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I purchased Awesome Header on – 25 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE I am not able to use it with RT-theme 18 which was also purchase from same location.

Pls let me know how we can use with this theme


Our plugin is created with WordPress best practices in mind and works with WordPress themes created in the same manner.

The theme you mentioned has code, security and performance issues and no WordPress plugin is guaranteed to work with such a theme.


My theme’s original menu is overlapping the sticky menu

Nevermind I got it to work with the code you provided. Thanks!


If you like the plugin, please take the time to rate it in the downloads section. It means a lot to us.

Cheers, ~Dragan


I try to install awesome-header, but have this message “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” boot.php on line 21

Version 4.7.3 worpress, template hotel master 1.2


What’s your website URL?


Not sure what the issue is, but I suggest you use theme that is coded with WordPress best practices

Hi Author,

is it possible that Awesome Header create layout menu similiar like ? But I would like to put that sticky menu appear on bottom until user scroll it to the bottom of page.

Please Advise, thanks.


Unfortunately, it can’t be made that way.


Plugin resets to default values every time I try to save the new settings, so I am unable to customise anything about it, which was the whole point of buying the pro version.

What’s your website URL? Could you try switching to a different theme and test the plugin, maybe it’s a theme related issue?

Also, do you have permalinks configured?


Seems to be a problem with the Homestore theme (prebuilt child for storefront)

Hello, I am having trouble removing a small gap that appears above the “sticky header”. For whatever reason it does not appear when logged in, but for anonymous users you have a 1-2px gap which is distracting when you scroll the site. I have tried eliminating various margins padding etc and still have this gap. Wondering if you have run into this before. I am using Beaver Builder plugin as well and wondering if that may be causing this. When you view source the html has a lot of empty space which may be causing this. Not sure how to go about getting a cleaner output?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. BTW I really do like this plugin. It is the best :-)


Hey John,

I’ve just checked your website again. You’ve inserted the custom CSS correctly, but it’s definitely a caching problem.

This is the code you’ve entered:

.asmh-header div.middle { margin-top: none !important; }

but, it’s being overridden by this CSS:

.asmh-header div.middle { margin-top: 1px; } which is contained in the following CSS file —

Please, note the URL. The caching plugin minifies the original CSS and serves it to browsers. Could you please disable your cache plugin or at least Purge your caching plugin and your browser cache.

Regards, ~D

Hey Dragan,

Thanks for checking on this again. Yes, you were correct. Cleared the cache and all is good. Really do appreciate the first rate support! :-)

Great to hear that :)

If you like the plugin, please take the time to rate it in the Downloads section. Thanks and cheers.


Does this plugin has the option of “Horizontal sub menus” so once top level menu is hovered all sub menus are horizontally displayed in one line?

Hi, it does not.


Hi, I just bought your header, but when I upload it into wordpress, wordpress says there is no plugin detected. Can I pull the file out of the zipped folder and upload it directly?

Check that, it installed but it keeps having a fatal error and I can’t run the program.

Can you send me the message you’re getting please?

Hello, I just purchased Awesome Header and I cannot get it to work. I am inquiring about a refund, based on your pre-sale guarantee. Please let me know how I can get my money back.

Thank you!

What’s the problem? What issue do you have?


SDAI Purchased

Ok, so I had installed your free version on, a mature working site, and it seemed to be fine, then I installed the PRO version, and right away it seemed like something was not correct, what was showing on your preview dashboard was not what was on the site itself, the pull down menus although they showed in the dashboard settings area they did not on the actual site although it worked with the free version. Now we get ERROR 500 we cannot even login to our site since installing your plugin! Not cool at all!

Hi, I can’t access, but that doesn’t have necessarily to do with the plugin, domain is just not accessible. Can you send me access to admin or FTP via contact form please? It’s here:


SDAI Purchased

I contacted our hosting service, it was not the server, which I knew already since our email and other domains were working, they removed the Awesome Header plugin, our site then worked. There was a script error that happened exactly after installing the PRO version of Awesome Header, we could not even login. So some coding in your plugin did not mesh with our site. We are up to date both with WordPress and PHP, if your plugin is not up to date with PHP 7.1 that may be the problem. I did like your header but not sure we will be trying it again.

Hi, I had just purchased & installed the plugin & it is totally messing up the website. What happens is that while scrolling it shows all page code. I’m using SiteOrigion live page builder & I noticed it shows their codes :( It is a live website so I had to deactivate the plugin. I can’t keep it there.

Please advise or refund Thanks, Ahrale

Sure, you can do that by contacting the CodeCanyon support and ask for a refund. I’ll approve it immediately.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I know there has been some.

Regards, ~Dragan

Thank you For trying to resolve, I sent a refund request & hope to buy from you in the future something that will meet my needs.

No problem, Ahrale. Have a great weekend.

Cheers, ~Dragan

HI, i am trying to replace my theme’s menu by yours, however following the guidelines as provided in the document does not seem to work. Can you confirm if it is possible with the theme i am using ( )


We’re not sure whether our plugin is compatible with the theme you mentioned. I suggest you first check to see if the theme is created using WordPress best practices by using this checker

Our plugin is created using best practices and works with the themes created in the same fashion.


Hi, we are looking to use your menu plugin on a new build, are you able to advise whether it’s possible for the sub menu options to only appear on click when in mobile expanded view? We’ve noticed that if there a lots of sub menu items the expanded list is very long.

Hi, we’ve decided not to show Awesome Header on mobile view, because it takes away much of the needed screen real-estate, so no, our plugin won’t be a good fit for your website.

Hi, I just purchased this and successfully installed the plugin, but the menu does not show on my site, no matter what I do. Maybe it’s not compatible with my theme? My theme is Divergent by Egemenerd. Please advise. Lisa

Hi, where did you put the code?

I’m just using the wordpress dashboard

I’m just using the wordpress dashboard.

does this plugin work with the clubix theme for wordpress at all? is it compatible?

I’m not sure that it is. You could try our free version of the plugin to check it out. It’s located here:

This doesn’t seem to work with Jupiter theme. Any suggestions?

It doesn’t show on mobile because it would take much of the screen real-estate, so following usability best practices, we decided not to show it there.

ok then this is unusable. how do we get a refund? We tried the codes too and it just won’t override on jupiter. I wish it would work :(

No problem. You can contact CodeCanyon support and ask for a refund.

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Hi, please send us instructions from our profile page how to access your admin. Also, don’t put publicly your purchase ID.

hello i waiting