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hi i have problem whuth button Chat Archives the dont remove the old chat if possiblel to fix thst ?

Kindly send me wp admin log so I may take a look. You may send the login info using this contact form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

Okay, this is a Chrome version 56 issue. I will fix this in the plugin and release a new version in a couple of days.

This has been fixed in version 1.3.10 and is being approved by codecanyon. Once approved, you may overwrite the plugin with the new version.

Great Plugin works very well, but can you add a Business Hour Switch for the Plugin? So at this Time the Chtat is Online when a Operator is Logged in into WP or with the Client. It Should be possible the set a timeframe when chat is online and when not anyway if a Operator has forgetten to close the app.

okay but i have to to this manual, when a switch where there for doing this for a specified time frame it would be very gerat

I will think about providing a settings option for setting an opening/closing time.

thank you

Hi, I am very interested in this product, are you able to see the page that the person is on through the inteface

No, this feature is not available.

Helo, I’ve purchased this plugin. But can’t make it functional. I think it’s because I am using ‘WP Fastest Cache’ plugin to make my website fast. I need this chat plugin to work and want to use caching plugin too. Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Cache is not supported for this plugin. However you may send me wp admin access via my contact form so I may take a look if it can be fixed.

Do you support Arabic ?

Yes it supports arabic language characters.

Hi there,

The chat is constantly showing as “we are offline”. Not sure why this is – we’ve turned it to online.


Please advise.

Thanks, Rich

You have to make sure the department is set in your operator profile. And you also have to keep the operator page open to make the chat go online.

Hi. i test demo site. this plugin didn’t support Arabic characters in chat section. Do you have any plan to fix this?

The demo is not setup for arabic characters and it is using an old version of the plugin.

Since this feature is critical for me, please update and tell me to test that. I need this awesome plugin. thank you

Hi Kamal,

I have just bought your plugin I have bought one before and was very happy with it but I am having trouble this time. When I try the chat, from the operator’s point of view I can not see anything the customer types. I can only see my own replies/comments. So as operator, I can only see my own message and nothing from the other side. Can you please help me out. This is urgent for me. Thanks for your help. Katrien

Thanks for purchasing twice. Kindly send me the wp admin url and login details so I may take a look at the issue. You may send the details using this form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

Hi, I have just tested the chat and it worked okay for me. The operator and the visitor messages went through. I also enabled the iframe option so that the layout is correct on the frontend and also lowered the timeout option to 1 so that the delay of messages is minimized.


yastech Purchased

Is there a character limit for the Welcome Message? I put in this sentence and it doesn’t display “This conversation does not constitute or create a lawyer/client relationship. Unless you are currently a client of MacDermid Lamarsh, any information you communicate in this chat is not protected by lawyer/client confidentiality.”


Yes, it uses a tinytext type so there is a limit.

To increase the size, use ‘text” for the alc_chat table and message field in your wordpress database.

Hello KamalKhan. I have installed the plugin on my website and everything. But when my operators try to login to: /wp-admin – They are redirected to My Account (Woocommerce) – Any fix for this ?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. This is a woocommerce restriction and can be fixed using this code: add_filter('woocommerce_prevent_admin_access', function($redirect) { if (current_user_can('operate_alc')) { return false; } return $redirect; }, 10, 1); You may place this code in your theme functions.php file or any other convenient location.

Thank you, that worked :). One more thing, when one of my operators log in to /Wp-Admin and goes to Awesome chat, he can only access:Config and Archieves – How does he go ‘online’ on the support department?

There will be an operator page which will have the archives tab as well. The operator page will have a chat screen at the right bottom side of the footer. When you visit the operator page, the chat will go online for the departments that the operator user operators for.

Dear Kamal, first of all; thank you for this excellent product! We are a small company and we expect about +/- 1 chat conversation a day. Is there any way to make sure our employee handling the conversation receives an e-mail or desktop notification when a customer connects to the chat?

The chat only gets online when an operator is online behind the scenes. I would suggest you use the desktop application so that you dont need to visit the operator dashboard.


Arreg Purchased

Hi love this plugin but i got a strange problem, this plugin makes me not being able to put Woocommerce Atrributes on my products ? I get an endless ball spinning when i have this plugin activated

Kindly send me wp admin url and login details so I may take a look. You may send it using this form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

This has been fixed

Hi. Please announced the least amount of resources that are needed to run the plugin.Thank you.

PHP >= 5.4, WP >= 4

HI. Buy this plugin a while ago, but did not use it. You can help? His plugin makes me not being able to put Woocommerce Atrributes on my products ? I get an endless ball spinning when i have this plugin activated

Sent by private. Thank you.


Thank you!!

Hello! Can you solve a problem? I can not translate the following things.

1- https://k61.kn3.net/62CC035BF.png 2- https://k61.kn3.net/DFCCF336C.png 3- https://k60.kn3.net/0F3F5145B.png

The translation string have been added and the updated plugin has been submitted to codecanyon. Once they approve, you may download version 1.4.0


Thank you.


Arreg Purchased

Im trying to get the live chat to also show in product pages but it wont work

Have you selected the product page type in the general settings of the plugin?

Kindly wait for version 1.4.0 which is being approved by codecanyon which has a fix for woocommerce products.

Hi. Since other IPs see me offline, I clear the cache and disable, what can be the problem? Thank you

Sorry i did not understand what you mean by other IPs see me offline.

I see me online, another people see me offline.