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Hello Dear Kamalkhan;

1-Can Use it on HTML/XHTML web site ? 2-when we finish chat with visitor, can I receive a chat transcript by email ?

Than You Very Much


I just bought your application

We keep getting ”activation failed” error when trying to use the license code that came with the download.

Maybe because i tried to use it on more than one P.C. I don’t know we need multiple license for different operators.

I am looking forward to read back from you.


Kindly email me the license key via my contact form and I will reset the license.


The license has been reset. You may activate again.

Hello , I need to activate my account on the desktop version , since I formatiado my pc , and I made a backup of the program file , but does not accept me the key again, I need your help. Thank you.

Hi, send me the purchase key via my contact form and I will perform a reset.

I have revoked the license so you may activate it again. Kindly remove the purchase code from your comment above. Thanks

Thank you very much , it worked.

Hi there,

i have problems with the live-chat-desk-pc. First of all when i will log in into the chat with the Windowstool the program give the fail: invalid credential. But the password was correct. I change it and test it,too. The same fail: invalid credential.

Now i revoke the License and will activatet again. But now the live-chat-desk-pc said: Activation failed.

What is my mistake? I make all what i do before and it was runnin.

Are you sure you are using the Api Password which you can set in the operator dashboard in the wp admin. For the license, kindly send me the license code via my contact form and I will reset it.

1) Can you tell me if you will be coming out with an update for the WP plugin and the Live Chat Desk anytime soon? If so, what changes do you expect to be included?

2) My worry with buying this is what happens if I buy a new PC one day and you are not supporting this product anymore, how can I get it to work on my new PC without a proper activation method? Based on comments here, people already are having trouble using it on multiple PC’s and while I only plan on using it on one PC, I cannot rule out that I may buy a new PC in the future. I would hate to spend money on this and find out in a year, two or three that you don’t support it for whatever reason and now I have an unusable product and a website with no Live Chat.

Can you see the potential problem that we would have as the buyers?

Look forward to your reply.

1. I am working on a php version right but can not give a timeline.

2. You just have to activate it the first time. Once activated, you wont need to activated each time you use it on the same PC. Moreover, if you need to use it on multiple PCs, you will need to purchase multiple licenses for each PC.

Also note that this is an add on for the wordpress plugin. This PC app can not be used stand-alone.

Let me ask you again since it appears you didn’t understand my question.

Let us assume that I buy Awesome Live Chat Desk PC (in conjunction with the WP plugin) for my current PC. At some future point, I buy a new desktop PC and need to use Awesome Live Chat Desk PC on my NEW computer. However, when I login to Codecanyon, I learn that you are no longer supporting these two products for whatever reason. What am I to do then when I can’t get my license reset so I can use in on my new PC?

That is the problem. If by chance you get in a car accident or abducted by a roving gang of Aliens, how will I be able to continue using this product if you not around to reset the license? I’d love to buy these two products but considering the fact that I am 100% sure that I will buy a new PC in the next few years, I need assurance that I will still be able to use the product that I paid for and any PC I decide to use it on.

Well, I can see that you are not interested in answering my question. Lost sale on both products…

Does this product include the source code, also, this looks like a browser based solution. If it is a browser based solution, do you have a ‘real’ desktop application available for it, and can this be something separated from wordpress.

Meaning, can you supply, or do you have a product that is a Windows Desktop Client executable with source code, connecting with a nodejs hosted live support application including html/javascript snippet to embed the live chat on your own domain in plain html—no wordpress/joomla/etc. Truly isolated and ‘clean’

It is a browser based solution based on node webkit.
I am working on an isolated php version for which i will renew the desktop apps as well. Access to ssh is limited for most people so a nodejs solution will not be feasible.

I am actually interested in having a nodejs server version, with html/javascript embeddable script (can edit the template/etc), using php to handle any response when the operator isn’t online (or ideally able to completely hide it when the operator is offline)

Combined with a desktop application written in c# / vb.net with source code. and/or an api to connect to the nodejs server for events.

I am actually interested in having a nodejs server version, with html/javascript embeddable script (can edit the template/etc), using php to handle any response when the operator isn’t online (or ideally able to completely hide it when the operator is offline)

Combined with a desktop application written in c# / vb.net with source code. and/or an api to connect to the nodejs server for events.

I posted a comment on the Awesome Chat Mac product but here it is again.

I have IT support company. I want to install chat software on their computers so they can initiate chat with me (single operator).

Since my customer have both mac and windows computers, I would need to buy Mac and Windows Awesome Chat.

Ideally, I would want to respond to them via my PHP site (wordpress as last resort).

Let me know if this is feasible as I would purchase the chat server and both software versions for the two OSes.

This is not possible as there is no way to initiate a chat from the desktop apps. The chat can only be initiated from the front end.

Just as a suggestion, the desk operator should be able to Go offline/ Go online with a single click of a button as nobody sits every second next to the computer to check the messages received and if he needs to close the chat for a couple of minutes in order to take a break then the chat cannot be closed without access to close it from the back end.

