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Hi is it possible to have a link or a separate URL added to bypass the age-gate? example/com/bypass-age-gate

We will need added logic built into the age-gate so that if we do any type of paid social, we can bypass the age-gate and drive consumers straight to the site. An example of that logic and code can be found at the following link:
Hi, simply open AVSUltimate.js file and replace the following line: if (getVal=="") { with this: var referrer = document.referrer; var str = "Keyword"; if ((getVal=="") && (referrer.indexOf(str) == -1)) { Simply replace Keyword in the code above with any unique keyword that appears in your URLs used for paid social and the script won’t age verify visitors that are coming from these URLs.

Thank you for the help. When we are ready to use this, I would change Keyword to “google” for google ads?

It is best to check your traffic analysis tool to find out the referring URLs to your age protected pages in order to identify the right keywords. For example, in case you use “google” as the keyword then age verification will be bypassed for all organic visitors that are coming from google search.

Hi, two questions. If someones birthday is Today and they just turned 21 the AVS is declining them. How can we adjust the math so if someone is 21 today and they enter the site it works. Also we need a special appendix or logic added to have a special URL that bypasses the age gate if they click this special URL ex: “site. com/-bypass”

adding todayDate.setDate(todayDate.getDate() + 1); did not solve the 21 Today birthday problem

I can confirm that there was an issue related to script denying access to visitors of allowed age in certain cases, that has been fixed and the update will be available to everyone shortly, you will receive an email notification as soon as the update is released.

As for your other concern, you will be required to use a separate URL for your email campaigns and use the solution provided above, otherwise there will be no way to properly segregate visitors that are coming through emails as this is an inherent limitation unrelated to the use of this script.

Awesome, Thank you so much for all the help! 5 stars

Hi, I order age verify popup script for my web site, please send me that so I can copy and past in my web site home page.


Hi, it should be available for you to download, please refer here:

Is this possable to run as a script ?

It uses only JavaScript by default but as a backup measure uses PHP if JavaScript is not supported by browser or the browser has JavaScript disabled

Hey there , does this work this wordpress please ? i havent found a way to get it to work with wordpress , and if it doesnt could i possible have a refund please?

Thank you , James.

Hi, it works with WordPress themes if integrated with them and I do have customers using it with WordPress, however this is not a WordPress plugin and accordingly cannot be used as such. Nevertheless, if you would like a refund then please submit a refund request and I’ll process it at the earliest, that’s not an issue.

should i do this through paypal ? if not could you tell me how to do this please. Thank you :)

Hi, received your refund request and accepted it. If you decide to use it with one of your WordPress projects in future then please feel free to contact me as a number of customers are already using it with WordPress.

Hi. I only want to restrict ONE POST on my site, will this plugin be able to do just the one post of will it do the whole site?

Hi, it is not a WordPress plugin but can be used to restrict a single post or a single page. If you are having any issue installing it for the purpose then you can ask me for support.

Thank you for the AVS Ultimate – Age Verification System. It works fine in Chrome but in both Firefox and Safari the div “boxes”leaves the screen white until I scroll down. Is there a fix for this or any advice on correcting the problem? Thank you

Serious problem, hopefully an easy fix. Your instructions I guess have me confused… In the section of the “click.html” where you are supposed to paste the source code for your page, I do that and nothing works…

When you say “source code” I am taking everything from doctype=html to the closing html tag at the bottom. Which leaves me with 2 head sections, etc. on the page. This makes no sense to me but it is what the directions say to do. I have 2 websites with DNS being flipped to them within the next 48 hours or so that legally must be protected with age verification or I can’t put them up.

Can you please quickly clarify what is going on? My instinct is to take the code from the head section and move it into the head section of my page, start the body section with the PHP fallback code, etc. and build the elements of click.html into the appropriate places within my page code… but that is NOT what the directions say to do. Please help as soon as possible, I have 2 websites that will shortly be dead if I can’t get this to work…

Thank you, Todd Knupp

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Hi. The program works great but I am getting white space below my footer (where the AVS code is) equivalent to the window height. I’m using Bootstrap 3 framework. I don’t understand why it’s doing this. It’s definitely the mask, but it’s using display:none in your css so I’m confused. Can you help?

I’m using it exactly as instructed and I’ve only changed the content and reduced the opacity of the mask.

It’s placed after the last div tag but before the javascript on my page.


Hi, please let me know the URL where you have it installed.

I have uploaded everything but I do not understand how it will work what do I actually put in my page to call this up?

Never did see the copy/paste you said was in doc but figured it out and is working thanks

Is it possible to redirect user away from my page to google when the age they enter is under age. The way it is makes it to easy to just enter a higher number.

Found it in another comment working thanks

Is it possible to have the cursor come up automatically in age box ready for customer to just enter age without having click inside box first?

I added code but not working. Is this right? $(document).ready(function () { $( ”#inputAge” ).focus(); var currentYear = (new Date).getFullYear(); for (var i = currentYear; i >= 1913; i—) { $(”#birthYear”).append( $(”<option>” + i + ”</option>”).val(i));

Ok, please move $(”#inputAge”).focus(); after the following line of code: $(id).fadeIn(“slow”); Is it working fine now?

working thanks


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Hi. I’m building a project with “Arwen One Page HTML Template” . Does is possible to integrate your script with? I ask because base template is full of js and css, and I’m afraid about conflicts between both.

Hi, it should work as the script has been extensively used even for platforms like Wordpress and Joomla without issues. In case there are any conflicts then just post here and we’ll sort it out.


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i cant install my website please help me

Please let me know the issue in detail so it can be sorted out.

can I restrict buddypress groups?

Script is not built for this purpose.