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Great plugin, works really well. But I am experiencing problems where the plugin is locking up on me when I go to save. It displays…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function c5_get_premade_templates() in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/appetite/web/app/plugins/awesome-builder/includes/functions.php on line 5

It appears to save the widget and all its data to the post but displays the error message when I hit the update button every time. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Can you help please.

It is on a local MAMP install at the moment with my own custom theme but I have experienced this also on a live development server with a default WordPress theme.

Thank you, I have done so and will keep an eye on it.

Hi there, just wondering if an update for the plugin has been scheduled which may include a fix for the problem identified involving the AB widgets and the button to turn them off.

Sorry for late reply, we have submitted the update it should be available soon.


i can’t load the specific categories for a post widget in alyoum them

Hey there, we have some trouble with your (except for that pretty awesome) awesome-builder. If you have a new row with a AB-Text widget and you try to link some text, the input fields are not clickable. We first thought it might be a problem with any other plugin, enabled define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true); but couldn’t find the source of this issue. I just saw it is the same issue on your hosted demo site (http://awesome-builder.code-125.com/wp-admin/ ).

Any idea how to fix it?

It’s 26 days now. No answer here, no answer via support ticket…

Hey, i have the same Problem like publicorange. Can you help us!

Hey there again, I would really need your help. Now especially with the new WordPress update to 4.3.0. It throws the following error caused by your plugin:

Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct()

For any1 experiencing this error: you can disable the warnings in the wp-config.php if you set WP_DEBUG from true to false ( define('WP_DEBUG', false); ).

This is just a temporary solution and I hope you will provide an update for this as soon as possible.

Since I haven’t any big expectations, because you didn’t reply for my request within the last month I am hoping maybe some1 else here has a solution to fix this with not just disabling the error message.

For any1 with the same error: I found a solution to fix this beside disabling WP_DEBUG. Go to: awesome-builder/widgets/includes/C5_Widget.php and change line 59 from

$this->WP_Widget( $id_base, 'AB - '. $name, $widget_ops, $control_ops );


parent::__construct( $id_base, 'AB - '. $name, $widget_ops, $control_ops );

No guarantee though, but this was working for me. Hope this is helping

Thanks publicorange for the notice and the fix, we are updating the theme now, thanks

Is there anyway to set a central default value for the ‘Columns width’ for each row? My client wants 20px instead of 30px and will be a big pain if they have to set it for every row on every page.

Dear ATullett,

I am sorry but at the current specs you can’t set the default column margins.


Hey there, we still have some trouble.

If you have a new row with a AB-Text widget and you try to link some text, the input fields are not clickable. We first thought it might be a problem with any other plugin, enabled define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true); but couldn’t find the source of this issue. I just saw it is the same issue on your hosted demo site (http://awesome-builder.code-125.com/wp-admin/ ).

Any idea how to fix it?

Does the plugin have to be installed in every wordpress website, or can I develop all of my client websites within my own website?

Hi guys! its the first time for me to buy WP theme, and i did that cuz i loved this brilliant theme. now i want to do something, i want to use the awesome builder to build my homepage, so there anyway to use it but not in page ?? cuz if i made it in new page i think it will screw my SEO ?! help plzzzzzz. reply me fel engaz plz :D :)

Hello Redz85,

I am not sure i get what you are talking about. This is a WordPress Plugin not a theme. This means this will extend your WordPress Theme functionality to add page builder.

If you already bought this plugin or any of our themes please contact us through the account you purchased it from.


Oh sorry, my question is about the Crystal them which have the awesome builder inside!

Okay, then please send me your question via this link and i will be happy to assist you :)



Dear Mustafa Why the Text button Doesn’t appear normal in web site. This is an example of the result:

[c5ab_button link=”http://codecanyon.net/” text=”

Hello Abuyaman,

Please contact us via the support tab above .



when I install your plugin it changes the size and font color, thank you to tell me if there is an alternative

Hello Dear , please send us more info like site url and issue link to our support tab above to send us an e-mail for more efficiant support .

Kind Regards

Just tried to look at the Demo and it goes to an error page

Hello Dear, Thanks for your interests.

i just checked it and it’s working fine now , may be that was server down time , or if you still having this issues please send me a screenshot to inspect it .


It can be integrated inside a theme without previously activate the plugin ? If I buy the Extended License i can sell my wp theme with Awesome Builder integrated ?

Hello weblysolutions,

Thanks for your interest, Yes it can be integrated in the theme directly without the need to activate it from plugins, however we recommend the plugin to be added as a plugin to make it easy for updates.

Yes, If you purchased an extended license you can sell it with your WordPress Themes. And Every Theme needs a separate extended license.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Regards.

Thank you Code125. Great Plugin!

I have bought and installed this (and yes it is activated), but it does not show on the pages. Please advise

Hello CADKent,

Thank you for purchasing Awesome Builder, The plugin requires an installation of Option Tree (Free Plugin) from the WordPress repository. Please make sure it is installed.

Please let me know if there anything we can help you with.

Excellent! All working now, thank you! And thank you for being so quick to answer too!

You are welcome, Please let us know if you need anything.

Hi, are page templates settings stored in a certain file either a database? How can I merge and solve conflicts in a Github in a team? Thanks

Hi, I have below presale question.

I could not find the shortcodes generator in the demo, could you please shoe me link.



Thanks for your interest, you can check the shortcode generator in any of our themes here: https://testdrive.code125.com/

It is the same page builder and shortcode generator sold here.

Hey, does the Plugin work with Wordpress 4.6 and the upcoming 4.7?


Hello nullpeter,

Thank you for your interest, The product is compatible with 4.6. We haven’t test it yet with 4.7, but as far as i read there is no expectations for any issues to have with the new version. and if there is an issue it will be fixed immediately.

What’s the login to try the “builder”?. demo/demo just logs me into the Wordpress dashboard.

How about Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap 4 is not officially out yet. When it is out we will decide based on the final release.

I try your live preview and couldn’t see anything it said 404 error

Sorry, you can try the builder here in Master WordPress Theme. https://testdrive.code125.com/