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Hi There, Does this import pdf file in CSV or in php variables? I need to collect all binary data from pdf. Does this import CSV to php variables? Which pdf version it supported? Is this possible?

Hi, pdf is only exported, not imported. Thanks

Hello, I am looking to design a website similar to expireddomains.net. Is your script useful to achieve me that functionality? Let me explain you what exactly I am trying to do. I have a affiliate account with CJ.com and I want to promote GoDaddy domains. GoDaddy offer free list of domains in .csv file which is updated everyday. That csv files contains over 300,000 domains. I am looking to upload .csv file everyday in my website and display in my website with datagrids. (Just like expireddomains.net) do. I would also like advance search and apply search filters to list related to domains. Use the link below to see what type of csv I want to work with… https://www.sendspace.com/file/9ixj3t Also I would like to know how can I apply my affiliate link at CSV file or within your system.


There are some functionalities available in awesome conversion script and some functionality are available in the PDOCrud. Like acs allows you to import data from csv and PDOCrud helps in the generation of CRUD table. Together these scripts can do most of the things that you needed but some functionality, you need to managed like It has search option for field but not advanced search. Please check demo of both once to understand it better whether it meets your requirement properly or not. Thanks

Hi. I just bought this plugin and i dont know what to do with it! I have a website that I want to be able to get it to read from a csv file and then populate a table with the contents of the csv file. How do I do that? I don’t know where to install the files or how to get the website to reference the files


i went through the documentation but i dont know where to put the script. Do I just chose the script I need and then insert it into my website?

i want to put a csv file on the server, and have the website pick up the contents of the file and insert it into the web page.

I cant figure out from the instructions how to do that

the demo doesn’t help me figure out what to do


You can put it on place like inside the website or any folder and all you need to do is to set database related details and it will work.

hi i downloaded your product but i dont think it’s what I need. Can I please organise a refund?



Hi, I have replied in your message, please check. Thanks