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On facebook gallery there is the option to list first the latest images? like ordering: descending, because I would like to have the latest photos posted on facebook to be the first ones

Hello! As far as I remember – it just pulls the images in the same order they’re displayed on Facebook.



We’ve been having problems with the plugin on our site (identity.uk.com/clients) ever since we uploaded new content into the galleries (the individual client work pages) a couple of days ago. Everything worked fine initially, even after loads of new content was added to the site; but now none of the images display at all unless the page is refreshed 3-4 times. We’ve tried updating to Version, clearing site caches, and reducing all the file sizes even more to increase site loading speed, but it seems as though there was something actually preventing the content from loading straight away. I’m not sure if this is a plugin-related issue, or a problem with the site itself – if there is any advice you could offer on the matter, it’d be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Hello! Your account was not used to purchase Awesome Gallery license. Please contact me from the licensed account – I’ll be happy to help.


Hi there Please can you share a demo using Facebook – it’s not displaying on your site. Thanks

Thanks for reporting – fixed.

The link to the ‘Project Tags’ isn’t linking the project to the tag/sub folder. Can you help me? I installed the updated version of the Awesome Gallery plug in with my updated version of Wordpress. It’s not compatible, so I had wordpress roll back the version to php 7.0.20 So that it works. But the link between the ‘Project Tab’ category on each job doesn’t connect/link when you press on the tab on the page. http://abgbuilders.com/#past-project-highlights

Please help me, I’m sure there is some coding that just needs to be fixed. (I already cleared all the caches and that didn’t work. I called Wordpress and they helped me get it back to looking normal.)

Thank you I appreciate it! Natalie linkedin.com/in/natalie-manning-88a88b8

Hello! Your account was not used to purchase a license for this plugin. Please drop me a message from the account having a “purchased” badge – I’ll be happy to help.



big fan of your plugin but recently some photos are not loading. Suggestions?

Hello! Please renew your support period – I’ll be happy to take a look.


Not all images are showing. I renewed the support today. Advice? https://fenstysfleamarket.com/flea-market-photos/

I am looking for a AWS S3 Compatible Gallery. Can anyone make a recommendation. Envira and NextGen do not support AWS S3 Buckets.


I believe there’s no such a product as it’s impossible technically. Thanks.


First of all congrats, the plugin looks great. For a specific almub, are the facebook photos refreshed automatically? I mean if I upload new photos to an album, is it going to show automatically? How long it takes to show the new photos? Cheers

They’re cached for about 1 hour and refreshed automatically.


When will there be an official version for WP 4.8.1? I’m planning to use it in combination with NextGen plug-in.

Hello! Current version is compatible to WP 4.8.1. Thanks for mentioning – I’ll update compatibility info.