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Hi JN0iZzze,

very nice! Is there a possibility this will be ported as a WordPress plugin?

Thank You in advance!

Looks like a great wordpress plugin

Nice script ! GLWS :)

Wow. Looks so nice. Cool script:)

is it possible to change a text in the header with this script?

Hi, what header do you mean?

a fixed div with text that says “position 1” and if the user scrolls past a certain point it should say “position 2” instead

You may using callback function onChange, and set the text in the right place according to the active section

To support full relative URLs I would recommend changing line 94 to:

sectionId = $LINK.attr('href').substring($LINK.attr('href').indexOf("#") + 1);

There may be a better way of doing this but changing this allowed me to link using a global nav with a URL such as /some-folder/page#anchor in the A tag

Hey Man, i would like to purchase this one. but is it possible in wordpress template? Thanks

Hi, is it possible, but this one not wordpress plugin. You will need to manually include script, and edit links and blocks in HTML


I am very interested in your plugin a question and consistent with this model here http://www.zomex.com/démo/templates/HTML/slick-host.php your plugin doir be the center of the page

thank you

I’m having a problem on mobile – after clicking a deep link on an iPhone it takes me there, but then if I scroll up or down the page immediately scrolls back to the original deep link anchor. Can you PM/email me to discuss details?

Hi, Please send me your email via profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/jn0izzze

Simple and impressive!