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Hi. Pre-sale question (for both products): is there any plans to make a mobile version? Any timeframe estimation?



Not in plans right now.

For those who had maybe the same problem as me running on Windows 10, i got it to work with right clicking and put it to run as Windows 8.


Arreg Purchased

i cant get full screen on this on windows 10

Windows 10 is not officially supported.


please fix the Program last line on chat windows is overlayd with text chat line.


bets regards

Kindly send me wp admin url and login so I may take a look.

Hi, support Windows 10? 64 and 32 bit? Thanks

Windows 10 is not officially supported.

Hi, is there any way to use this with a mobile app or can it be converted into a mobile app?

No mobile applications for now.

Hello, I purchased both Awesome Live Chat and Awesome Live Chat Desk PC and am finally launching the website it will be used on. However, I keep getting “Invalid url” when attempting to login on the PC client. Also, when I attempted to Activate the purchase code on my work PC it said “Invalid”, although it worked on my home PC. Can you please help figure out what is going on? My purchase code is 5a983368-f3e4-47e9-875f-bb056e72ba64

Make sure you use the url to your homepage, e.g. http://example.com
Try deactivating the license from your home pc and activating it from your work pc. If it still does not work, you may send me your wp login url and details via my contact form https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact so I may take a look.

I filled out the contract form yesterday and haven’t heard back yet. Please let me know!

Hi, I have just purchased the pc version, if I have two websites both with the chat plugin on each website is it possible to link the pc version so that you can get chat requests from both websites, thanks

An application can only connect with 1 wordpress account.

Sorry another question, how do you the pc version to show up on toolbar window to the left of the time in windows as in the screenshots thanks

This is managed my windows 7 itself and not controlled by the application.

Hi i tried to install the pc add on and it says

this app cant run on your pc

to find a version for your pc check with the pulisher

I initially bought the live chat plugin

and didnt even know there was no pc app already included or something that would also work on a ipad

ultimately i dont think its for me and would like a refund on both items

i could have purchased something better but im a codecanyon shopper and assumed it was as good as other items i have bought

if i cant have a refund can you please send me a copy that will work on windows 10 but at that price it doesent deliver what free ones do tawk.to iirc is one i ried previously i thought this was a livechatinc type one without subscription but really isnt as good as free versions unless i have it wrong ?

Thanks Colm

You may run it under windows 10 by right clicking and choosing run as windows 8. There is no monthly subscriptions. If this item still doesn’t work for you, here is where you may request a refund: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Hi I have just downloaded the Awesome Live Chat desktop app but I can’t configure it. When I try to enter my website URL: http://redspire.co.uk I receive an error message saying invalid URL. Is there a way to get around this?

Thanks, Tommy

Kindly send me the operator username and API password so I may check. You may send it using this form: https://codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact


do you also have a android app ?

Hello kamal khan, could you also write a same program for 32-bit machines? answer me pls, Thanks