click for support but yes the customer will have to enter their name at least and click start chat.

Hello, thank you for this powerful plugin, It is very good.

Hello, do you have an option to upload a document?

There is no upload feature at the moment.

I Purchased this item have problem to activate the license code and how can place this to my contact page only not showing on the home page

I try to disable all the plugin still the same

Okay kindly send a refund request so I may refund your purchase. https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

thank you khan support

Can this be used as an agent via a mobile phone? (ios & android)

There is no mobile application support


datadirt Purchased

Hi Kamal, looks very promising – I bought FluentChat last week and I’m not at all happy with it, so I’d like to try your chat system. But I have 2 pre-sale questions:

1) I’m using WPRocket as my caching system. Any known conflicts? 2) I want to configure the chat so that the user has to enter their name/e-mail before initiating a chat. Is it possible to include a consent checkbox? (This will be required in Europe from May 25st because of the GDPR regulations)

greetings, Ritchie

1. I am not really sure of any conflict with wp rocket.
2. The name/e-mail is already set to be required before initiating a chat. However the consent checkbox is not implemented.
I will look into implementing this consent checkbox as I have never heard about it before.


datadirt Purchased

Hi KamalKhan,

thanks for your quick reply! I’ll try and let you know how it goes with WPRocket :)

About the GDPR checkbox: It’s new law that will come into effect on May 25st. It includes a lot of regulations, one of them being asking users for explicit consent when saving any personal data. You can find more info about it here: https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/complete-wordpress-gdpr-guide/

greetings, Ritchie


datadirt Purchased

Hi Kamal,

I bought and installed your plugin – awesome interface! But there seems to be an issue with the activation. I entered the purchase code, waited for 60 minute… but wether I set the plugin to online or offline mode, it always display the offline comment form.

Page: https://datenschmutz.net

Any ideas?

greetings from Vienna, Ritchie

Can you try enabling the iframe option in the general settings of the plugin?


datadirt Purchased

Thanks a lot – iframe mode is working with the cache enabled.

Glad it works.