You can go offline by clicking the red “power off” button in the desktop app. The operator will get offline after 2 minutes which is required because once you go offline any open chat will end and maybe the operator accidentally closed the chat, so a 2 minute timeframe is provided. You DO NOT need to visit the backend in wordpress to logout.

Sorry guys, didn’t knew that. I have tried it earlier but didn’t knew that i need to wait 2 minutes for the changes to take effect

That’s okay. You can also directly close the application without pressing the button and it will have the same 2 minute effect before going offline automatically. You will never need to login to the wp backend for having a chat.

Hello Welcome with the purchase of the program, I hoped that it will be available to all of my operators license of windows, we have long tormented with the activation initially was expecting that my people can not properly insert the activation code)) but then I looked at the page of the program that it is only for one user, after I deactivated my version of the activated key to check that what they curtailed the program and will be able to use it, and it seemed to have understood that they can answer, but when you try to activate again gives me an error? Why? and how do I activate the back?

I have also reset your license key so you may activate again.

Thank you, now I’ll know that it is impossible to deactivate )

There is an issue with license deactivating at the moment. I will fix it as soon as possible. For now, I manually reset the license. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By the way there will be in the future applications for mobile devices ?

Hopefully yes. I am rebuilding the entire plugin and app and also a php version. After that I will start working for mobile apps.

it will be very good now ready to buy :) or rather wait )

And yet in the Windows version would not hurt to minimize to tray , as it folds simply left where all open programs , and if it is added to the controller to the right open source software tasks will be much easier to see and will not interfere , as if you do It does not hurt when you hover the mouse pop-up message as missed messages ( it will be convenient for those times when you are constantly online but waste) I apologize in advance if my google translator is not translated my words ) ) ) )

I will consider this in the new versions.


Hi Khan, please help us to reset the code “65d28d4b-5b38-4cd8-bdf3-662b6cf89d4f ” , thank u.

And how i install another computer can without rest the code? mabye when i replace computer , input the same code , u can kickoff the last one.

--best regards from china

I have reset the code. For another computer, you will need a separate purchase of the application to get a separate license code.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing Awesome Chat Plugin for my wordpress website, but have a pre purchase question if you don’t mind. Do I need to purchase both WordPress Plugin and Windows (desktop) plugin to be able to support user when I’m not logged into Wordpress?

The ideal will be to be able to support client from desktops without being on WP Admin areas.


No, you only need the wordpress plugin. The desktop app is optional and allows you to support your visitors using the desktop rather than visiting the wp dashboard.

And yes, you will not need to visit the wp admin if you are using the desktop app.

Welcome to what may be related to a mistake, it happens after a certain time when the program is rolled

Uncaught node.js Error SyntaxError: Unexpected token < at Object.parse (native) at AjaxIOAjax.parseJSON (file: /// C: /Users/arhan/AppData/Local/Temp/nw10716_17603/vendors/js/ajaxio.js: 66 : 19 ) at XMLHttpRequest <anonymous>. (file: /// C: /Users/arhan/AppData/Local/Temp/nw10716_17603/vendors/js/ajaxio.js: 100 : 32 )

It is a server issue related to ajax request timeouts. Try reducing the “Timeout” value towards 1 or 2 in the general settings of the plugin.

I would like hello and he kazel )

Thank you try )

I would like to invite you to do something for the program separate , I think will be helpful . Create one main PC program , MAC, through which the administrator will see one of the admins online with someone who is rewritten , and more , and only 2 program is for normal operators with less functionality and less on sale ) I do not know how you look at it , but it is necessary to spread their ideas )

I am not usin Wordpress but I want to buy your Live Chat script with the Desktop App. Using Magento 2 with multi-site setup, i.e. multi-domain / cross-domain.

Does your software support cross-domain? What bundle should I buy to go right way?

Currently the script only works on wordpress. It does work using an iframe with cross domain support and non wordpress websites but I can not provide support for that at the moment. I will be releasing a php version this summer which may be used on any platform so I would advise not to use this product on magento.

I still have issues with that chat.. You have revoked the key once, but it keeps logging me out.. How can I solve this?

It is not the license in this case causing the issue. The app works regardless of the license being activated or not. When you login into the app, make sure you provide the url to the home page of your wordpress site. e.g. http://example.com. The username should be the wp operator username. The password should be the API password which can be generated in the “Operator” wordpress admin page. The password should not be your wordpress username password.
Kindly refer to the documentation which is short and concise and will get you up an running.

Hi KamalKhan,

Please explain how to setting Awesome Live Chat Desk PC Don’t show Live Chat Desk Pc

Thank you www.fermiss.com

Could you give me more specific details on what issue you are facing with the app?

Yes of course Please look at www.fermiss.com I would’t like to show on We are online

Are you able to login to the desktop app? Once you login, the chat will go online. You can send me wp login detials via email: codecanyon.net/user/kamalkhan#contact and I will check it myself.

Hi Presale question here

1. Can this be trigger by a link? 2. Does it have a option to block annoying user 3. Does it have a Desktop Notifications, for us not to always open-up a browser 4. Does it support mobile user


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Are you using the operator API password to login? You should not be using the normal wordpress password. You may set the API password in the wordpress admin “operator” page.