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Hi, how do I upload multiple images as it seems as though I have to add it one by one and I have loads to add so will take me ages? I would be good if I can upload multiple images and assign them the tags in one go. Maybe you can point us in the direction of doing this via the db? Thanks

Hello! This feature is not implemented intentionally. If you want to have a large gallery, it’s best to upload images with standard media UI, then use Awesome Gallery’s “posts” image source to fetch posts from of type “media” (which corresponds to images).

You can also use one of the media tagging plugins to have tagging.



kunzi Purchased

We have a problem with IE11 and Win + Safari. It does not seem to display the gallery in front end at all. With other browsers it seems to work ok.

Hello! Please submit a support request using plugin’s built-in feature. I’ll take a closer look at your case.


I have buy the plugin, it’s good, but I need one function.

in the POSTS tab, when user click the pic, user can be redirect to the post url, not lightbox show the pic.

tks. :)

Hello! Brilliant idea, I’ll add it to the next release.


Hello. I’m having this problems:

awesome-gallery.js:31 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘removeChild’ of null at Function.p.default.onUnmount (awesome-gallery.js:31) at i.store.onDispatch (awesome-gallery.js:31) at o (awesome-gallery.js:31) at e.value (awesome-gallery.js:31) at t (awesome-gallery.js:31)

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘download’ of undefined at t.value (awesome-gallery.js:31) at m._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (awesome-gallery.js:31) at m._renderValidatedComponent (awesome-gallery.js:31) at m.performInitialMount (awesome-gallery.js:31) at mountComponent (awesome-gallery.js:31) at Object.mountComponent (awesome-gallery.js:11) at v.mountChildren (awesome-gallery.js:31) at v._createInitialChildren (awesome-gallery.js:31) at v.mountComponent (awesome-gallery.js:31) at Object.mountComponent (awesome-gallery.js:11)

You can see the problem itself in your Live Preview. Under Features -> Filtering

See below screenshot:


Please drop me a private message – I’ll send you the latest version fixing these problems.


Hi, I already email you. Thanks

I am very new to WP and looking at the Awesome Gallery plugin as the best result so far. My question is this…

I will create a WP form for users to “post” pictures of families that have lost someone to suicide along with their details should they provide them. My hope is that after the user submits the post with picture, that I can review it for approval, then the picture will be put out into the gallery. From there I would like to have all the data that the user submits show up to the side of the picture while the user hovers over the picture in a “pop out” style box.

Is this something your app can accomplish?

Hello! Awesome Gallery will be able to pull that data from existing posts, but it does not have any submission features.


Hi, i have just bought this plugin but i can not see any documentation. could let me know where can i find it.

Hello! You can find some howtos at the product demo site. If you’ll have any questions after reading them – I’ll be happy to answer them.


I have more than 200 images sorted into 20 folders. I wish create from each folder one awesome gallery. Images are uploaded to WP via media plugin


Is possible create awesome gallery and add all images batch from folder ?

Hello! Awesome Gallery is not designed to do that directly. You can try to use NEXTGEN to “pull” them into WordPress and transfer data to Awesome Gallery.


Hi ,

I have gallery which items are linked to posts. Is possible change cursor on move from arrow to hand with finger ?



on frontpage of http://zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk/ I use Awesome Gallery as enter to the references

“Naše posledne realizované záhradnícke práce”

each image going to open next http://link..... page

Problem is, that images are only css resized and thus no optimised for size and kBytes

Is possible add as image source smaller image ?

When selecting image from media folder, this possibility is no available

The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 874.0KiB (89% reduction).

http://zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Zahradnictvo-pod-Urpinom-Banska-Bystrica-P6090602.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 1200×900 to 387×290. Serving a scaled image could save 302.4KiB (89% reduction). http://zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Zahradnictvo-pod-Urpinom-Banska-Bystrica-P7060675.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 1200×900 to 387×290. Serving a scaled image could save 217.8KiB (89% reduction). http://zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Zahradnictvo-pod-Urpinom-Banska-Bystrica-CameraZOOM-20161027165114489.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 1200×900 to 387×290. Serving a scaled image could save 197.2KiB (89% reduction). http://zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Zahradnictvo-pod-Urpinom-Banska-Bystrica-P7050659.jpg is resized in HTML or CSS from 1200×900 to 387×290. Serving a scaled image could save 156.5KiB (89% reduction).

Hello! Please submit a support request using plugin’s built-in feature – I need to take a closer look at your installation to help you.


Hi dear,

I was solve this by creating separated optimised and scaled images for this and replacing previous images

Hi, I need to insert my 500px custom galleris in Awesome Gallery plugin. is it possible? or I can use only popular photo? which are 500px feed types that I can use?

thank you Marco

Hello! Awesome Gallery supports all the methods of pulling 500px images described here: https://github.com/500px/api-documentation/blob/master/endpoints/photo/GET_photos.md



krausssr Purchased

Hello. I’m not sure if you can help me but I’ve been using this plugin for awhile now and just recently it stopped showing up on mobile. All of my gallery content shows up just fine on the web, just not mobile. I’m also using the Divi Theme if that helps. Not sure whats going on. www.stephumz.com

Thank you in advance for any assistance, Steph

Hello! Please upgrade your installation to the latest version by re-downloading the plugin from CodeCanyon. I can also take a closer look at the issue if you’ll renew your support period.


Hi. Link to post function it’s not working on my site. I’ve tried to update the settings over and over again, but link mode change by itself to “link to original (new window). I’m using wordpress 4.7.x . Any idea?

Hello! Please submit a support request using plugin’s build-in UI, I’ll take a look at the issue.


Sended. Thank you