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live preview?

sorry for the inconvenience, actually i don’t have any hosting services. I will upload a demo video shortly.

sorry for the inconvenience, actually i don’t have any hosting services. I will upload a demo video shortly.

good screenshot man

Good luck with selling! :)


A live demo is very much required.

Take my suggestion, hosting services are available so cheap these days.

A video will certainly kill if there is anything good in the product. The screenshot doesn’t show the front end (boking).

Most important, you do not support this product “abdullahilashik does not currently provide support for this item”.

Happy selling, if you do!

i appreciate your valuable comment. I am working on a video demo.

Is this custom php ? or with Framework ?

Laravel Framework used

abdullahilashik, I give you free hosting for life time, can you provide live demo,

sorry i don’t get it. I’m about to upload a video demo. On progress…

Hi abdullahilashik, If you serious about selling your product here, please take example from other authors and host a demo, otherwise it may not be good for you. I think someone is offering you a free hosting for life :)

Thank you

thanks for your valuable comment. I have submitted a video demo, hope that might help users understand my project. I’m a bit concerned about the free hosting service actually, so skipping temporarily.

abdullahilashik, If you provide live preview here, maybe then you got a thousand buyer. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you for you valuable comment. I have uploaded a video demo, after reviewing if everything ok then envato team may approve that.

very nice!

thanks for the appreciation

Hello, If you have a domain, then let me know. I can provide you hosting. From the screen shorts, it seems it is in a very initial stage as there are lot of aspects need to be covered. Thanks

i don’t have domain, besides there is a video preview uploaded that covers all aspects of the project. I don’t know how you missed that.

A video preview is not enough to make me want to buy it. Users need to be able to demo the product. I understand you don’t have hosting, but you can get credit on Digital Ocean and host for at least 1 or 2 months free. Alternatively I can offer you hosting, and a contract of non-disclosure so your product is protected.

Anyway, besides that, you need to make the installation process easier. Some people will want to use this but they will not have access to the server/terminal to run those commands. It should be as simple as installing WordPress, everything through the browser.

hi abdullahilashik , i have tried installing following your steps, but vain , i dont see the login page… i did the steps you stated…its showing 404 , and listing out the laravel and project directories Kindly help me out.

of course! are you trying it on local server or online server?

if it’s on local server,

1. First of all extract the zip file on some place , any place is alright. 2. then open up the command window or console, change the directory to the root folder of the project. 3. Then type this command, php artisan config:cache , this will clear the cache and help you to avoid some errors. 4. Then open .env file from the root directory of project. change database, hostname, username password to your likings what you are using. And config/database.php file too. 5. then type this commnd, php artisan migrate 6. You will have to migrate some intial user login informations so run this command, php artisan db:seed 7. finally run the laravel built in server, php artisan serve 8. now open up the browser and browse, http://localhost:8000, now everything should work just fine. If not i will provide a video demo showing the installation process as well as other fresh copy of this project

can you somehow let me know your mail address? i can provide you a fresh copy of this project and a installation video demo .

it has a biometric part? can read fingerprints?

sorry it hasn’t

Hello, i am seeing your script and i have some questions regarding the frontend, do you have a frontend where people can see the availbilities and booked rooms for a moment, a night or a period of time?

Hello, i haven’t but if buyer requires i can built one for him.

i want to know how you would present the frontpage and i want to see if the dashboard is what i need … Waiting for your answer regarding that.

Right now there is no frontpage for the visitors, if i provide one then it might represent the hotel informations, features, facilities as well as a pre-booking or reservation system from where users will be able to select his/her prefered room from the list and request for reservation. That would be primary plan, if client requires something different that would be provided.

Initially the dashboard can deal with room, floor, floor block, client’s information, employee tasks, user control and some others few. If you can kindly take a look at the video you will get a almost clear idea.

What version of Laravel you use?

In your video you spent an enormous amount of time demonstrating “floors” and “tasks” and “employees”. In realty hotel booking is rarely about any of that. It’s about having flexibility to book rooms with children, with pets, whether smoking or non-smoking, extra charges for extra people, and reports. Yes, reports. So that hoteliers can see immediately all the bookings for today, for the whole week, or the whole month. And it can show those all reports for last month if required. It’s also about taking payment electronically. I didn’t see anything about that stuff in your video. None. So I think you have a long ways to go.