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Instagram-based gallery only shows 20 images or does not show images for tag

When integrating with Instagram, you need to get your application approved by Instagram staff to get out of the “Sandbox” mode. Until approved, applications have some resriction described at Instagram sandbox mode description page.

I want to upload 100 or more images to use them in Awesome Gallery. How do I do that?

You need to install a free NEXTGEN Image gallery plugin, upload images with it, then use Awesome Gallery’s “NEXTGEN” settings tab to display images uploaded.

I upgraded from the previous version and the gallery has serious issues now.

This kind of problems is usually caused by caching and Javascript minifier plugins. Please do the next: 1. If your site is on WPEngine server – please make sure to clear all WPEngine caches. 2. If you’re using one of W3 Total Cache, WP Super cache or BWP Minify plugins – please disable them for a moment, make sure all works OK, and flush all caches (including BWP Minify minified file cache).

Thumbnails do not load in my galleries

You need to log in as site admin, open the gallery at the public side of the site, click “Images not showing?” button and follow the troubleshooting guide. It will offload all the image processing to Jetpack Photon service, which is much more reliable and faster than the default resizer.

Awesome Gallery looks broken at the front-end, but shows fine in preview

Some themes and plugin may change the HTML output generated by Awesome Gallery and break its normal operation. It is especially the case with some older “free” themes those inserted <p></p> tags instead of spaces adding extra padding when not necessary.

To fix this problem, you first need to try to enable “Use shortcode hack” option at Awesome Gallery’s global configuration. If it does not fix the issue – you need to disable it, and then do an “investigation”:

  1. Try to switch to an another theme (preferrably some standard one) for a few minuts. If that fixes the problem – you’ll need to contact theme’s author for an updated version that does not change shortcode output.
  2. Disable other plugins one by one, each time checking if the problem with Awesome Gallery disappeared. The last one disabled before Awesome Gallery starts to work correctly is the “suspect” for update / being disabled.

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