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Hi, I have just bought and installed the chat plugin. But I have a problem, none of the settings customization are being saved. Even adding the liecence does not work. Plus I tested the offline form and the message doesn’t go through. I need this fixed ASAP. Kindly advice on what to do

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Kindly send me wp admin url and login credentials so I may take a look at it. You may send it using this form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

I have sent you the details. Looking forward to your reply.


There was a problem with your wordpress nonces not being validated. I have removed them and now the issue seems to have been fixed.

Hi, yesterday my web page was hacked. Admin reported to me that a bug got access via awesome chat. Is there any update or some way to make the program more secure ?

Can you share some more details on what the insecurity was and how you determined it was through this plugin? Thanks.


I have received the following message from my admin


Z Państwa domeny ismserwis.pl był wysyłany SPAM. Domena została zablokowana do czasu wyjaśnienia. ( From you web page… spam was send. The domein has been blocked for check)

Antywirus wykrył następujące zagrożenia: ( antivirus has detected the threats : )

{HEX}php.nested.base64.539 : /home/fotonac/domains/ismserwis.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mainclass.php {HEX}php.nested.base64.539 : /home/fotonac/domains/ismserwis.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awesome-live-chat/access.php

Dodatkowe podejrzane pliki w domenie: ( possible domein infected files )

ismserwis.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awesome-live-chat/boots/extend/metabox/menu.php ismserwis.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awesome-live-chat/boots/api.php


Paweł Gajda Administrator Systemów IT Serveradmin.pl S.C. www.LinuxPL.com

Kindly delete the plugin and download a fresh zip of the awesome live chat plugin as most of these files should not exist in the plugin.

The plugin does not work on a wordpress installation that has a custom wp-content folder path. The issue is because some of the files are requiring the wp-blog-header.php file like this: require ’../../../../../wp-blog-header.php’;

This will not work. Our content folder is outside the wordpress folder. We use the constants: WP_CONTENT_DIR & WP_CONTENT_URL to set our custom folder.

Our structure is like that:

- wordpress
- content
    - themes
    - plugins

It is not a good practice to require wordpress files this way.

I would have to manually modify these files every time a new update is available.

It would be nice to have a solution for this in the next update


Thanks for the fast reply!

Actually there is 5 files that requires the files this way.

I recommend using wordpress native ajax functions, you can never go wrong this way.

For now I was able to manually fix the paths.

However, the chat always says that it’s offline even though it says online within the settings.


And this is always spinning:

Even though no errors are showing within the browser console.

Any idea what could be the problem ?


May I have a wp admin access to debug the issue? Normally if there are no console errors it should work. Kindly let me know if you are using a cache plugin as it will not update the online/offline modes.
Also, you need to keep the operator tab open for the chat to go online even if you have set the chat to be online in the general settings of the plugin.

And one more thing, the operator/admin should be part of a department. You may set a department in the operator profile page at the bottom.

Hello, it looks that your plugin caused massive disaster on my site, you can see that all text and picture are flowing on my chat panel Here is the link www.deltapower.me

Hi, kindly send me wp admin access so I may look into the issue.

Kindly disable the iframe option in the general settings of the plugin and see if that fixes the layout.

Hi, the regular license it’s a one time fee? My client really don’t want monthly fees…

Thanks in advance.

Yes. One time fee for one wordpress site/domain. Everything will work under your wordpress setup and no third party headaches.

Does the chat fit well in android/ios ? There are screenshots of the admin/client ?

The frontend chat is responsive so it will show correctly on small screens. For the admin demo, kindly visit http://try.awe5o.me/wp-admin with username live_chat and password awesome

There is some kind of msg to the client, if the agent couldn’t respond in certain amount of time?

The chat will be offline if there is no operator. If an operator is online, the visitor will have to wait for the operator to respond. There is no automatic message after x amount of time of waiting.

You said: “There is no automatic message after x amount of time of waiting.”

But there is some way to the agent see that “lost” chat call? So he can email the client later…

Well the record will be in the database but no, the request will disappear if the user has left.

can it be accesed in mobile

or we have to login to wordpress to chat

To chat with visitors you will need to either be on the wordpress admin or use the desktop application.


xyago Purchased

Hello, we just bought the plugging but we can´t do it work well. When we send a message the customer can´t see it.

Hi, can you send me wp admin login so I may take a look? You may send it using this form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact

Hi Kamal. I like your chat plugin but I am looking for features as described by @Yamatrox. I need to place a link on each agent page so users can chat privately with that agent. I understand you said similar feature will be added in your response to him. Is the feature added now or can you do a customization for me?

No, this feature is not available.

I am looking for assistance with getting the settings to save. I moved the installation to a different staging environment and everything stopped working. I even re-installed the plugin. The host is WP Engine and from what they know everything should still work in their environment. I also did the “prune database” thing and there was no improvement.

WP Engine restricts ajax long polling so I would suggest you ask for a refund using this link: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Pre-sale Question: purchasing this plugin I can use it on 2 domain, or do I riacqustare license?

You would need a license for each domain. So 2 licenses for 2 domains.

Pre-sales Question: where do you chat with a user? Do you need to be logged into your dashboard the entire time or can you use a program externally to the site? Also do the plugin work on mobile and tablets?

You may respond either by logging in to the dashboard or use any of the desktop apps (sold separately). There is no mobile or tablet app for the responding but the frontend chat panel is responsive and will work on mobile and tablets.

What desktop apps is it compatibly with?

Mac, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). See http://awe5o.me for more information.

Dear developer. I am thinking about purchasing this plugin. However, first I would like to know if I need to be logged in my wordpresss dashboard in order to receive chats, or can I be notified any other way?

Many thanks in advance.

Is there a solution for using this as a the operator on a mobile phone to answer people on the site?

No, only desktop.