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Need This For Opencart 2.0 Please Reply Me

Working Well… Thanks.. How To Set Without Popup Quick login and quick register for mobile low screen resolution devices like mobiles,tablets? please reply me

you mean for mobile version you don’t want to show popup? And just a existing opencart Login Register link to redirect to opencart default login page?

If you really like the module, Please rate it by going to this link to help us to improve it.

I have installed and set all the api keys and secret key but.. Its not working..

Reply me ASAP

Thank You Really it was very helpful.I give 5 star rating for this plugin..once again thanks

but there is no option available 4 rating

thanks for your feedback. I think in your download section, there is option to rate the module. Please check and give your feedback :)

Any problems with opencart 1.5.6 open t-shirts and UniVersum Pro – premium responsive OpenCart theme Thanks

There won’t be any problem with opencart version. Its full tested. If issue comes with premium theme then drop me a mail. Mostly it works with the premium theme. Thanks

whoa! I installed your mod and when I click on create api keys, it takes me to a whole new world of development for face book and google. I thought this was easy. I need you to set this up. Tell me where to email what info you need cause this looks way out of my capabilities. I tried getting keys but im so lost. You docs are incorrect (you have to upload each folder not the whole upload folder)and don’t explain what to do after clicking on your generate keys and secret keys. Thanks

i just bought but not working on 1.5.6

Please request support through support option with proper credentials and issue details. Support can not be given in comment box.

why don’t answer me? I bought this extension before 3 days. and I sent an email for helping. but you don’t answer me. Plase answer me..

This module is not an android or iOS application. I have replied on your mail.

Very good module. Best support.

thanks for your feedback :)

Does it support, asking user to fill other fields after registration?

Bad support After buying the module, nothing works and author doesn’t respond for support. Need refund.

Sorry for the delay. Jounal 2 theme structure was difficult to understand that’s it took some days to fix it. Your issue is fixed and files are mailed to your email id.

Hello Sir, I need your support , After signup with Facebook it is showing full page error with codes , Kindly check it and resolve it.

I want to know if works as https? I have change my opencart as https mode.

Some modification might be required for https, you can contact after puchase.

I had to remove it from the site as the script is acting strange on the return link. Some help would really be useful by now , please reply

Hi, I can’t open your website. I have already sent you the screen shot of the error. Please check it. Its saying website is not available.

I had and have people from all over the world browsing and using the site, your module is now offline as it can not be used with the bugs, thinking about a refund request if you can not advise about the issues of the module. Adrian

Hi, I’m not able to open your website and can’t help you. You can take the refund from codecanyon. I can help only If I could open to your website but I can’t open your website and its saying website not available.


I Need your help

I Need after login redirect to previous page (last visit page or currently visit page ) how to set like that ? please reply me


send details to

I Am already sent mail.. no reply

Please request support through support option with proper credentials and issue details. Support can not be given in comment box.

Hey I am still waiting for your support, Its one week of purchase and nothing is working, I have provided you all information, you required.

Regards Dinesh

Hi, I have checked your issue and replied on your mail. Please check your mail.

Hello I just buy this plug,And I use https, Could you please how to modified ? Please emial to Best

Please request support through support option with proper credentials and issue details. Support can not be given in comment box.

Hi, the presales question of support assurance was answered in an hour. However, after repeated emails, the support has not been provided. Neither the complete email has been read and issue looked into before reply although the ftp and admin details were also provided. The issue of popup not working was resolved by me by changing the vqmod xml, however still other issue persist and still no support !!!!

Need response on below two: 1. Custom theme have responsive.css. Can you guide to to change css or something so that popup becomes responsive. If not then how can popup be removed from login and register option only for mobile responsive mode.

2. The checkout and account page are not showing google & fb button on custom theme. Need you to look into it to work on custom theme.

Hi, Sorry for the issue you faced. This module works with the default theme and most of the premium theme. If theme is modified or core opencart files are changed then vqmod will not work since the vqmod file is created based on the fresh opencart files. Its not responsive yet and we are working on it. The module is full tested with the all version mentioned and the default theme and some custom premium themes and it works well. If its not working on your custom theme then you can take the refund.


Thanks for the refund. I had given 1 rating due to things not working, and was waiting for you to support and make changes in vqmod according to my custom theme. Since you have refunded the amount, kindly let me know how to revert the rating.


Does your module supports multi language? If no, did you encrypted the codes so can I change/add/replace them with Turkish? I am also using journal2 as a theme and the opencart base version is

Thank you

I have installed and configured successfully but there is no popup window showing. Could you please help me?

Login icons appears bottom of the login page only..

Hi Please send mail to

I have installed Rgensis theme on my opencart instalation. Just after the installation it amde things worst can you please help me to resolve the issui i am attaching a screen shot here.

Hi, The issue was coming due to theme structure was different. Anyways your issue is fixed and its working fine on your live server.

Thanks a ton OZXMOD, Great support and realy appreciate your help thanks again.


Pl help me with Journal Integration

I have purchased this and it does not work with custom theme sellegance ,it has a redirect error and they wont provide any support on the matter.

Hi I purchased this module.. I followed the video tutorial. I am able to install, but the social buttons are not visible on the store front. Pls revert back at the earliest.


I have checked your website and found that you have not installed vqmod. Please install vqmod. Module works on vqmod.