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Hi! I have seen the video demo and it looks pretty good. Can we have a teamviewer demo session to understand the application better?

i apologize for being not able to provide that facility.

hello, how may i help you?

HI Abdul, I’m very happy with the script, thanks. For my purposes, I’ve modified the script quite a bit ( I don’t have a hotel) as the ‘Model’ suites my clients needs with alterations. That been said, I just downloaded the updated version, but cant find a changelog, do you have one, or better would be a git repo that I can track and merge in as I see fit. Your assistance with this regard will be highly appreciated. Regards, Ron OpenTechSolutions

Hello, currently i do not have any changelog. I will try to provide one ASAP. Thank you.

This doesnt work man, i cant install it, you are asking to run commands i cant run commands in a shared hosting !!

Hello, i sent you a message regarding your problem. Please check it.

Hello, First , Great Script & Good luck wish sales , i have a question before buying , what about adding inventory management ? i think its a great feature ? Thank you

thank you for the complement and your advice. I may add the inventory feature in future but currently ‘m not thinking of adding that :)

can u provide a live demo

right now i don’t have a live demo for this item.

Hi, Please send me your any online profile to communicate you to know more information about the application. Thanks

You may contact me through abdullahilashik@gmail.com

You’re a real lazy and absolutely are not professional. Your behavior is very uncultured. I strongly recommend everybody not to buy the product from the guy. He is a real deranged.

Its wrong trying to make me guilty with wrong acquisitions. I have been providing support to all my customers who had faced any troubles. You did not purchased any product and i refused to work for you, that’s my rights. Now being unbenifited yo are posting wrong acquisitions. Please stop this. Neither of my customer can say i did no helped them.

Hello I need this for some project… Is this Laravel based or Regular Php?

So it’s Laravel… Found out that in description!

I will figure out the most stuff as I know bit of Laravel… The Only thing is … Is it still working and supported??

Actually I want to use this in an academic university project by modifying it from Bootstrap to foundation and then use it …

I will figure out all that stuff … Frontend (Bootstrap/Foundation) & Backend (Php Laravel) ... That’s not an issue

My only concern is that is this still working as usual and is it still supported by you so that I can safely use my money :)

Have you bought it yet? If not please contact me with in my email. I might be able to deliver it to you for free, in educational purposes.


cwcindia Purchased

What is This?? How To Install This??

No Database????

Please Reply fast..

Hello, i did supplied database with the project. To import or get the database properly you will have to follow the instructions :) . Database is seeded into the project. Just seed the seeders and you will get your desired database.