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Hey there,

Any ideas on how to translate the LOAD MORE button for loading more images in the gallery? WPML can’t scan nor find the string for it.

Any ideas regarding this? :)


ive found that the plugin does not allow my page to scroll in google chrome.

please let me know if this is something you can assist in resolving?


I have version 2.1.5 and wish upgrade to newest 2.2.0, is simply possible? System can´t give me auto update possibility

How can I upgrade it manually?

Why your plugin is no automatically upgraded and tested for newest versions WP? And why blank page when opening About info?

Awesome Gallery Verzia 2.1.5


Hi, my item purchase code is 184d222e-b2ed-4d95-8893-590840b01982

Each “corso” has awesome gallery built in.

50% of the load time we get a blank page. I tried to debug in every possible way. This is due to Awesome gallery

Please give me an email so i can create an administrative account for you to debug!!

Hi. I’m trying to upload the plugin to Wordpress – what files do I choose to upload from all those downloaded


lrosset Purchased

Hi, I just bought your module and installed it properly. However, I’ve got a serious problem: JS error: Uncaught TypeError: {(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)}[n] is not a function. Consequently, link to post does not work at all unfortunately. Moreover, 1st title on hover should be one of my custom fields. However, instead of the text content, I’ve got what seems to be an internal variable code: “field_5b22eb5967eac”. Could you get back to me to solve this issue? Many thanks


lrosset Purchased

Support request sent through module as well


t4run Purchased

Hi, I am having a problem where my username is not being recognised. My profile is

How do I use the format as ‘xxxxxxxxx@Nxx’



Hi requested support on this last week but still no response, can you please contact me?

Dreadful support, cant get it to work, need a refund on this product

hi i bought the plugin today and i kind of disappointed i am a proffesional photographer and i need to upload photos from my pc. i created a new gallery and then pressed on manual because the pics is on my pc. i cant upload a batch of photos – just pic by pic… if there is no way to create a gallery and upload a batch of photos it just not meets my need and i’ll ask for refund please.

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I only get a blank screen after uploading a gallery manually. Have tried troubleshooting with no luck. I have tried twice leaving a message through the backend and have not yet received any response. My email is

Hi, it is possible to link to the fb page when I click on the image? If yes it is automatic?