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I have created a room with base price for 1 guest 46.64 and maximum number of sleeping capacity is 4. To my understanding if there are 2 guest the price should be 93.28 but no the price does not change. So what is the point of base price?

I want for each additional guest the price would be add the base price times the number of guest.

Of course the price should be appear at the accommodation price list

Let me show you the graphic for you to better understand.

In first image I choose 1 Adult with the base price 81.62 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3qBQWGE_SJ5TFotUEtYbW5OVHc And in this second image, I choose 2 adult with base price also 81.62 PER 1 guest…so with 2 guests it should be 81.62 X 2 adult = 163.24 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3qBQWGE_SJ5MFFGRmtJLWNyLTA

Do you got me? Here, why don’t you go to our website and make a test yourself. https://ecomarineperhentian.com/awe-booking-check/ and choose only Dorm (4 pax) or Dorm (8 pax) as a Room Type

Ok, I got it. Have you used this feature “Extra Price” yet ? I think that you still have not config in this season. Let see and refer to the explanation about that:

http://imgur.com/a/EaxqJ http://awethemes.com/comment/10347#comment-10347

If you’re complete all these but your issuse still is here. Please go to our support forum and give us account admin to check.


No, I don’t want to use extra person to be put as Extra Price…if I do that, what is the point of your Base Price?

Here is the situation:

For EXTRA price, it is OK if the room such as Chalet can only accommodate Max 4 person. But if they bring extra 5th person. then that person will be count as extra.

BUT if the room type is Dorm type that can accommodate 8 pax, each pax base price USD10, then if the person register for 8 pax the according to base price USD10 times 8 = USD80. And during peak season the base price will be double USD20 times 8 = USD160

This won’t happen if using Extra price, because base price per pax USD10, peak USD20. During peak here is the calculation; Base price USD20 + (EXTRA USD 10 X 7) = USD90

Because EXTRA PRICE does not change according to ROOM PRICING MANAGEMENT.

So let me ask you, what is the point of Base Price in this image below? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3qBQWGE_SJ5Z3BHUnVuRlN4Vlk

This is an Pre-sale question : 1. Does it have room availability on daily basis like 2 Superier today 3 deluxe room today and tommrow 2 superior room and 1 deluxe room . so to avoid overbooking. 2. Is it work with woocomerece / does it support all payment gateway of woocomerece like payu / payumoney 3. Does customer and admin both informed for new room booked. 4. Can we change date rates for different period like this for 1 march to 15 march then this for 15 march to 31 march likewise. 5. Can we add different type of room like room with breakfast / room with dinner with services to add like airport pickup / drop . 6. Can every room has max adult child and if someone search 5 and max adult is 4 then 5th what will happen do he need to select one more room or it will go booked on existing. 7. Reservation form should have number of room like 1 room 2 room then number of adult else person can’t book if they put 5 person . 8. Can I add indian currency symbol and all rate as per Indian system.

Give a replay as above are most important features for every booking system and we need them also

Hi there,

1) You don’t need to worry about this, our booking system will automaticly close room that booked that will avoid duplicate room in the period time.

2) Yes, but notice that, our system just work well with the hotel website purpose, not selling website

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) No

7) Yes

8 ) Yes.


Great plugin, will you be making one for hourly booking. I run a beauty salon and would like booking plugin. Your check availability is just awesome. If you create one I would buy right away.

Unfortunately, we just support book by night. Thanks.