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Okay. I downloaded the “wordpress only file” yet I get a “missing style.css” error when trying to install the .zip file. Any suggestions?

Hello! It’s because you’re installing it as a theme, while this is a plugin and should be installing using a “plugins” WordPress admin screen.


I am not getting any image sources to load. There is no “Sign in to Facebook” button anywhere (settings or on gallery creation page) as your documentation says. http://awesome-gallery.karevn.com/features/image-sources/facebook/

Please respond asap – I just purchased this and it is not working at all.

Thanks. Just did.

Hmm. I did not receive a support request from you. Can you please send site details manually using private messages from my profile page?


Hello! Is it possible to add somehow a watermark in lightbox?

Hello! It’s out-of-scope for this plugin. You can uploaded watermarked images or use some plugin to add watermarks – I’m sure it exists.


Is there an option to show the thumbnail number? Either as an overlay (center or corner), or above/below the thumbnail?

This is VERY useful for situations where you have a lot of product images, and are on the phone with a customer, so you can tell them, for example, “Click on Picture #12” and talk about a specific feature.

I’m not talking about having the numbers INSTEAD of thumbnails. But thumbnails AND numbers at the same time.

Hello! It is not supported for now. You can use deeplinking for that – so you can send your customer a link to the specific image.


Submitting this bug because the tool through wordpress is broken.

I just wanted to flag for you that I am seeing an error when I try to load on of my galleries (via Flickr). Not sure if you are aware, or if this pertains to your plugin, but wanted to report it. Can you let me know if this is caused by your plugin or if its the theme?

The gallery doesn’t show up at all for me on my page.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < (index): line 964

found here: https://damian.nimeck.com/munich-germany/
<div class="asg-wrapper" id="asg-wrapper-130-1" />
                var id = 'asg-wrapper-130-1';
                var el = document.getElementById(id);
                var options = <br />  *// <--- LINE 964

Can you confirm that you’ve read this? Are you aware of this bug?

Hello! I answered the email. Basically, your site is in a development mode and there were some PHP notices those led to misformatted HTML.

If anyone else has this problem – just drop me a message or wait for an updated version that can work this around.


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maty241 Purchased

Is there support for Flickr’s OSecret Key to load the Original Size images ?

Just purchased your Plugin and it is not compatible with the BeaverBuilder page builder. You can download the beaverbuilder plugin here for troubleshooting https://wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version

If you can fix it, I’d love to keep your plugin. If it’s not something that can be fixed quickly, please refund my purchase. Thanks for your assistance. I can provide a screencapture of my issue is needed. Thanks!

What’s the status? Thanks!

Ok. I’m going to go ahead an move forward with a refund. No response to my help request in over 8 days. This doesn’t work with pagebuilders. Thank you.

Refund Request Submitted.


RBWeb Purchased

Здравствуйте! Можно ли в шорткоде сделать выборку по тегам на подобии: [awesome-gallery id=36567 filters=”first teg, second teg”]

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question. I need it to do portfolios, titles: 2018, 2017 and etc and under every year are images. Can you show me the live demo there are categories with that kind of style?


Installed the recent update to Awesome Gallery, and it no longer works on my site. Contacted WP Engine support and cleared caches, they pointed out that the plugin is throwing JS errors: https://static.livechatinc.com/2819642/P48M1GS3FW/f0f15d91ac289801a26239b0913e00cc/Screen%20Shot%202018-02-23%20at%203.22.01%20PM.png