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Hey there

I tried to add the Awesome Header Plugin to my website, but since I use a Themify Ultra Theme the Awesome Header wont show up, even if I edit the header.php like you suggested. Is this Plugin just not compatible to Themify or is there a solution for this? Also, can I get my cash back if it doesnt work? Thank you very much for your support.

Hello and sorry about the inconvenience.

Our plugin is created with WordPress best practices in mind and it is possible that it won’t work with some WordPress themes that are not coded in the same fashion.

You can easily check whether your theme is future proof by visiting Theme Check and validating the theme you’re using.

In case you want a refund, you can request it by contacting the CodeCanyon support.

Cheers, Dragan

Can i create header style with this plugin?

Sorry, but you can’t.

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Yes, there is.

Hi Unfortunately Awesome Header isnt the plugin I am looking for. Please reset my purchase and refund. Thank you for your support! Greetings

Sorry to hear that. What seems to be the problem?

You can initiate a refund request by contacting CodeCanyon support.


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Is Awesome Header compatible with wordpress 4.7 and theme 2017??

Hi, yes it is. It doesn’t use any deprecated features or such.

Hi, I’m looking to have the header load immediately with the initial load of the page. Where can this be configured?

Yes, it’s possible, by using this template tag and replacing the header of your current WordPress theme.

Which theme are you using?

I am using a genesis child theme. Here’s the full php.


do_action( ‘genesis_doctype’ ); do_action( ‘genesis_title’ ); do_action( ‘genesis_meta’ );

wp_head(); // We need this for plugins. ?> </head> <?php

genesis_markup( array( ‘open’ => ’<body %s>’, ‘context’ => ‘body’, ) );

if (function_exists(‘awesomeheader’)) awesomeheader();

do_action( ‘genesis_before’ );

genesis_markup( array( ‘open’ => ‘ ’, ‘context’ => ‘site-container’, ) );

do_action( ‘genesis_before_header’ ); do_action( ‘genesis_header’ ); do_action( ‘genesis_after_header’ );

genesis_markup( array( ‘open’ => ‘ ’, ‘context’ => ‘site-inner’, ) ); genesis_structural_wrap( ‘site-inner’ );


I’m sorry, but I’m not versatile in Genesis, since it uses their own functions.

Hi I have a question, before tu buy your plugin My homepage has a slider (revolution slider) in the header and the menu under the slider, so the menu is not in the same place on all pages How to make the sticky menu appear only later? Compared to the other pages Thank you for your reply


You can use template tag <?php if (function_exists('awesomeheader')) awesomeheader(); ?> to add Awesome Header where ever you want to.

I suggest you consult a developer on how to do this.


Hello thank you for your answer I don’t understand how to have two different options one for the home page one for the others Mystickymenu doest it in the configuration page Yours no ? I don’t see how to do Can i send you the url in a pm to be sure to be understood Thanks

You can’t have two different options.

With Awesome Header, can you create a full width header, about 100px in height, with the logo centered, social icons on the left and a blog search function on the right? I have a theme I really like, but the header customization is limited.

That should be doable, but you can’t have social icons and search in line with your logo. Logo can be in the middle, the other two can be left and right, but slightly above.

Hi, I Just installed Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon plugin to my website and I tried to change colors from Editor in the following parts ‘middle_menu_item_background_color’ => ‘DDDDDD’, ‘middle_menu_item_background_active_color’ => null, ‘middle_hover_color’ => null, ‘middle_active_color’ => null, ‘middle_hover_active_color’ => null, and when I clicked at update changes my website goes down and I cant access it via wordpress, even I cant login to my wordpress or retrieve my website can you please help me out My website is Thank you

Hi, I love the plugin and thinking about going pro, however, my submenus are disappearing under my slider. the site is located here.

Thank you!


Sorry but I don’t see Awesome Header active.

I’ve been able to get my header set up how I want, however there are these white dots at the top of each icon. How do I get rid of those? site:

Hi, you have in your css file

This: your ”.menu” class has border-bottom “1px dotted #e5e5e5” You should remove that and it will be gone.


This may be a very stupid question, but how do I edit my style sheet if I can’t get to the code in the backend? Thanks so much for your help!

You can do it in your admin area under Appearance -> Editor. Select your css file on the right and edit it there.


Hello I bought your plugin but i have a problem – i want to use it as a responsive sticky header but im not able to get it visible when page load – it gets viisble only on scroll event. Even if i set-up is sticky to disable and top offset to 0. It appears only on scroll event.

Can you please tell me how can i set it up so it will be visible by default when page load on mobile without need of scrolling. The same thing might be usefull for desktop in future.

According to your documentation it is possible but i cant see how i cant get it working – im useing defaul custom coded t wordpress twnetyseventeen

UPDATE: Actually due some problems with the plugin functionality described above and lack of time to wait for response i was forced to code custom solution. I’d like to ask for refund according to your 100% money back guarantee policy. Thank you and sorry for problems.

Great that you were able to code custom solution. Sure, you can cobtact CodeCanyon support and ask for a refund. We’ll approve it.


Question, if I wanted to put text in the middle of the top portion of the header, how would I do that? I have a menu left and right, but I’d like to add informative text in between the two.

I’m sorry for the very late reply, but you can’t enter text in the middle portion of the header.

You can use the documentation that came with the plugin and consult with a WordPress developer whether many filters and actions that come with Awesome Header can be used to help you achieve what you want.


For some reason this really great plugin doesn’t work properly any more: it’s stichted at the bottom. I use Wordpress 4.7.2 with the theme Photolux 2.3.6 I think the problem revealed after the upgrade from Photolux to 2.3.6

You can always try our free version of the plugin Awesome Sticky Header and test whether it works OK for you.


I did and it didn’t work (see 4 posts above)

You should use support system then, not the one intended for the premium version of the plugin.

The sticky header works fine but when using a parallax slide feature on the page the sticky header appears behind the slide feature instead of in front. How do I alter this? Also, I cant seem to get genericons to appear at all despite having ticked the genericons option. How do I do this?

Try putting some high z-index and position relative to the header like:

.asmh-header.sticky {position:relative; z-index:9999;}

In Custom CSS tab.

thank you for your reply. ill get onto that first thing in the morning. the site is Haven’t yet managed to work out the genericons thing either. Thanks Helen

You can enable them in the settings page (Appearance > Awesome Header > General > Load Genericons). If they don’t appear, that something is preventing them from loading, or maybe another plugin is doing this already, like Font Awesome or some other that loads Genericons. Try to disable them, then.


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hi, does it possible to customize the plugin in way that each category of posts has a different header ? when i publish a post that belong to category ” 1 ” it use a header “1” and when i publish a post that belong to category “2” it use a header “2” .. that means different header for each category. thanks

Hi, this is not possible, sorry.

Hi, I’m using the DIVI theme, when I make the settings in the preview the options of the theme are seen changes, however when I see it directly on a cell phone does not appear the sticky menu. Could you tell me how to solve this?

The menu is disabled on mobile devices, because of the best practices for mobile screens. There’s a lack of screen real-estate, so Awesome Header doesn’t load on mobile devices and it doesn’t create clutter, where people are accustomed to scrolling up and down.


Hi, so it does not work for what I need. I’m going to request a refund.

Hi, sorry to hear that, but yes, you can request a refund by contacting CodeCanyon support.


Hello , I want to ask if i we can use your plugin with Zerif Pro theme . I want my menu to look like this image :

kind regards