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Hello, i’m interested in your product. Can you provide us admin link ?

Hello Drakke, Awazon use a simple config.php file to start in 5 minutes!

Look the config.php

//-----MySQL Database Credentials
define('DBHOST','you_localhost');//database localhost
define('DBUSER','you_username');//database username
define('DBPASS','you_password');//database password
define('DBNAME','you_database_name');//database name

//-----Amazon Access API

$AccesskeyID = '';

$SecretAccessKey = '';

$AssociateTag = '';

$AmazonSite = 'us'; //info: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/localevalues.html

$SearchIndex = 'Electronics';//info for locale US: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/LocaleUS.html

$Customer_Reviews = 'off';//Customer Reviews IFrame on / off


$DomainName = 'Your Domain Name';

$DescriptionMetaTag = 'Your Domain Slogan';

$Logo_Domain = 'img/awazon_affiliate_store.png';//image must be w160 x h35

$Image_carousel_1 = 'img/awazonbig.png';//image must be w800 x h300

$Image_carousel_2 = 'img/awazonbig2.png';//image must be w800 x h300

//-----Contact Page

$Admin_Mail = 'example@domain.com';// your email for receive by contact form

//-----Navigation Menu (Your Niche Site Keywords)

$MenuName = 'GoPro Cameras';

$Categories = array("GoPro HERO 4 Black", "GoPro HERO 4 Silver", "GoPro HERO 4 Session", "GoPro HERO 3", "GoPro HERO+ LCD"); //add or remove keywords 

$MenuBrands = 'Other Brand';

$OtherBrands = array("TomTom Bandit", "Garmin Virb XE", "Muvi K-Series", "iSAW Edge", "Drift Stealth 2", "Sony FDR-X1000V", "Kaiser Baas X100", "Panasonic HX-500E");//add or remove keywords 

//-----Product Video Target (90% accuracy on Electronics category)

$TagetVideo = 'off';//IFrame on / off
Pls contact me on pm, i send you the admin blog credentials http://codecanyon.net/user/kktek

Salut – kktek

i’m interesting

i think display amazon review like that on your demo is not allowed, you must use iframe or you will get banned account

i have question, it will generate sitemap.xml on it? because it will be hard to indexing by google without sitemap.xml

Thanks for reply

Hello, thx for suggestion!

The posts want show only the blog potentiality, but I put IFrame

No sitemap for now.. but I want build it in next release.

Awazone is just made now and the road to play with it is long and funny for all :)

Again thx for suggestions!

GL & Happy Money – kktek


http://kktek.com/awazon/blog.php this is manual or auto ?


Hello iisbetoq the Blog is manual with admin panel.

bye kktek

Is it possible to have control of category page title and description, also for SEO purpose, via title and description it would be better to have the product page as it own page rather than a popup.

Also can we add our own pages?

How about making the image clickable on the category page.

How about adding a clickable product image to the product page (not popup)

How about pulling in the star rating of each product on both the category and product page. This will help boost conversion.

Also, since most of Amazon product prices are lower than the retail price, how about showing the retail price cross out and the sale or discount price as the current price.

Just some suggestion that will make this a must buy for me.

Hello thx for your interest about the script.

SEO is my first target in next release, I want put optional mode (popup/single page) for a products.

You can add page too just see about page or contact page and change navbar.

Clickable image is simple to implement.

Its not possible to get the star rank information with Amazon product API, but we can use lots of sort parameters..

Discount price is other good feature for next release

Big thx for your suggestion!

Regards kktek

Thank you for the admin settings. Now, I would like to know how can I have all automatic informations translated into french ? Thank you

Yeah, sure ! But i don’t find where give you the rate :).

download page-> under my script ->Rate this item

Thank m8 GL & HF

Done ! Thank you mate. I’m waiting for next udpates and improvements of your very good script.

Hello. I would like to search in a browse Node. So I put : ‘BrowseNode’ => ‘302106’ So I put : $SearchIndex = ’’ But it doesn’t work. Could you help ? Best regards

You have solved issue?


send me in pm your address mail I send u file, click my nickname

Is there a way to add products on the home page?

Also, any news on the next update, I am waiting for the SEO improvements and separate product page to buy.

Hi, release 1.2 in progress at 50%

hi, why i new registered the amazon affiliate and filled the amazon product api,key,but not work,items and so on are var_dump NULL , if the key wasn’t activated?or not approved? i’m a newbi, thankyou

hello, pls send me your config.php, database not neccessary I want check it.

info (@) kktek.com

it’s ok now ,i’m not fill the AssociateTag…

Hello, I am very interested in this script. I already purchased the Ebay store script and I’d like to purchase this one too. The only question I have is, can you make this script to work just like the Ebay script does? without requiring mysql database?


Hi, i sent you a question via contact form, and never got a reply. I would appreciate if you could reply to my email. I am awaiting for your reply to decide which script to buy. Thanks.

Hello, ebay+amazon is too long and hard to build.. No way for this for now.. sorry

I purchased the script, how do we go about the fix we talked about? For some reason you don’t reply to the emails i send :) Do you have skype?

hi does this work on xampp localhost ?

I sent you an email with the FTP details I look forward to your reply :)

i managed to clean it all up and fix it, the original code of your plugin is not 100% clean. apart from that i think the combination and layout idea is very nice.

Nice one.. :) Good Luck & Happy money!!


Amazing work, 5 starts.

hey iam interested in this can you please share a demo link ?? and please do let me know if it supports amazon.in India

Hi, India is not supported sorry

Nice. Good luck with selling…

Hello I am looking to buy your Amazon plugin but I have a question. Here on your demo site (http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/awazon-affiliate-store-blog/full_screen_preview/15609118?_ga=1.10330805.1240939933.1488485256) when I click on a product, a pop-up box appears. Is there an option to click on a product and have it take you to an actual product page, not a pop-up box? Thanks.

I am interested in using your plugin for apparel – it should, therefore, be able to import Variations.

Does it 1. Import all images of the products 2. Deal with Variations?

Hello, you want using apache mod_rewrite generator like this example:

The original URL:


The rewritten URL:


Yo can customize the link

here: http://www.generateit.net/mod-rewrite/index.php

Regards kktek

After get your htaccess go in the script and change the menu links and pagination links. that all

I cannot because I am not a developer. You will create search URL, and one more issue, your script is not working for other languages like below Brazil keyword does not search any item.

o menino do pijama listrado

Hi, is it possible to search all categories? I added “All” to the $SearchIndex =’All’; butt that doesn’t work, I would rather search all categories, but if that doesn’t work, could I add multiple categories to $SearchIndex = and how would I do that?

Thank you


Hi, there are certain limitations due to the large number of items listed at Amazon. So, what they do is force you to use a “SearchIndex”. It’s not a very good name, but it means the department similar to those listed on the Amazon homepage. These departments include Books, Electronics, etc.

So I can only search/target “1” category?

Is there also a way to show search results on the homepage/index?



All popup contents are called by a single API request. We can’t show in same page.

So there is no way to add products to the homepage in general?

You need to customize the script for select manually some products to show in index, but customization are not included in the license.

Regards kktek


VK4KBG Purchased

Thanks for viewing, I have the script installed at https://www.716.com.au/awazon/ You will see the Glyphicon Cheverons are not showing up, I am using Chrome Cheers Ron