Awesome Family Tree Application - The Genealogy :: Built on ASP.NET MVC 5

Awesome Family Tree Application - The Genealogy :: Built on ASP.NET MVC 5

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You know our anchesters are very important to us! To keep their historical and genealogy data, we have to keep their records in safe and secure.

Awesome Family Tree application helps to record your family members information and generate relationships for your family. By using this application, you can add, edit, delete, search & list your family members and create, edit & delete users to access this application.

Built on ASP.NET MVC 5, Microsoft SQL Server Database, LINQ, C#, Entity Framework, Model View ViewModel (MVVM) Pattern, HTML5, CSS3, Google Org Chart, Bootstrap and JQuery.

We have included MSSQL db-script files, documentation, application source files in source folder and compiled application files in published folder and also ReadMe & Credentials text files.

Follow our step by step documentation which can help you to upload Awesome Family Tree Application.

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Live Demo:

Admin credentials:
User Name: admin
Password: 123

User credentials:
User Name: user1
Password: 123

Key Features:

  • People Search/Details, Automatic Relationship
  • Manage Multiple Spouse, Manage Users
  • Users By Role, Easy & Attractive Admin Panel
  • View Hierarchical Google Org Family Tree Chart
  • RTL Layout Support
  • English & Arabic Localization Support

Version Log:

Version 1.1, Released on December 9-2018

Note: In this release, there is no updates in the database. Major implementations are rtl layout, localization, user dashboard, profile, settings and other bug fixes.

New Features:

  1. - Arabic layout RLT added
  2. - Localization added
  3. - User dashboard added
  4. - Profile added
  5. - Settings added
  6. - Sweet alert and Bootstrap notify added
  7. - UsersByRole export added. Now data can be export to CSV, EXCEL, PDF and Copy & Print

Bug Fixes:

  1. - People views null value exception handled
  2. - Person views null value exception handled
  3. - Person update exception handled
  4. - Person photo selector bug fixed
  5. - Flip checkbox bug fixed
  6. - Removed Views->Person->PersonDetails